Active Konungur Cymic I, Krakensbane


Lord of Altera

Character Art:

[Updates] In purple.

Current Status:
Overseeing the reconstruction of Halbed. Priesting in the meantime.​
Name: Cymic F. Seymour
Full Titles: Of the Southern Seas, Master Sangrian, King/Konungur of Sangria, Champion of Kalstaat, The Drunken King, Invoker of Jax, Krakensbane

Sea Serpent (Forgotten), Seymour (Various), Cym (Various), Loose-Cannon (Nikolche), Lord (Various), Pointy (Ava),
Sea Elf (Matalina), Grape Knight (Various), Cymi (Lillinette), King (Various), His Royal Inebriation (Illden), Cym Cym (Tavia), Twot-mic (Twatmic- Self dubbed to the Makani), Rat King (Lavender)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: Appears 27+
, 70 in human years.
Gender: Male.
Race: Sea Elf (Silver)
Social Status: Ignoble King
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 185 lb.
Hair: Blonde.
Eyes: Ice blue.
Skin: A tan color, due to his years on a ship in his past.
Alignment: Chaotic
Magic: Assholism, and Alcoholism. Jax Magic
Beliefs: Jax
Prayer log [X]

Blessed page [X]
Faith lays in: Rum.
(1.) Siege of Breakwater, day two.
Cymic was shot in the head by a blunt bolt which cracked his skull through his helm due to a lost roll. ICly told he was shot by a ballista.
(2.) Tambry, after dinner in Sangria guild house.
He was pursued out and down the streets, eventually tackling someone down a 20 ft. drop, squishing them to death and taking a bolt to the shoulder, he was unable to continue, beheaded. ICly told most of the truth.
(3.) Bastion event.
After charging a fleshy golem creature, with Nwalme and Florian, he took a giant axe to the shoulder, killing him almost instantly. ICly told he tried to take it on himself.
(4.) Peace treaty.
Fought alongside his Sangrians, during the treaty in offense against Anhald. Cymic was leaving with Kam and Azariah and they were caught up by cavalry. After Cymic refused to surrender, he was struck by a mace in the head.


Sentimental | Reckless | Joker | Loose | Protective | Physically Hardened | Lazy | Sarcastic | Temper | Messy
| Paranoid | Blunt/Straightforward

+ Sparring + Quiet nights + Own well being + Alone time with loved ones + Danger + Combat + Respect + Drinking

+ Unnecessary disrespect + People that try too hard + Slander + Jumping to conclusions

+ Run a shop. + Live to see the destruction of Anhald. + Finish Helka'Taime. + Establish Sangria. + Replace. + Drink until the tides have settled. + Finish Halbed. + Re-establish Sangria. + Take care of Tourmaline. + Build an estate with Adiella. + Solve any leftover conflict with Adiella + Win + Figure out if Adiella is worth it. [Completed]
+ Outlive Maceo and possibly /x/ [Ongoing]
+ Complete his castle. [Unfinished]
+ Keep his daughter, Astrid, safe. [Ongoing]
+ Earn Jax's full favor [Unfinished]
+ See to the finished reconstruction of Halbed [Unfinished]
+ Finish Konungsriki. [Unfinished]
+ Use Jax's blessing for good. [Ongoing]


Languages Spoken:
Common (Fluent, pirate)
Elven (Fluent, pirate)
Mok'yra (Good enough)

Earkzian (Basics)

dentifying Marks/Bling:
+ Scar on his left upper arm.
+ Eyebrow piercing (Citrine)
+ Earrings.
+ Tattoos on his left arm.
+ Amethyst and silver ring. [Azariah] Asirel Luik

+ Missing right hand.
+ Right hand replaced with hook.
+ Tattoo on his ass cheek.
+ Burn-Scarred lips.
+ Grape-like ring [Alison Kane] Elz
+ Ruby ring [Azariah] Asirel Luik
+ Ruby ring ["Emeric"] LOST IN A GAMBLE Asirel Luik
+ Tattoos on the side of his head of various Jax symbolics.
+ Maceo's family ring [in vault] BoredBrit
+ Flask of rum.
+ Healing Potion.
+ Harming Potion.
+ Radiants, of Varying Rations.
+ Some Bread, of Varying Rations.
+ Hallucinogenic Berries.
+ Radiants, of Varying Rations.
+ Hospitaller Edicts Scroll.
+ Prayer Book.
+ Charcoal Dust (Pocket.)
+ Dice (Pouch.)

+ [Gambit] Halberd. Wrapped pole, spiked butt, Knockback II. [X]
+ Crossbow.
+ Targe.
+ Ciri's Stiletto. Stolen off her unconscious body. Smurf
+ [Luck Eater] Norman sword.
Made of Cymic’s previous sword, melted and recast with a new and stronger alloy, Luckeater is reborn more splendid than ever before.

