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I felt like making this to talk about what books everyone is reading. Only bar on this I'll put is that if the book deals with heavy issues there's a warning, and no explicit books. (No erotica or gratuitous violence)
I'm going to start it off with the book I'm currently reading.

What I'm reading now: The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper (Warning: Has some violent moments)
I've been trolling the classics lately, and I picked up Last of the Mohicans. So far it's about a British officer in the Americas when the British and French are warring over certain territories of parts of Canada. This officer has to take the two daughters of a Scottish general who's out in a besieged fort. Along the way, they experience betrayal and forge some new friendships. This book is rather harsh, and has a few moments that might make people cringe. It's not too bad, but it gets pretty bloody. The second act climax is pretty crazy. @_@ I've not finished it, but I dig it so far. The depictions of Native Americans are pretty even, depicting the natives we come to know as the humans we know they are. However, this does not stop the author from depicting the brutal nature of the natives (specifically the Hurons) and the inadequacy of the English/French to control their respective native allies.

Tell me about what you're reading, or what you like to read! I'm always looking for things to add to my library and a good read. c:


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The Mortal Instruments / The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Claire are pretty good.
I binge read The Infernal Devices again while I was in Germany.

However I am currently reading the book Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi (warning: violence, dystopia, and your typical young adult romance sub-plot but...NO LOVE TRIANGLE!)


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I'm revisiting my all time favorite book I found in middle school called "Going Bovine"
It has a lot of heavy issues and some use of marijuana but mainly it's brought up to try and lighten the mood. (It's been awhile but there is a death scene)
The book is about a high school stoner who gets mad cow disease and goes on an adventure to find the cure with his friends, a video gaming, death obsessed dwarf, a garden gnome and a punk rock angel.


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I'll add to it-

Currently I'm reading American Pyscho, I just recently finished Silence of the Lambs and it was brilliant and is easily in my top five favorite books.

I have a summer list of reading to do, so I'll add that below;

-Mr Mercedes
-Call of Cthulhu (Apparently the Cthulhu short stories are good)
-The Raven


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I love the idea of this thread such a good idea.
I am currently in love with the red queen series by Victoria Aveyard (Huge recomendation for this one)
But I love any books that are in the fantasy genra, I have got handmaids tale and IT on my reading list to read at some point.
I have tried branching into other genras, I do like a bit of Lee Child and I couldn't bring myself to finish 13 reasons why (The book)
My only problem my reading list is too big.


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I'll add to it-

Currently I'm reading American Pyscho, I just recently finished Silence of the Lambs and it was brilliant and is easily in my top five favorite books.
I did an essay over American Psycho for my Honors English class and I couldn't bring myself to actually read the book after making it through some of my research. I own it but will probably never read it.


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I'm currently on the 2nd of the Mistborn series and trying to pick it up again. Swiftly read the first under a week a while back. It has a nice 'magic/political rebellion of an empire' setting.

-Call of Cthulhu (Apparently the Cthulhu short stories are good)
I bought this and a big green book of lovecraftian short stories, still to read. I heard the same thing.


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I've been jumping into Chuck Palahniuk's writing, starting with Fight Club. Real neat thread idea, I like it.


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Hehe Fool Moon by Jim Butcher, I'm re reading it again. (Fot the 17th time) has fantasy violence

The Dresden Files as a whole are amazing and has fairytale creatures from around the world in its universe from chinese leaping vampires, to the sidhe, and even wendigos making appearances. I would highly reccomend giving it a read for some wizard crime solving set in modern day Chicago! Also several exotic locations like the Aztec pyramids, Nevernever, and haunted islands in Lake Michigan!


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haha i am a child at heart and i decided to re-read percy jackson

if you havent read it yet you are clearly some form of mutant who needs medicating