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Better than sliced bread

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"If you ain't livin' ev'ry day like it's yer last, yer bett'r off dead."

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Better than sliced bread

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[Updates] In purple.

+ Current Status +
Training has begun within the walls of Halbed.
Name: Cymic F. Seymour
Full Titles: Of the Southern Seas, Master Sangrian, King/Konungur of Sangria, Champion of Kalstaat, The Drunken King, Invoker of Jax, Krakensbane
Sea Serpent (Forgotten), Seymour (Various), Cym (Various), Loose-Cannon (Nikolche), Lord (Various), Pointy (Ava), Sea Elf (Matalina), Grape Knight (Various), Cymi (Lillinette), King (Various), His Royal Inebriation (Illden), Cym Cym (Tavia), Twot-mic (Twatmic- Self dubbed to the Makani), Rat King (Lavender)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: Appears 27+, 70 in human years.
Gender: Male.
Race: Sea Elf (Silver)
Social Status: Ignoble King
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 185 lb.
Hair: Blonde.
Eyes: Ice blue.
Skin: A tan color, due to his years on a ship in his past.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Magic: Assholism, and Alcoholism. Jax Magic
Beliefs: Jax
Prayer log [X]
Blessed page [X]
(1.) Siege of Breakwater, day two.
Cymic was shot in the head by a blunt bolt which cracked his skull through his helm due to a lost roll. ICly told he was shot by a ballista.
(2.) Tambry, after dinner in Sangria guild house.
He was pursued out and down the streets, eventually tackling someone down a 20 ft. drop, squishing them to death and taking a bolt to the shoulder, he was unable to continue, beheaded. ICly told most of the truth.
(3.) Bastion event.
After charging a fleshy golem creature, with Nwalme and Florian, he took a giant axe to the shoulder, killing him almost instantly. ICly told he tried to take it on himself.
(4.) Peace treaty.
Fought alongside his Sangrians, during the treaty in offense against Anhald. Cymic was leaving with Kam and Azariah and they were caught up by cavalry. After Cymic refused to surrender, he was struck by a mace in the head.

Sentimental | Reckless | Joker | Loose | Protective | Physically Hardened | Lazy | Sarcastic | Temper | Messy | Blunt/Straightforward | Ignoble
+ Sparring + Quiet nights + Own well being + Alone time with loved ones + Danger + Combat + Respect + Drinking
+ Unnecessary disrespect + People that try too hard + Slander + Jumping to conclusions
+ Run a shop. + Live to see the destruction of Anhald. + Finish Helka'Taime. + Establish Sangria. + Replace. + Drink until the tides have settled. + Finish Halbed. + Re-establish Sangria. + Take care of Tourmaline. + Build an estate with Adiella. + Solve any leftover conflict with Adiella + Win + Figure out if Adiella is worth it. [Completed]
+ Outlive Maceo and possibly /x/ [Ongoing] + Complete his castle. [Unfinished] + Keep his daughter, Astrid, safe. [Ongoing] + Earn Jax's full favor [Unfinished] + See to the finished reconstruction of Halbed [Unfinished] + Finish Konungsriki. [Unfinished] + Use Jax's blessing in servitude of Jax. Maybe a little sprinkle of self-care. [Ongoing]
Languages Spoken:
Common (Fluent, Sangrian dialect)
Elven (Fluent, Sangrian dialect)
Mok'yra (Good enough)
Earkzian (Basics)

dentifying Marks/Bling:
+ Scar on his left upper arm.
+ Crooked nose due to countless breaks.
+ Earrings, eyebrow piercing (Citrine stone) + Tattoos on his left arm. + Amethyst and silver ring. [Azariah] Asirel Luik + Right hand replaced with hook. + Burn-Scarred lips. + Grape-like ring [Alison Kane] Elz + Ruby ring [Azariah] Asirel Luik + Tattoos on the side of his head of various Jax symbolics. + Maceo's family ring [in vault] BoredBrit + Tattoo of a black diamond on his chest, Jax symoblism. + Several gold coin necklaces.
+ Flask of rum. + Healing Potion. + Harming Potion. + Radiants, of Varying Rations. + Some Bread, of Varying Rations. + Hallucinogenic Berries. + Radiants, of Varying Rations. + Hospitaller Edicts Scroll. + Prayer Book. + Charcoal Dust (Pocket.) + Dice (Pouch.)
+ [Gambit] Halberd. Wrapped pole, spiked butt, Knockback II. [X] + Round Shield. + Ciri's Stiletto. Stolen off her unconscious body. Smurf + [Luck Eater] Norman sword.

