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Upcoming [June 30] The Retrieval


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+ The Retrieval +

A ruined Monastery was spotted on a lone island during a sail towards the Lost Frontier by Linlean foraging travelers. News arrives back to the Lady of Linlea, that a few had gone ahead to inspect it… but they had yet to resurface. The remaining travelers reluctantly came back in hopes of returning with a party to retrieve them, as the smell of rotted corpses seem to allude to Undead having tampered the landscape.. And so a party shall be formed to retrieve and perhaps cleanse the isle for the Lady Grey.

This begins: Saturday June 30th.. 2pm PST, 3pm CST, 5pm EST, 9pm GMT (Sunday 7am Australia Time)
Estimated Runtime: 2 hours-ish
DMs: I’ll be planning the layout of event, but may want to take part. So I’ll see if I can find a DM if possible

Notes: Planning ahead to a time I may be available. I'm looking to spark some rp in Linlea by getting citizens together, too, first- so if there are others who want to take part- let me see if people can't make it first or if they're not going for reasons. Thanks
Estes241 Tomato150 Rang3r0wns94 ShamelessSellout ShaolinPunk HogoShi_Kitsune Snerus and maybe if Olive wants- Smurf

Themes: Exploration
Rating: Beginner/Intermediate
Party Size: 5-6
Party Members:

+Ventare ShaolinPunk
+Navina Tomato150
+Leofaren Shankster

Character Name:
Inventory & Attire:
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if there are spaces left, can i reserve 2? 1 for me and 1 for liam?

i wont smite a tree this time, i promise.


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If there is a spot left after citizens have joined;
IGN: electricwisekid
Character Name: Asero Crow
Inventory & Attire: His usual clothes with some chain mail underneath. A sword, a knife, and his crossbow for weapons, along with some medical supplies.


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ign: SirShanksalot

Character Name: Leofaren Venna

Inventory & Attire: Light leather armor, his sword, and a bow, all enchanted. A pack of medical supplies and alchemical solutions, and finally a satchel with blank pages, quills, and ink pots for recording the details and outcome of the expedition.
Ign: RAwkiller12
Character Name:Andre Ursae
Inventory & Attire:
THordil made steel sword, with focuse stone in pommel, plate armor and medical kit on hip with a few potions of sulfric acid.


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Nav lives in Linlea- If you can make it, you'd get the second slot, so certainly!
Then definitely yes!
Ign: tomato150
Character Name: Na'vina Mol'Crow
Inventory & Attire:
- (Potentially enchanted) Basic leather armour
- (Potentially enchanted) Longbow, and a quiver
- A bag with a variety of poison, harming, healing, and regenerative potions.
- Maybe some other stuff I've missed.


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Something came up for that evening, so I'll have to push this to June 30. If there's any new players to the server that may be interested, feel free to use the form. I'll update slots with any folks posted that would be invited if they caught news of it.