Kam's Art Thread (PG-13)


The Green One
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I'm making an art thread. Here it is. This is it. Yep. Here, have some drawings!~
It's a Grant.
It's a Kam carrying a Cymic.
This one I drew to show what an Earthspawn eye would look like, 'cause describing them can be kinda confusing, and all that jazz about pictures saying a thousand words and what not. If it's wanted/cannon enough, it is more than free to be used on the Earthspawn Lore page.

Did this need to be made? No. Did I spend too much time on it? Yes. Am I going to change anything? No. Horror Island was really fun tho. ._. Also what do these savages even look like? idk.

SirLuamTehDoge Lirakitty Sir Saltington Zenrak Cymic_ Bakaling MorbidGabby Piratep00f
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The Green One
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I regret nothing. Except having to slap a PG-13 rating on this art thread now.
I actually really enjoyed drawing this. >u>
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Lord of Altera
psssst, the point of claims that people do is to make sure they don't have broken up posts

that being said, this art is very nice Kam ^_^
psssssst i'm the one that suggested she added claims, as well as i had already posted and deleted once, didn't see she added a claim 3/3


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Am I allowed to say I spat my water out from laughing due to how Cymic was drawn? XD He has his leg kicked out like a damn princess, and I just lost it.