The sword is adorned with various symbols, with a large emerald pommel at the base of the hilt. The blade is decorated with symbols of gambling, and forged of excellent polished steel, with two narrow fullers along its 90cm length, in a Norman configuration. The hilt curves bladewards, and is of similar fine steel, polished to a shining mirror-like finish. The steel has had some amount of gold included in the forging, and has a faint yellow tint in the right light. The guard has been milled and chiseled to an extremely fine level of detail, depicting the words “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”. Along the length of the blade are the symbols of the four suits of cards.

The grip is of sturdy antler core, wrapped in purple-dyed leather. It diffuses shock effectively, and the grip is unyielding against slipping.

The sword has a pommel of a large and many-faceted emerald held in place by a lattice of silver and gold filigree. The overall shape of the emerald is reminiscent of a 20-sided die, and it’s probably coincidence that the bottom of it has gold wire in the shape of a “20”.

Daily Life
+ Tailor.
+ Tattoo Artist.
+ Bartender. (of the Moaning Unicorn, formerly.)
+ Knight. (formerly.)
+ Lord. (of Halbed.)
+ Konungur. (of Sangria.)
+ Druid of Jax.
+ Bro'Do'Fro keep
+ Tambry shop
+ Tambry manor
+ Helka'Taime keep
+ Riseport home
+ Tambry guildhouse
+ Eisenheim
+ Halbed palace

+ New Halbed

forum cym 6.png
Deceitful: Having lived a life of lies, he's naturally adapted to form his own habit. Whilst a rare sight to witness, when he does lie, it's quite believable.
Tolerance: More-so tolerance to drinks, and other disorientating substances which he uses quite often.
Gambler's Luck: Can bend his luck to how he sees fit every once in a while, through the power of Jax.

Medical Skills: Having been with two physicians in the past, as well as his son also a physician, he knows how to work wounds, potions, stitches, and general cleaning of wounds.
Physical Strength: Man of muscle, a couple steps below a body builder.
Ambidextrous: After having lost his right hand for quite a while, and finally having it returned, he's able to use both hands when it comes to swordplay. Even still, he occasionally uses his left hand in daily tasks.
Advanced Rider: He's a very experienced jouster, showing prowess in several tourneys. He has never placed under third in a joust.
Jousting ranks:
Tourney of Avignon - 2nd
Tourney of Reignfall - 3rd (tie)

Grand Tournament of the Roses - 1st
Annual Tournament of Eberland - 2nd
Wedding of Queen Alison and King Brennard - 1st
Storm's Landing Fairgrounds - 3rd

Combat Skills:
+ Hand-to-hand. hook. hand.
+ Halberd/polearms
+ Short swords.
+ Crossbows.
+ Jousting.


+ The first people he's met; In order. (McGuffin, Nikolche, Raan)
+ First fight in the Northern Kingdoms against Nikolche
+ Hospitaller recruitment
+ Hospitaller crew
+ Charcoal dusting Ashna
+ Shooting Syra's thigh
+ Stomping Ciri's face
+ Archaeus beheaded in duel with Garren
+ Meeting all of the Thieves (Dogs) and their identities, especially The Mastiff
+ Breakwater siege
+ Archaeus, and his many reappearances
+ Somewhere around here is a long portion of time where he got together with Nemisae, and she left him whilst still pregnant with Ventare.
+ Recruiting Knox into his mercenary faction as a physician and taking interest in her before her gender was even revealed.
+ Falling in love with her after many interactions.
+ Grafjell chronicles.
+ Cymic was allowed by Grey to wield his weapons despite long ago Ashna banning him of weapons on the isle after the charcoal/thigh incident.
+ Grafjell is under threats of war.
+ Knox confesses she slept with Aspen.
+ Cymic breaking Aspen's ribs in a spar on the isle.
+ Ava was there for him, somewhat.
+ Meeting Azariah and taking interest in her.
+ Their relationship was odd.
+ He ended up giving her a child.
+ Losing his right hand in a bar brawl, unarmored.
+ Lillinette helping with his hand.
+ Cheated on Azariah with Lillinette, an exciting spur-of-the-moment relationship.
+ They have a child.
+ Hosted a dinner and invited all of his enemies.
+ A brawl ensued in the Sangrian guildhouse, fighting alongside his sangrians until he could make an escape.
+ After a drawn out chase, even tackling Althalos down a 20 ft. drop and landing on him in full plate until he suffered a bolt in his shoulder, injuries of the fall, and was essentially cornered.
+ Cymic returned, having a life with Lillinette which lasted all the way into the new world.
+ During the camp days, Lillinette left Cymic due to him neglecting her desire for attention and often shutting her out completely.
+ Blowing up kraken on the way to the new world.
+ Noble's ball with an earthspawn
+ Enthronement
+ Return from death, again
+ Tzemik heals hand
+ Winning Queen's Port joust
+ Meeting Ventare, firstborn who he had with Nemisae many years ago.
+ Champion of Kalstaat
+ Meeting Harley, his half-sister.
+ Killing the kraken that leveled Storm's Landing.
+ The nightmare.
+ Blessed by Jax, his luck is up it'd seem.
+ Meeting Adiella.
+ Another Noble's ball in Queensport.
+ Quickly falling in love.
+ Adiella has gotten pregnant rather early.
+ Seeking out the kraken's rotten remains.
+ The kraken rising from the waters undead.
+ Cymic ultimately ending it, firing a ballista bolt through the skraag worshipper who raised it from the dead, pinning him to the sea floor.
+ Citrine Azerwind's coronation.
+ Adiella leaving him on his 70th name day.
+ Make some shoddy agreement to give Astrid a good life.