Made of Cymic’s previous sword, melted and recast with a new and stronger alloy, Luckeater is reborn more splendid than ever before.

The sword is adorned with various symbols, with a large emerald pommel at the base of the hilt. The blade is decorated with symbols of gambling, and forged of excellent polished steel, with two narrow fullers along its 90cm length, in a Norman configuration. The hilt curves bladewards, and is of similar fine steel, polished to a shining mirror-like finish. The steel has had some amount of gold included in the forging, and has a faint yellow tint in the right light. The guard has been milled and chiseled to an extremely fine level of detail, depicting the words “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”. Along the length of the blade are the symbols of the four suits of cards.

The grip is of sturdy antler core, wrapped in purple-dyed leather. It diffuses shock effectively, and the grip is unyielding against slipping.

The sword has a pommel of a large and many-faceted emerald held in place by a lattice of silver and gold filigree. The overall shape of the emerald is reminiscent of a 20-sided die, and it’s probably coincidence that the bottom of it has gold wire in the shape of a “20”.

Daily Life
+ Tailor (formerly) + Tattoo Artist (formerly) + Bartender (Moaning Unicorn, formerly) + Knight (formerly) + Lord of Halbed + Konungur of Sangria + Blessed of Jax
+ Bro'Do'Fro keep + Tambry shop + Tambry manor + Helka'Taime keep + Riseport home + Tambry guildhouse + Eisenheim + Halbed Palace + New Halbed


Combat: Cymic is skilled in many-a-medium. He has shown his prowess in drunken bar brawls via hand-to-hand, as well as training in polearms, secondary weaponry and although it has been quite a while, he used to be a good shot with a crossbow.
Tolerance: More-so tolerance to drinks, and other disorientating substances which he uses quite often.
Gambler's Luck: Can bend his luck to how he sees fit every once in a while, through the power of Jax.
Medical Skills: Having been with two physicians in the past, as well as his son also a physician, he knows how to work wounds, potions, stitches, and general cleaning of wounds.
Physical Strength: Man of muscle, a couple steps below a body builder.
Ambidextrous: After having lost his right hand for quite a while, and finally having it returned, he's able to use both hands when it comes to swordplay. Even still, he occasionally uses his left hand in daily tasks.
Advanced Rider: He's a very experienced jouster, showing prowess in several tourneys. He has never placed under third in a joust.
Jousting ranks:
Tourney of Avignon - 2nd
Tourney of Reignfall - 3rd (tie)
Grand Tournament of the Roses - 1st
Annual Tournament of Eberland - 2nd
Wedding of Queen Alison and King Brennard - 1st
Storm's Landing Fairgrounds - 3rd


- The first people he's met; In order. (McGuffin, Nikolche, Raan)
First fight in the Northern Kingdoms against Nikolche
Hospitaller recruitment
Hospitaller crew
Charcoal dusting Ashna
Shooting Syra's thigh
Stomping Ciri's face
Archaeus beheaded in duel with Garren
Meeting all of the Thieves (Dogs) and their identities, especially The Mastiff
Breakwater siege
- Archaeus, and his many reappearances
- Somewhere around here is a long portion of time where he got together with Nemisae, and she left him whilst still pregnant with Ventare.

Recruiting Knox into his mercenary faction as a physician and taking interest in her before her gender was even revealed.
Falling in love with her after many interactions.
Grafjell chronicles.
Cymic was allowed by Grey to wield his weapons despite long ago Ashna banning him of weapons on the isle after the charcoal/thigh incident.
Grafjell is under threats of war.
Knox confesses she slept with Aspen.
Cymic breaking Aspen's ribs in a spar on the isle.
Ava was there for him, somewhat.

