Upcoming [June 29] Midsummer's Night of Spirits


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Midsummer's Night of Spirits

The wind turns warm. The harvest is yet to begin. Bonfire's alight the nights under the stars.
Amidst all the joys of Summer, The High Priestess of the Grey Lady hosts a Midsummer Festival of Spirits.
Spirits have come out, trapped in the mortal realm... restless. It is our duty to aid them, she says. A lesson may be learned.

The rules of the Isles will be upheld. No masks. No ill will.

Date: (Tentatively) June 29. 1pm pst, 4pm est, etc. I'll have times later.
Location: Linlea
Public/Private: Semi-Public
Rating: Moderate
Expected Length: 2 hours. Engaging event activity followed by brief stuff at the end to come together.

This will be an interactive PvE event.
I require some Temp characters to fill 4 positions. I plan to rp with these characters if you want to use your real ones (because it's possible if you want to engage more), but will otherwise hash things out day of with the npc players. If you want to take part in the event itself, merely show up! I will have more details during the week of June 29.

Temp Attendees:
  • (position is combat related)
  • Kamaoe (rp related)
  • (rp related)
  • (rp related)
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With a little luck, we have my Seance skills by then.

Gerry helping to guide spirits through seance seems fun.


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This interests me if for no other reason than I want Ayda to watch.


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I should be able to temp; I'm happy to do that either with an actual temp or one of my own characters; whichever makes more sense