Finished [June 30] The Retrieval


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If there's a spot open, I will put this in.

Ign: Scardrac
Character Name: Sir Gael Dugald
Inventory & Attire:

Kaiserwache armor, standard steel plate armor.
His Focus, a longsword with a gleaming red gem.
A waterskin, full of booze.
Inventory & Attire:
THordil made steel sword, with focuse stone in pommel, plate armor and medical kit on hip with a few potions of sulfric acid.

Medical Kit
3-rolls of bandages with herbs for poultice
3-strings of spider silk string
2-sewing needles
1-bottle of whiskey
Assorted surgical toolsZ
4-Small bottles of sulfric acid

Thordil made plate mail
His throdil blade
Kite Shield


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