Meeting Azariah and taking interest in her.
Their relationship was odd.
He ended up giving her a child.
Losing his right hand in a bar brawl, unarmored.
Lillinette helping with his hand.
Cheated on Azariah with Lillinette, an exciting spur-of-the-moment relationship.
They have a child.
Hosted a dinner and invited all of his enemies.
A brawl ensued in the Sangrian guildhouse, fighting alongside his sangrians until he could make an escape.
After a drawn out chase, even tackling Althalos down a 20 ft. drop and landing on him in full plate until he suffered a bolt in his shoulder, injuries of the fall, and was essentially cornered.
Cymic returned, having a life with Lillinette which lasted all the way into the new world.
During the camp days, Lillinette left Cymic due to him neglecting her desire for attention and often shutting her out completely.
Blowing up kraken on the way to the new world.

Noble's ball with an earthspawn

Return from death, again
Tzemik heals hand
Winning Queen's Port joust
Meeting Ventare, firstborn who he had with Nemisae many years ago.
Champion of Kalstaat
Meeting Harley, his half-sister.
Killing the kraken that leveled Storm's Landing.
The nightmare.
Blessed by Jax, his luck is up it'd seem.
Meeting Adiella.
Another Noble's ball in Queensport.
Quickly falling in love.
Adiella has gotten pregnant rather early.
Seeking out the kraken's rotten remains.
The kraken rising from the waters undead.
Cymic ultimately ending it, firing a ballista bolt through the skraag worshipper who raised it from the dead, pinning him to the sea floor.
Citrine Azerwind's coronation.
Adiella leaving him on his 70th name day.
Make some shoddy agreement to give Astrid a good life.
Being cursed by an artifact of Jishrim.
Has Jax remove it.

Background: A rascal kid, born to a rebellious, lying, thief. His father is/was a pirate captain, as well as a con-artist. Influenced by the crew of the same occupancy.
Child: In his youth, Cymic Seymour was a little rascal. He was born on a ship in the southern seas. He grew up around a multicultural crew of pirates, the captain being his father. They never bonded much, though he was influenced by his father a ton as a kid. His childhood was spent almost entirely on a boat, mostly in the Southern Seas. He enjoyed climbing around various bits of the ship, as well as the netting, and things of that sort. His father used to tell stories of the Northern Kingdoms, and the unique characters that lived there. The different things that went there. The place usually always described in the stories as exotic, abnormal, and unique.

Teens: Spent his teens, learning about the "family business", taking up a few battles himself, as well as a few deals. Learning from his father how to steer a ship. swordplay, and picking up the bow at an early age, though not much of a passion for it. A few years later, as they were docked at an island, negotiating a deal, it turned out to be a sting operation, to capture the notorious pirate, Cymic's father. Most of the crew, along with Cymic ended up departing without his father, and a few crew members who had bolted towards the tall trees in the opposite direction of the docks, the local authorities flocking towards them, Cymic's father was the one which attracted the most attention, being the "notorious captain". Cymic Seymour was granted crew leadership in his teens, the remaining crew members were a few of the lesser trusted ones. Albeit there were missing crew members, and there was no way the crew members would allow him to return, so he was forced to recruit.

Adult/Current Age: The few years he was captain of the ship, he was presented with disrespect, unloyalty, and treatment to that of a kid. Although a worthy captain, and successful every sea battle, and every negotiation, it was usually done so recklessly, and casualties were common. This made the crew resent Cymic.

Reaching Northern Kingdoms:
Nearing the end of an exhausting trip, to a region Cymic had only heard about in stories by his father, he spotted the large land region from a few miles away. He'd step off of the planks leading to his ship, a small fist-sized pouch of riches in his hand, and his crew standing behind him. Flakes would fall onto his jacket. He'd shiver slightly. His jacket would provide enough warmth for comfort.

Four long months have passed since feet had touched actual ground. The snow would crack and crunch under his feet satisfyingly. He wasn't used to it, but he came prepared. Walking over to a little eatery, he'd toss the riches onto the table. "Dinner for.." He'd count the hungry crew members behind him. "6.. including me."