Background: A rascal kid, born to a rebellious, lying, thief. His father is/was a pirate captain, as well as a con-artist. Influenced by the crew of the same occupancy.
Child: In his youth, Cymic Seymour was a little rascal. He was born on a ship in the southern seas. He grew up around a multicultural crew of pirates, the captain being his father. They never bonded much, though he was influenced by his father a ton as a kid. His childhood was spent almost entirely on a boat, mostly in the Southern Seas. He enjoyed climbing around various bits of the ship, as well as the netting, and things of that sort. His father used to tell stories of the Northern Kingdoms, and the unique characters that lived there. The different things that went there. The place usually always described in the stories as exotic, abnormal, and unique.
Teens: Spent his teens, learning about the "family business", taking up a few battles himself, as well as a few deals. Learning from his father how to steer a ship. swordplay, and picking up the bow at an early age, though not much of a passion for it. A few years later, as they were docked at an island, negotiating a deal, it turned out to be a sting operation, to capture the notorious pirate, Cymic's father. Most of the crew, along with Cymic ended up departing without his father, and a few crew members who had bolted towards the tall trees in the opposite direction of the docks, the local authorities flocking towards them, Cymic's father was the one which attracted the most attention, being the "notorious captain". Cymic Seymour was granted crew leadership in his teens, the remaining crew members were a few of the lesser trusted ones. Albeit there were missing crew members, and there was no way the crew members would allow him to return, so he was forced to recruit.

Adult/Current Age: The few years he was captain of the ship, he was presented with disrespect, unloyalty, and treatment to that of a kid. Although a worthy captain, and successful every sea battle, and every negotiation, it was usually done so recklessly, and casualties were common. This made the crew resent Cymic.
Reaching Northern Kingdoms:
Nearing the end of an exhausting trip, to a region Cymic had only heard about in stories by his father, he spotted the large land region from a few miles away. He'd step off of the planks leading to his ship, a small fist-sized pouch of riches in his hand, and his crew standing behind him. Flakes would fall onto his jacket. He'd shiver slightly. His jacket would provide enough warmth for comfort.

Four long months have passed since feet had touched actual ground. The snow would crack and crunch under his feet satisfyingly. He wasn't used to it, but he came prepared. Walking over to a little eatery, he'd toss the riches onto the table. "Dinner for.." He'd count the hungry crew members behind him. "6.. including me."

His men were tired, as was he. Taking his father's place as a pirate, or "businessman", as he liked to call himself was fairly new to him. He thought of himself as a pirate hybrid, because he wasn't just a traditional hack, slash, plunder, and kill. He would just cheat people out of their money, and possessions as a whole. He was a con-artist, and a pirate, along with his crew. Dirty, thieving, lying, cheating scum. He was either really good at what he did, or extremely lucky when it came to charming, persuading, and escaping. People tended to like him for their first impression, until a few minutes later when they catch him diggin' in their pockets.

He'd awaken by the sound of his own snoring. It was now sometime in the middle of the night. and to no surprise, his crew was gone. He'd look over to the docks from the eatery he had recently awaken from, to notice the moonlight set on a spot on the docks. his ship was nowhere to be found.
"Those dirty little rats.." He'd smirk. He had sort of expected a mutiny, they were a band of dirty pirates, after all.

Broke, stuck, and groggy, Cymic would have no choice but to start a life at the iceburg of a place. He was now, a nobody, and noone knew of his crimes. he couldn't decide whether this was a good or a bad thing. Taking advantage of it was his best bet. On a fresh start, he'd take a deep yawn, and stretch his arms out as if he could snatch the stars right out of the sky, and.. he would, if he could.

