Kharuz-Korum Dwarftown

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Kharuz-Korum's citizens:
Borgrus Greatbane - Seth_Jenkins
Race: Dwarf
Height: 5”0 ft / 1,52m
Occupation: Miner / unhandyman
Hygiene: His beard, hair and clothes remain immaculately clean, however the dwarf’s skin tends to be permanently covered in a layer of grime, usually being stone dust.

Grimli Stonesack - Puzlas
Race: Dwarf
Height: x
Occupation: x
Hygiene: x (make a char profile damn you! *shakes little fist angrily*)

Gromm Brownbeard - Magister of knowledge - Dwarf - Old_Gromm
Race: Dwarf
Height: 4'9ft / 1,45m
Occupation: Head of Writah-Hidéon, Mouth of the king and magister of knowledge
It isn't BAD. But it could be better. He sometimes smells, especially when traveling- but upon arriving somewhere and seeking a room at some tavern/Inn, he makes use of that Inn's facilities.

Kublai Kull - Piratep00f
Race: Dwarf
Height: 4'0 ft / 1,2 m
Occupation: King of Dwarves and war-machine carpenter
Hygiene: Good for a Dwarf, since he got a bathtub in Kharuz-Korum, but he almost always has got dust stains on him.

Lemarc Duggan - Lemarc
Race: Human
Height: 5'11 ft / 1,80 m
Occupation: Magister of Trade and captain.
Hygiene: Clean enough

Thôrdil Bárúmur - Jazzper
Race: Dwarf
Height: 4' ft / 1,22 m
Occupation: Korog's Chosen, priest of Korog, religious Advisor.
Hygiene: x

Fronslin - Fronslin
Race: Elf (WHAT?!?!?!)
Height: 5'8" ft / 1,73 m
Occupation: Enchanter.
Hygiene: Bathes when he can because he enjoys it, nails get a bit long but eventually see trimming otherwise they are clean. you'll see him mask his scent by rolling around in the dirt but that's about the dirtiest he will be content with staying

Kharuz-Korum's trade treaties:
Official Trade Imports:

Astrum Isles -> Food (fish and crops), Ale.
Slyannen -> Food (crops, fruit and meat), Medical Supplies
Sangria -> Alcohol, Radiants (purchase of exports).
Bastion of Immortality -> Wax, Honey and Cloth.

Official Trade Exports:

Astrum Isles -> Carved Stone, Refined Metals.
Sangria -> Dwarven Ale, Carved Stone, Refined Metals.
Bastion of Immortality -> Siege Weaponry.
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©Kharuz-Korum's theme-weeks™:
Every week has a different theme that will create unique roleplay for that week only and give the citizens of Kharuz-Korum something to do. It's also possible this theme will cause events to happen!

  • 11-18 of February: RATS!
    Kharuz-Korum has been a warm place in a cold landscape and whilst doing trade with warmer countries, rats have boarded the ships and now settled in Kharuz-Korum! They're multiplying and eating from our food. Kharuz Kublai, after finding a rat inside his bath, has ordered all Dwarves to kill the rats on sight, but it hasn't helped much. How are the citizens of Kharuz-Korum going to deal with this problem?
  • 19-26 of February: WAR!
    Khárûz Kull and his advisors have been talking with a messenger and decided to help them out. To show the might of the Dwarves and put the Dwarven race back on the map, the Dwarves are going to aid a new ally in war. This week is all about preparing for that war and the end of the week, 24th and 25th of February, we shall have the war RP!
  • 27 of February - 3rd of March: Feast!
    Khárûz-Korum has been in a state of sadness over Gromm's health. Gromm being sure his demise is almost upon him, the king of Dwarves decided to organize a feast, to lift the spririts and give Gromm something to look forward instead of being occupied with his health. Khárûz-Korum is now full of life again, preparations going on everywhere in the town to accommodate a big host of people from all over Altera.
  • 10-17 of March: Gloom
    Old Gromm has passed away and now surely walks in the halls of Korog with his ancestors. The city of Kharuz-Korum is sad and solemn, preparing Gromm's funeral, while struggling to cope with the incredible amount of tasks that Gromm used to do and now need doing.
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Kharuz-Korum's minigames:

Barrel Roll:

Push your opponent's barrel down the hill faster than they push you!


Boat Race:
race your friends across the hollow and be the first to make the giant loop and return under the bridge!


Ice Chase:
Play tag on the ice ridge and you might just push someone to their death!


Climbing Challenge:
e the first to get to the top of the mountain and leave a message there!

Hide yourself, or seek your friends. When you're found, join the seeker. Be the last to be hidden to win!

Mystic Mountain:
The game of mystic mountain, within a mountain! Play 1v1 and decide the stakes!
(The title is a link to the rules)

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Khárûz-Korum's Rimtar:
The king's mountain's castle:

The hanging fortress in the hollow

The throne-room of Khárûz Kublai


The Treasury:
When an individual has done a great favor to the Dwarven folk. He or she may be admitted to the Treasury for one time, to take a single item of their choosing from the heap of gold.
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It's a little hard to get a good look at the inside because of how dark it is. I'd love to know the coordinates if you permit looky-loos stopping by. From what I can tell it looks really neat!
i got heavens reach vibes
Well.... It depends where he is, doesn't it?
It isn't BAD. But it could be better. He sometimes smells, especially when traveling- but upon arriving somewhere and seeking a room at some tavern/Inn, he makes use of that Inn's facilities.
Updated citizens part and changed Gromm's occupation from hand of the king to mouth of the king, as he does a lot of the talking :p

Also added the new theme week of this week!