Finished Jun 16 4pm est The Wolf and the Stag


Lord of Altera

Posters posted at spawn and at every city

Honored guests:
Emporer Nwalme and family

Need volunteers to be actors and such for the play even if temp npcs ^^​


Lord of Altera
This poster is entirely too modern and as such I expect this play to be in the form of a hip-hop musical!!!111

(Nice poster :heart:)


Lord of Altera
This is more then likely going to be act 1 and I'll do the other acts at a later date. As this is a shaskpearien inspired play that I'll be writing custom to the server itself for the event.


Lord of Altera
After sitting down and thinking and getting the plot line fleshed out. The current open roles are.

Ryglastien:eek:fficer of the wolf captain of the scouts.

Glidrina:comm9ner and soldier of the stag.

Ziltarna: church inquisitor hunting for heretics.

Romulus: king of the

Fawnia: queen and leader of the stag

Various background chars