My in-game name is: Cymic_


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Lord of Altera

- Soviel
- Harley
- Astrid
- Ventare
- Emeric

- Jecht
- Jhaeros

- Rum

- Kam
- Nikolche

- Fenric

- Archaeus
- Jeroxia
- Willow
- Sycamore

- Chives
- Boetius
- Eisa
- Parvani


- Knox
- Azgir
- Joe

- Tourmaline
- Evelyn
- Alison
- Joakim

- Theo
- Selene
- Arianne
- Tavia
- Charoite


- Azariah
- Lillinette

- Olive
- Adiella
- Grey
- Bell
- Carlos

- Na'vina
- Lavender

Unsure of:

- Ronn
- Ava
- Cymic
- Tzemik

Wary of:

- Tryg
- Syra


Afraid of:

- Illden
- Nwalme
- Ciri



- Spirit
- Will
- Moriarty
- Raan
- Raphael
- Althalos
- Jacob


- Chestnut
- Aspen
- Snerus
- Teeke
- Gael
- Iskvandar
- Diamond
- Elmond
- Lynette
- Victor
- Odette
- Malavar

"I'll see ye' again som' day y'rat bastard. I hate ye'."

Cymic hasn't seen his father in quite a while, though feels he is either dead or incarcerated. The last time he has seen the man was as he was chased off into an isle, and the rest of the crew left without him. He was never a very loving father, but was fairly protective, for the most part.

".. Yer such a littl' brat. I love ye'."

She is Cymic's half-sister, one of his many siblings across the globe due to his father hit-and-running women. She grew up with her mother in Grafjell and had a brother, who Cymic has learned, died on the dangerous island due to falling off one of the rocky cliffs. Cymic loves his sister very much, and they share a tight-knit bond.

Astrid [x]
"Th' best thin' to ev'r 'appen to me. I love ye'."

Born to Adiella and himself, Astrid is Cymic's fourth born child. Cymic loves her very much, as she is his first and only daughter. Like all of his other family, but to a tad greater extent, he would kill for her. He is very protective of his child from other people but not all that strict.

"I 'ave high hopes fer ye'. I love ye'."

Ventare is Cymic's first child and was taken by Nemisae before he was born. Twenty or so years later, Cymic met him after a joust in Queen's Port. He took Cymic's surname back in full, officially making him a Seymour rather than a Merenwen. Out of all of his children, Ventare has proved himself the most reliable, and Cymic trusts him more than any other members of his direct family. He still cannot wait to see what kind of future Ventare will have, and supports his pursuing of the grey lass.

"Aeh, yer old enough to make yer own decisions. I love ye'."

Cymic's second born, he used to consider him the first of his sons and believed in him to have immense potential. He's very glad to see Emeric has grown a fair way, and supports his interest in scholarly matters. Cymic somewhat still believes Azariah has mentored Emeric to hold disdain in the past, but has very clearly seen it was no one's fault but his own.

"Yer a littl' brat .. But, i love ye' anyways."

Cymic used to hold Jecht in high regard until he realized just how evil the child could be. He doesn't blame Jecht, however, as his mother abused him as a child- And a lot of Lillinette's qualities shine through at a much more exaggerated extent.

"I've held ye' as a son, long'r than me first born. I love ye'."

Jhaeros is Cymic's first son, through adoption. He's always sick, or injured, and requires a mound of attention, which Cym finds hard to provide at times, always seemingly busy.

"Yer perfect."

Pirate dad's drink of choice, and companion, there is very little chance you will not see the two together at the bar.



Kam [x] [x]
"..Heh.. Get bent."

She is one of the only women he ever let himself fall in love with. She's of great importance to him. If the chance arises to tease her, he will do so. Cym cares deeply for her, which is why he feels the need to criticize her constantly.

"Fortune is fair to both of us."

Practically a brother. It was forced upon Cymic to execute him after a grave mistake in Aeroch Nor. Deeply loved, closer than his real family. Now that Fenric is back, Cymic rests at ease. He is always there for him, as is the same the other way around.

"I worry fer ye' at times."

The man probably used to have some psychological issues, and life has began to hurt him. Cymic worries Nikolche will fail in certain cases if he does not adapt to look ahead. He has known Niko for years now, ever since Cymic sailed to the Northern Kingdoms and is Cymic's best friend.. Though this has been brought into question due to recent events.

"I'm conflict'd when it comes to ye'."

Probably one of the only humans Cymic has looked up to in full at one point or another. He has set Cymic on a morally right path, despite the man himself known for being infamous.

".. Named him aft'r me, huh?"

They have known each other for years. The woman is no longer a whore. Cymic avoided her when she tried to get with him, and he is satisfied he's rejected her from Sangria. She used to only be out to gain power, and her own well-being, not bothering to care for anyone she manipulated. But she has changed a lot. She's ended up marrying Cymic's best friend.

"I.. Feel we need ta' associate more. We need ta' share a drink."

The two didn't start out well- In fact, Cymic once dangled him over the walls of Riseport. Somehow, he must pay his debt to Jeroxia for allegedly nearly saving his life from what he was told.

"Put yer energy int'a somethin' useful.."

An old initiate and brewer of the Sangria Regime. She puts up with his drunken rambling, and pestering, loyal whilst she was a part of the group.

"Preach'r n' pascifist."

A very old friend of Cym's. Very friendly, and cares for all Caparii.

"How stereotypical of a goat."