His men were tired, as was he. Taking his father's place as a pirate, or "businessman", as he liked to call himself was fairly new to him. He thought of himself as a pirate hybrid, because he wasn't just a traditional hack, slash, plunder, and kill. He would just cheat people out of their money, and possessions as a whole. He was a con-artist, and a pirate, along with his crew. Dirty, thieving, lying, cheating scum. He was either really good at what he did, or extremely lucky when it came to charming, persuading, and escaping. People tended to like him for their first impression, until a few minutes later when they catch him diggin' in their pockets.

He'd awaken by the sound of his own snoring. It was now sometime in the middle of the night. and to no surprise, his crew was gone. He'd look over to the docks from the eatery he had recently awaken from, to notice the moonlight set on a spot on the docks. his ship was nowhere to be found.
"Those dirty little rats.." He'd smirk. He had sort of expected a mutiny, they were a band of dirty pirates, after all.

Broke, stuck, and groggy, Cymic would have no choice but to start a life at the iceburg of a place. He was now, a nobody, and noone knew of his crimes. he couldn't decide whether this was a good or a bad thing. Taking advantage of it was his best bet. On a fresh start, he'd take a deep yawn, and stretch his arms out as if he could snatch the stars right out of the sky, and.. he would, if he could.

My IGN is Cymic_
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Better than sliced bread
Familial ◇ - My family is my world. To cheat family is to beg for death at the hands of their own karma.
Soviel | N/A
Cymic hasn't seen his father in quite a while, though feels he is either dead or incarcerated. The last time he has seen the man was as he was chased off into an isle, and the rest of the crew left without him. He was never a very loving father, but was fairly protective, for the most part
Harley | RagingLunacy
She is Cymic's half-sister, one of his many siblings across the globe due to his father hit-and-running women. Cymic loves his sister very much, and they share a tight-knit bond.
Astrid | Ruu
Cymic loves her very much, as she is his first and only daughter. Like all of his other family, but to a tad greater extent, he would kill for her. He is very protective of his child from other people but not all that strict.
Ventare | Shao
Ventare is Cymic's first child and was taken by Nemisae before he was born. Cymic met him after a joust in Queen's Port. He took Cymic's surname back in full, officially making him a Seymour rather than a Merenwen. Out of all of his children, Ventare has proved himself the most reliable, and Cymic trusts him more than any other members of his direct family. Cymic fully supports Ventare's pursuing of the Grey Lass's favor, and he may be the one person who tends to exceed Cymic in jousting. He is a true Sangrian.
Emeric | CyberChaosV2
Cymic's second born, he used to consider him the first of his sons and believed in him to have immense potential. He's very glad to see Emeric has grown a fair way, and supports his interest in scholarly matters. Cymic somewhat still believes Azariah has mentored Emeric to hold disdain in the past, but has very clearly seen it was no one's fault but his own.
Jecht | Cymic_
Cymic used to hold Jecht in high regard until he realized just how evil the child could be. He doesn't blame Jecht, however, as his mother abused him as a child- And a lot of Lillinette's qualities shine through at a much more exaggerated extent.
Jhaeros | Rang3r0wns94
Jhaeros is Cymic's first son, through adoption. He's always sick, or injured, and requires a mound of attention, which Cym finds hard to provide at times, always seemingly busy.

Treasured ◇ - To be treasured means to be his guiding torch.

Romanctic Interests ◇ - Anyone under this section are people who Cymic has potential interest, although not necessarily deep.

Trusted ◇ - I trust them with my life, my body, my soul and my secrets.
Kam | Kamaoe
While Kam is Cymic's most trusted guardian, and friend, he finds her support for him waning, he feels. He also seems to not put full confidence in her anymore. Although they once shared an unbreakable bond, their relationship is not what it once was. Still, she remains all he has left in recent times and he clings to their friendship rather than dropping it all together.

Befriended ◇ - Under this section means greater trust and kinship than all the rest.
Fenric | Colonelgames
Cymic does not feel like Fenric strives for the same companionship that they once had. Be it rude remarks or the sparse visits, or the combination of rude remarks on the sparse visits and what feels like a lack of support, Cymic no longer trusts Fenric enough with his closest secrets, but he does trust him enough to feel confident in his position on the council. He keeps the sentiment to himself, but he hopes their bond regrows over time.
Nikolche | Niko
Niko is a very long-time friend of Cymic's, but there are several factors as to why Cymic cannot trust Nikolche like he once could, mostly political ones. Cymic misses his young friendship he once had with Nikolche, but they have gone down seperate paths. Cymic feels it a difficult task to connect with a scholar.

