Active Koldash - Cracked Herbalist


Lord of Altera

Age: Near the age of 91
Gender: Male
Race: Moor Elf
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6'3
Weight: 180
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Not yet
Homeland: Unknown
Current Home: Redacted

Build: Quite broad and slender, not ripped but not out of shape.
Hair: Dark charcoal colour, in an organised chaos kinda style.
Eyes: Purple
Skin: His skin is a dark shade of grey much like his brothers.
Identifying Marks: Has a long scar going all the way down the left side of his face.
Appearance: Always smiling which can be quite unnerving as he's a grown man.
Weaponry: His axe or any nearby object.
Prized Possessions: His pendant and Violin.
Hygiene: Clean.
Voice: Rough and gravely prone to cracking at times of emotion.

Strengths: Unpredictable and often underestimated.
Fears: A fish jumping out of the water and hitting him in the face.
Weaknesses: Barely trusts anyone. Has CIP which leads to some unnoticed injuries. Often chooses not to wear armour. Doesn't care about messing with strangers.
Intelligence: Quite alright.
Languages: Common, Elven and Mok'yra.
Profession: Herbalist (as soon as he finds a place to set up shop once again).

Personality: Often childish and just generally odd, he can be merciless in defending those close to him. He gets bored often so occupies himself constantly. Often extremely racist, especially to Caparii. (rp to find out more)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Place & pastime: Feeding people salted tea.
Food: Beefy beef.
Drink: Tea of many kinds.
Colour: A darker mint green
Animal: Snake.

Least Favourite...
Pastime: Trout tickling.
Food: Pumpkin.
Drink: Fruit juice.
Colour: Bright Pink.
Animal: Trouts.

Loved: His Mother (dead), Raven (dead?) Ozzy
Trusted: Raven (dead?).
Liked: Azariah Ayda , Lillinette TinyBlueberry, Cassian Baron2537 . Jayden, Syrintella, Garris (not sure these three still exsist).
Neutral: Mildred.
Unsure of:
Wary of:
Afraid of: His father (dead).
Disliked: Thannis. Ashna.
Hated: Calcifer Bob_the_BuilderPet . Pumpkins.
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