She's a very loose and adventurous type of woman. As far as Cymic knows, she's a herbalist and a forager. Despite her unpredictable nature, Cymic doesn't completely mistrust her. Whether she likes it or not, he can consider her a close friend.

"Don' make me regret trustin' ye'.."

She is the ideal model of what a Sangrian soldier should look like, next to Boetius and Kam. Her loyalties are set, and placed within Cymic. Alone in his hall, she knelt to him to his surprise, only setting her loyalties for him in concrete. She is his Thane, and he her Jarl.

"I knew ye' could do it, Boe."

Boe is a knight within Sangria, having earned his title "of Konungsriki" after he won the one-on-one championship against House Wise's own, Asher Wise. He is passionate of his work, a dedicated detective as well. Cymic has been shown the potential he holds.

"Yer a funn'eh one, Po."

Parvani is one of the only Makani Cymic has bothered to befriend, and while he doesn't dislike them, most Makani dislike him or do not understand him (sometimes because he carries around a few of her feathers.) She's very helpful to Cymic in that she teaches him about the culture of Makani, and in turn he helps her where he can with groundlings. Despite her scarceness, he always enjoys Par's company.
Legendary Fiction

"I like th' way ye' roll."
Diamond's Capariius daughter, once sent to him as a ward of sorts for an entire year to learn about life. He is utterly amused that she has a bit of fierceness to her, thinking she'd make a great soldier had she not been born into high nobility. A real sure-shot with a crossbow.

Knox [x] [x]
"I wouldn' mind seein' ye' aroun' again, even if ye'd try to claw me."

Cymic's ex-girlfriend, psychologically unstable. As skilled as she were, she is unfit to handle any form of medical tools. Looks for comfort in the wrong places. She also taught him some Mok'yra. To his knowledge, she was eaten by wendigos near Halbed.

"I won' ferget th' thrill of fightin' alongside ye'."

During the exodus in the Northern Kingdoms, the two fought alongside in fort "sticks n' stones" (Fort Toil).

"Ye've got good intentions, no doubt."
A curious young lad who's gotten himself caught up with the new wave of "rangers". He met Joe after Cymic caught him spying on himself and his friends, having stowed away on his ship. He thinks of Joe as a good person, though easily imposed upon. He hopes Joe does not get so attached to their hypocritical Ranger's leader.
The Wanderering Ranger

"Fing'rblast 'em wit' yer magicks."
Cymic hasn't really known Evelyn all too well until her lover had finally invited him to drink with them. So far, she's not all that much of a magic novelty as he thought, and can see that Selene doesn't just enjoy her for her stone fist. He no longer holds any doubts of her as a swordsman and enjoys the fact her mannerisms are in comparison with a Norvagen's.

"Som'times i wond'r if ye'll ev'r catch on."

She was responsible for the loss of his right hand in the past. Even still, he thinks of her as a long-time acquaintance. A very bold and confident ruler, almost as self-confident as Cymic himself. Thinks himself as equal to her despite her differing mindset. Low-key misses his steal fist. She doesn't realize it but aside from his own ambitions, she's a reason he reformed hierarchy to a kingdom.

"Tha' was a blood'eh masterpiece."

Joakim is a very talented bard that Cymic met when he contracted him to compose and perform a very rude song about the siege on Queensport to Alison and Brennard. He's provided nothing but good company ever since, and is a potential friend. Cymic is still on the fence about him, but damn can he be bold.

"I'm always 'ere fer ye', regardless.."

He's regent in the Askrosian Dominion- Albeit that being a small force, his culture is still intriguing to Cymic, and sees great potential in his group. From what the man has told Cymic, he's risked his relationship over Cymic's reputation, and that really showed what a true friend he has become. Theo has been chosen as the new hand to the Konungur of Sangria.

"Ye're a righ' pain in me ass."

The woman is sweet and, like Evelyn, good company whenever he's out drinking.. Yet she's also a rather shady character. Cymic enjoys teasing the brothel owner from time to time albeit he knows his mouth is going to piss her off so much some day that he can already feel the sting on his cheek. She makes him think back on his old life, and realize how much he has changed.

"I enjoy our talks.."

Cymic honestly misses Arianne. Lately, he feels she's been shutting herself off from most people, and dulling herself down. Whenever they speak, Cymic gets a glimpse on their old friendship, but otherwise it feels Arianne just doesn't care for many other people anymore.

"I don' think yer all tha' useless.. fer th' most part."

Ex-initiate in the Sangrian Regime of House Sangria. She seems reminiscent to Cymic, in both aesthetics and personality and her natural born talent when it comes to drinking alcohol is similar to his own. He's said some things to her carelessly in the past and mostlt regrets it, whether he meant it or not.

"I've always wanted ta' be a jest'r."

Cherry is exactly the demographic that Cymic likes to hang around. She's a bit odd and overly sensitive, but sentimental. Good company.


"Yer a fair woman, an' strong'r than most."