Liked ◇ - You must be an amusing character if you've made it up to here.
Azgir | Jazzper
Cymic naturally enjoys the company of Azgir and the feeling of fighting side-by-side next to an Earkzian that isn't Kam. He feels he would protect him at almost any cost as he is the figurehead of a dying race.
Evelyn | Lannis
Evelyn hardly rears her ugly head around the Landing anymore, but it's not his business anymore. He misses her.
Alison | Elz
Cymic has always had an interest in Alison Kane, despite her having his hand cut off from insulting her. He secretly admires her, even, but he would never tell anyone this. It's an interest in nobles, as Cymic has never cared for the folk, but he feels like she isn't as posh as she comes off. One less noble to push to their limits. He mourns for her death, minimally.
Joakim | Ced
Although Cymic and Joakim's friendship had jump-started like a rock slung from a trebuchet, he rarely sees his bardic inspiration anymore. Cymic thinks the man has much potential if he'd show his face around.
Theo | Blorbis83
He's a little kind-hearted but it's a refreshing type of ruling style. He is easy to be friends with, as he is rather friendly, and Cymic often needs someone to balance out his own harsh personality.
Jocasta | Blorbis83
She is a cheesewheeler from Astrakhan and she serves Cymic as one of his many soldiers. He wishes to test her loyalty, but has not gotten the opportunity as of yet. He thinks she has potential, but has not seen enough to push this sentiment.
Cloud | Jeroxia
Cymic sees Cloud's father within him. He has plans for Cloud, but does not yet feel ready to execute them.

Salazar | Cukie1
Cymic has observed Salazar through the eyes of another, and feel they agree on the same merits regarding some people who tend to be too violent without proper cause. Regarding more people than just Asleif.

Azariah | Ayda
Azariah is an odd case with Cymic. He pities her, but he also enjoys her company and wants the best for her.
Olive | Smurf
Olive is a weird individual who Cymic sometimes wonders if she has some kind of personality disorder. He has seen her throughout different stages of her life and each time it almost felt like a different person to him.
Adiella | bettemus99
Cymic has very little opinion on Adiella anymore, besides utility as a mother figure to his child. Her family is extensive and have children with nearly every house he could name.
Grey | Estes241
He is an odd and broody man. Cymic still holds general interest in him, and wishes to see how he compares to the man.
Arianne | Lily_
Cymic doesn't like nor dislike Arianne. He thinks she is still the same woman that she always has been, and will be surprised if the gods see past her guise.
Asleif | Smurf

Whilst Cymic had held back during their brawl due to it usually being a gamble when brawling women, (beware the white knight), It is still a gamble that Cymic had taken a loss (of skin) from. He feels she was saved from the mediators, as in his eyes, she was asking for more than just a bar brawl by pulling weapons, but he also feels she missed the opportunity to have a decent and fun bar brawl. Still, he is wary of the woman.

Unsure of
Podric | Luam
Cymic is still on-edge about the alignment of Podric. He fears he may be a bit power-hungry at times, but he is not sure if the stress of the job is just getting to him. He is still on-edge about his feelings towards the man, otherwise, he has known Podric quite a while. As a very ironic character himself, Cymic is amused that a Flander has come so far.
Joe | JoeJoe
Cymic doesn't hold much of an opinion on Joe anymore. The Joe he once knew is an entirely different person now, and at face value, he only wishes him the best. He doesn't really know the lad anymore.

Lisbet | Elz
Despite Lisbet having tattled on Cymic, he cannot help but hold it against her. He has a few bones to pick apart with her, but otherwise he's never had much of an opinion, other than she may be a bit naive or slow after the swallowing of the heavenstone.

Nwalme | blargtheawesome
Nwalme is not hated, but this is a dislike that does not compare to most. Cymic knows how slimy Nwalme is, and holds no kind of trust for him. But he still enjoys messing with Nwalme, as he does most people. He thinks Nwalme has highs and lows of intelligence, and is one to "fake it 'til you make it" with this new empirism, familiarly.

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