One of Cymic's ex-girlfriend's, mother to Emeric. Cymic sees her as an asset to Sangria. Her logic is biased, but otherwise it is not skewed, and morally right.
Asirel Luik

"Yer a shitty moth'r n' unreliable as all hell."

Also Cymic's ex-girlfriend, and mother to Jecht. Too surrounded in herself to bother with the well being of others. Perhaps she is not as much of a whore as when the two were acquainted.


Cymic knew Olive ever since she was a child, who lost her ability to walk after, he likes to believe, Knox messed her up performing surgery on her. But she's regained her ability to move, with a cane it seems. He sees her very clearly as a gifted silver tongue, after their brief encounter. She swayed Cymic from having Syra hunted across Altera with her words alone, and knows how to cater to people's thoughts.

Adiella [x*]
"No more promises. Let's jus' be truthful."

Cymic and Adiella have taken a more passive approach to eachother, though they still bicker often. He doesn't trust her all that much yet against his gut he takes her words as truth as she does his .. Though he's not sure how long that will last. He's doing it solely for Astrid. Despite becoming another passing ex, she's given him something none of the others have.

"I'd stab ye til' yer skin turned white .. Probabl'eh"
Grey is a pitch black moor with red eyes. Cymic has heard many tales about Grey, and has known him since Grafjell. Grey has not exactly given Cymic a reason to trust him yet he somewhat does in the current situation.

"Ye've gained yer vision, and me friendship."

When Cymic first met Bell, he thought she was a useless novelty, the only woman Ava could win over. Time has past, and he sees the potential she may have. There are wishes of her to become more acquainted friends with himself.

"How did ye' end up so much diff'rent?"
Carlos has a sweet tone and a smiling face, but Cymic likes to keep his distance with folk like that. While he means well, and Cymic knows this, he's still a De Courtnay.. Albeit the better of Maceo and himself.

"Play stupid games; Win stupid prizes, n' unless ye' 'ave a thin' fer stupid prizes.."
As to not give too much away, Nav was been more recently associated as a partner of business- As was the intention of when they first met. He's quite done with her, she is a risk gone bad.



She's a little bit on the odd side but cymic doesn't seem to mind. He thinks of her as loose a friend but plans to utilize her while he can as not doing so would be a waste. She's mildly interesting for the scholarly type but Cymic doesn't have much invested in her.


"I don't like ye', but i trust ye'."
For a long time, Cymic has known Ronn, ever since the beginning of Fort 'Sticks n' Stones'. He has assisted Cymic in the past in the X-Roads a few times. He is a hard worker, and although partially responsible for Cymic's death, there is still a tad drop of trust in him.

"Life is hard."

But death is harder. Unhappy with his past decisions, and furious at his lack of respect to himself and others.

"I.. Thank ye'.."

The most proficient healer in all of Altera, and possibly the most alcoholic. He can relate to her drinking problem, and is glad to see she is in decent shape. Fairly surprised to see she bears offspring. Cymic regrets his childish actions towards her in the Northern Kingdoms. Utterly grateful she repaired his hand after previously vowing to never heal him again.

".. Cowardice."

Cymic's former personal hand to the king and head of court- And fairly old friend, as he's known her since she was only a teenager. To him, she's a disloyal house hopper. From Hawklight to Sangria to possibly Varyn. He's heard of some of the things she's said behind closed doors and utterly ceased caring much for the woman.

".. Trust yer gut."

Cymic admires the head of House Wise. He is not easily moved, and stubborn on his decision- In a great way, as he did not let Arduin sway his personal decision in a political discussion. Yet he's caused nothing but problems for Cymic as of recent. A lot of his recent actions makes him question their relation.

"I hope we can see past our old problems."

Cymic regards Tryg in a friendlier way, and would offer assistance if he would ever need it, feeling no more disregard for the man. He's dropped all his past grudges for Tryg, currently.

"Ye're a stubborn one, aren' ye'?"
After a gamble where Nwalme had presumably used his illusion magic to win a gamble, he's been rather unhappy with the man, despite the circumstances. He's softer than the other Fuvurians, physically though not so much mentally- He's got a good head. One Cymic had elbowed out of impulse in the past. He is unsure if he holds respect for the man, though perhaps in another life they would have been great friends.

"If only i aimed a tad bit higher."

She's a sneaky little snake who plucked a grape bundle from his crown and got away with it. Multiple sentiments keep him from ordering her limbs snapped off and rearranged yet he views her similar to Ciri. He's shot her in the thigh, years ago.


"I hope ye' find a new hobby."

He does not like Ciri much. He holds a sarcastic tone whilst she is around, and hopes karma bites her in the ass some day.. Or perhaps a very sharp knife.

"It was the fool who ate the businessman."

Cymic sees Nwalme as slippery, manipulative, and selfish. Still wary of his magics, he takes every risk he can if it means fucking with Nwalme. He now knows why the Fuvur insignia is a snake.



"Dead and done."

A heated idiot, who liked death. She drew crowds, attacking people for little reason. Cymic remembers her, but not too well, nowadays.

"A sad soul tha' needs to stay down."

Moriarty is largely egotistical for a small man. Cym believes Mor to be a thieving snot, who has tried to bring him down many times and has never succeeded on his own.

"Maybe ye' 'ave finally submitt'd ta' death."
There is no doubt in Cymic's mind that he has lived too many lives. The name "Payne" leaves a sour taste in his mouth. Egotistical and broken.

"Yer an idiot-.. Tho' Ye' didn't deserve to die.. Forever, y'know?"

Althalos stays fresh in Cymic's memory as a man of misfortune. One who lived his life, mistreated by those around him- Even Cymic himself. Although they've had many conflicts, and Althalos even had the hots for one of Cym's baby mamas, it seems he's forgiven him, as well as regrets his rude attitude towards the man, still waiting the day for his re-arrival.. Though if he did ever make it back, he'd never show it to him.

"Ye' need ta' stop seekin' self approval."

The red-headed human isn't exactly a worthy opponent. Perhaps Cymic has belittled him at times, but the slightest words of approval get to his head. They have known each other for a long time, and he's even died in Cymic's arms whilst he tried to heal him. Spirit had tried to kill Cymic, and failed immensely. He wishes Spirit would abandon a life of combat, and stick to cooking meals.

"Your legacy, turned sour."

When Will's untimely, undeserved death came about, the thieve's guild died with him.

"Ye' weren't tha' bad, ye' kno'.."

The pair used to conflict many times. Cymic disliked the fact they do not get a long, and cared for him. He attended Jacob's funeral with an open mind. He had made his best attempt to get along with Jacob in a civil manner, and was not opposed to a friendship.
Sir Saltington

"Yer nothin' more than a nuisance."

She is one of Cymic's past girlfriends, and is an extreme nuisance to him whenever she is around. Like Ava, Chestnut bathes in drama. She has been negligent as a mother to her adoptive son.

"Oy, ye' need ta' think things ov'r."

Only out for a good ride, no matter who it affects. Cares little for any life that he is not well acquainted with. Cymic broke his ribs after he slept with his Moor. Cymic likes to think he's over with what happened, in fat, he's put it behind himself in full.

"I don' see why ye' act like ye' do."

Cymic thinks of Sner as a snake - that in some way, he will manipulate anyone to get where he wants to go. They used to be allies, though Cymic has seen a different side of Snerus.

"Yer a carin' one, Moth'r Nature."
Teeke in Cymic's eyes, is a very loving, kind forest elf, who may or may not be too devoted to Shalherana. Although similar in stature to Samia, he finds her to be an almost near-polar opposite person, aside from the worship of Shalherana. He enjoys her company, and learning things from her in Emyn Arnen. He hopes to assist Teeke in her future endeavors.
"Y'know ye've got som' charm in ye'?"
A man who has raised in the ranks fairly under Kane. Cymic likes him for no particular reason other than his overall friendliness. They've mutually done eachother favors and so Cymic has no reason not to care for the man. It'd seem for now, it's more of a professional friendliness, like one has with a coworker, but that may not be a necessarily a bad thing.

".. Som'times i wond'r wha' goes on in yer mind."

He's a very lithe man, very scribe-esque through and through. He resides under Cymic's kingdom, and as far as can be told he's an interesting person but Cymic never gets the chance to delve deeper into this. He's also got one of those pretty-boy faces that both men and women love, in Isk's case. Cymic would have never expected him to get into a fight with a wendigo.

"I gave ye' me helpin' hand. In th' close future, i may need yer hand as well."

Elmond now holds Cymic's second gold-plated steel fist. He believes Elmond has a very slightly unstable temper, though views the man as friendly, and unique. Cym hopes to keep in contact, having a level of respect for him.

"From servin' me rum ta' high'r things.."

Diamond was one of the few bartenders of Riseport, and his personal favorite. He believes she is too soft-spoken for her own good, and regards her highly.

"Y'littl' fuck.~"

Captain Lynette, captain for House Wise for all he knows. From Renatus. She sailed alongside Cymic in fighting the kraken that leveled Storm's Landing. He seemingly sees a lot of himself in her, and enjoys a little competitiveness.

"Yer a fair friend. I won' ferget yer assistance in Fort Sticks n' Stones."

Cymic and Victor fought alongside each other in Fort Toil against the undead. Cannot help but feel a slight bit of cowardice from Victor, after he kicked Cym in the gold coins during a tourney melee. Still, feels Vic has the heart of a bull.
The Tottot

".. How time 'as changed ye', Odette."

He's watched her grow up from a quiet bartender in Riseport, to a tired, tortured soul, and he misses her kinship dearly. She is extremely biased, and, like Ava, bathes in drama to cure her boredom. He would still accept her if she decided to seek his friendship, further than the loose acquaintances they have come to be.

"I am still grateful fer ev'rythin'."

Currently still an initiate in the Sangria Regime. Cymic is in debt to him, as he saved Lillinette and his unborn son from an insane knife-wielding man.


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Lord of Altera
A S - S E E N - B Y - O T H E R S

- Willow:
"I'm mad at 'im, no doubt about tha'. I kept tryin' ta' 'elp 'im stay alive, but 'e practically threw 'imself ta' th' wolves. One thing's for sure, I won't leave my leader ta' die if I 'ave a chance ta' save 'im. "
- Jeroxia:
"You are so scarily like me, it frightens me at times. If only you placed your bets a bit more safely"
- Father - "I am led astray, i know not of where ye' reside. I don't even know if it's ye' i'm lookin' fer, me son.."
- Siblings -
"We've never met, but we exist."
- Azariah - "Damned idiot, egotistical, a true dick... I'm not sharing you.~"
- Lillinette - "Cymi ye' got me ta' drink again, damn alcoholic. Yet ye' take in an' put a roof over me 'ead 'n gave me a purpose again.. An' I thank ye' fer tha'. Oh an' ye did 'tis ta' me"
- Niallrys -
"I miss our odd little conversations. I have made a new dress, somehow I think you would like it."
- Diamond -
"He is a bit of a regular at the bar, and usually behaves well. I have the feeling there is more about him though. He was there when I needed him and judging by his relationship with Azariah, he must be trustworthy and caring."

- Archaeus - "May get himself in more trouble. Should be more careful."
- Will -
"Cymic... We didn't leave off on the best grounds... But do know I saw you as a friend to the end. Kick some ass for me, aye?"
- Kris -
"My frien', ye've grown on me. I've joined yer group when I'd no where else to go, an' I thank ye much."
- James -
- Nikolche -
"Ok he might be a bit of a loose cannon, but he means well "
- Unus -
"He's been more helpful for less reason than probably anyone I've known... I don't care if he's a fool or not. He's alright by me."
- Malavar - "While he's difficult to understand, he's a nice person. At times."
- Sycamore -
"A true friend. He may think I can be a bit silly but I trust him! Gets himself in trouble quite often so I'm there to help him."
- Rolan -
"Loose Acquaintance"
- Fenric -
"Like a brother. A loyal lad."
- Og -
- Roy -
- Nyhllis -
"He has saved my life once, but he doesn't seem to be able to keep his mouth shut for longer than five seconds. I wonder sometimes if his ass gets jealous of the crap that comes out of his mouth.. But then again, he sometimes has a point in his arguements. I think the easiest way to describe our relations is to say I hate the guy, but I can't really be asked to hate him properly, seeing as how he's saved my life before."
- Snerus -
- Jhaeros -
- Moriarty -
"Will trusted yer. I don't."
- Knox -
"Guilt? Amused. Worse than I thought."
- Nylarii -
"I vaguely remember you. Eh"
- Malek -
"An odd man, who's oddly reliable, though more so troublesome"
- Victor -
"Grape man! He help Victor when help needed. Victor trusts him but has his questions. . . Seems to always be with new lady daily."
- Spirit -
"Friendly with"
- Odette -
"I worry about you. Thank you for what you are doing for us. I hope you're okay. I know you joke but please don't try to start something with me. I need more friends like you."
- Tryg -
"Seems to be a good man. We dislike the same people."
- Samia -
- Asirel -
- Azgir -
- Aspen - "I have left you with emotional damage. You have left me with physical damage. I am sorry it came to this, but not sorry for what I did. The bigger person."
- Leila -
"Headstrong. Friendly. Hurting."
- Nwalme -
"Really quite a stupid fellow. Not a bad person despite this fact. Interesting dichotomy."
- Jaden -
- Syra -
- Matalina -
"Bad influence, good time, and suprisingly complex, for an outcast."
- Ava -
"Oh Gods… you’re not goin’ t’ drop this one are y’? "
- Cymic -
"Myself.. Drunkard. Constantly stirred. Drink and relax."
- Jeroxia -
- Tzemik -
- Raphael -
"Played him out. Not truly a brother. No blood in you. Hated."
- Alex - "N/A"
- Chestnut -
"Eh...He's Cymic."
- Beatrice - "There was no need to steal my glasses! I was only having a bit of fun! Still, I'm sorry for falling off the roof on you."
- Gabe -
- Ciri -
- Raan -
"Best friend"
- Alison - "She is now perhaps a little wary of him, for she is to blame for what happened to him in the Crossroads. Also believes he brought it upon himself however, for he refused to do as he was asked until it was far too late."
- Jeor -
- Jacob -
"I mean, he'd be alright if he wasn't so god awfully annoying. If he could learn to shut his mouth, then maybe, just maybe, I could sit in the same room with him for more then five minutes. Other then that, he is an unbearable asshole."
- Nemisae -

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