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Lord of Altera
Name: Kopii Grey
Full Titles: ----
Little One, Riddler, Blue, Imp

Gender: Male
Race: Forest Elf
Social Status: Probably still in the background.
Sexuality: Asexual
Relationship Status: Single
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Light, but he has some muscle weight to him. (Maybe 110-120)
Date of Birth: Doesn't matter to him.
Date of Death: More alive than he's ever been.
Homeland: Someplace far away.
Current Home: ---

Current Status: Surprisingly well. Back onto research and enjoying the blight free lands.

Build: Lean Athletic (Still more of a skinny stick though)
Hair: Black/dark blue hue
Eyes: Teal
Skin: Toasty brown
Posture: Confident, tall as he can be.
Identifying Marks: He has a number of blue tattoos on his face and arms were visible. Every inch of his body appears to be covered them.

Appearance: A young looking man with lightly toasted skin tone, he appears to be covered from head to toe in blue tattoos with appear to have a number of vine looking swirls and diamond shapes from what little of his skin he actually shows. His face soft and rounded in shape, a cheerful smile seems to be his default state of being with a curious gleam in his teal eyes. Framing that is his short fluffy black hair, though long enough to cover the back of his neck but not enough to make much of a ponytail (unless a majestic little poof end counts when it's pulled back)
His posture is the very definition of confidence. Upright, hardly casting his eyes to the ground, and often looking up to others due to his height of 5'4". Doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest.

Though at times it looks like he has a bit of a nervous twitch, wringing his hands or when in one place for too long starts tapping his leg, unless he's deep within the pages of a good book. Then he's just shifting his weight in his seat a lot.

Kopii looks to always be wearing travel ready gear, comfort and warmth taking the forefront of his choices. A warm thick scarf is wrapped around his neck, with easily enough length to simply pull it up into a hood if need be. A large green coat seems to have been altered and fitted to his smaller size, a gift from the Ranger Nylas.

Around Kopiis neck is a necklace made of emeralds, a gift from Akasha reusing his old gemstone necklace into the new design.

He's also wearing a pair of small purple earrings, also a gift from Nylas.

There's also a small white handheld harp with a blue gem held in it's own bag held with loving care.

A number of scars on the front part of his neck looking as though he was stabbed with a number of sharp objects there. His left eye has a small scar under it, and the eye is currently gone.

Is Seen By Others As: More than likely a child due to his height and his soft features of his face.
-Seems to be in general good physical health.
+He seems to heal surprisingly fast these days
+Sickness seems difficult to inflict him
-There is a very high chance he's got a mess of problems mentally from years of being under the thumb of poppy tea to the point of being barely functional. (He will go out of his way to hide it if he starts breaking down)
Telling signs of this are-
+Overwhelmed with emotions at times, either joy or anger.
+A surprisingly low opinion of himself (which he is currently countering with finding uses for himself)
+Certain topics will make him emotionally flip a switch.
+Anytime abandonment comes up, or leaving him behind, his stress levels will overwhelm him.
+When angry, he needs something to suddenly shock him out of it.
None by the looks of it.

-Old ones involving missing bits.
Sleeping Habits:
-Horrible. On a good day he may get 6 hours. That's not counting his light sleeping too where he'll wake up at nearly any sound.
-Will take an hour or two nap if he can spare it during the day.
Energy Levels:
-Seems to always be at 120% constantly.
-If he 'burns out', he makes sure to do it alone where no one is around.

Eating Habits:
-Diet consists mainly of things he himself can gather or catch. Fish, nuts, wild game, cooked veggies, dried meats, though he does sometimes enjoy sweets his father makes.
-He eats rather healthy, never overindulges, three times a day.
Exercise Habits:
-Hour run when he wakes up after stretching.
-Climbing and grip exercises for a half hour
-Reading, alchemy and studying for mental exercise
-Archery training until he can't hold a bow anymore (2+ hours)
-Another hour run at sundown
-Meditation attempts for 30 minutes before bed. It'll put him to sleep more often than not.Reminds him of bad things.
-Slowly has gotten better. He used to not be able to remember names at all.
-He'll mix up names and places if he doesn't go or know the person in question.
-Near impossible for him to remember a name if he's never met the person

Unhealthy Habits:
-Aside from lack of sleep and wine, not much.
Drinking Habits:
-He's taken a liking to wine... and possibly not in a good way.

Clothing: A heavy green Ranger's coat draped over a dark colored shirt used as a tunic that was owned by Leofaren, wearing thick leather boots worn from long travels.

He also has some chainmail and some gambeson. Kopii being the little silly that he is, is wearing that over his simple white shirt now. If anything for more warmth.

The chainmail he keeps in his bag to put on if things get a bit violent for his liking.

General Inventory:

Things that can be found in Kopiis traveling pack include the following;
-Food supplies (Always herb bread, apples, nuts, cheese, and potatoes)
-His white harp with the blue gemstones on it.
-12 griffin feathers
-Two small bags full of tea leaves
-A 'tea container' with two small cups
-Waterskin full of fresh water
-Personal Journal for notes
-Harp Lesson book
-Journal for Alchemy notes
-Journal tea recipe book
-Radients (300 on his person)
-His necklace (though around his neck always)
-Quill, ink, and charcoal
-2 Healing Potions
-2 Regeneration Potions
-2 Nightvision potions
-A book on basic healing techniques (gift from Leofaren)
-Maps compiled into one book, high quality in it's art (also from Leofaren)
-A small needle kit full of needles of different sizes and different threads as well.
-A pair of ice climbing spikes, can be tied onto the bottoms of his boots and fit perfectly. Hand made from Cedlas helmet.
-A deck of hand made cards
-Vials full of different liquids, two carried each of a certain color (vials for pure drop, jelly drop, rotting drop, flavor drop)
-2 Empty jars, 5 empty vials at all times. If he uses them he refreshes his stock and stores the others elsewhere.
-A small seed pouch full of 20 seeds.

-A new tempered steel dagger named Kunibert that is enchanted with Fire Aspect. Created by Akasha as a gift to him;
-A simply made short bow that was crafted for him, he's working on learning how to craft his own.
-One small bottles of Paralyzing poison for personal use. (Other given to Azure. Also last bottle he's ever able to own)
- Two bottles of poison, made with spider venom and nightshade
- A Recurve bow with a draw weight of 45 lbs.
-A quiver with 20 arrows.

Prized Possessions:
-Small white harp with the blue stone he fished up decorating it.
-Tea Recipe book written by himself
-Harp lesson book on basics
-Alchemy notebook that he was writing notes on
-A traveling tea container with two cups clipped onto it
-Ranger coat and earrings that Nylas gave him
-His personal journal full of notes on magical junk he's run into
-Elias Magical Focus Staff.
-'Staff of Rams' cult staff.
-A map book created by Leofaren.

Hygiene: He bathes when he needs to, living in the woods for a long while made him more used to smelling a bit more 'natural'.
Voice: Cheerful and soft, he has a tendency to stutter when elevated emotions, but he keeps his voice a rather level gentle tone. Example Cryotic:

-Fast on his feet, he runs nearly every day and is a quick sprinter and can run for a long time.
-He knows how to get out of the way and how to climb over nearly anything to get to where he wants to go.
-Eager and quick to learn.
-He's very optimistic as well, which allows him to bounce back from a bleak situation easier.
-His formistry abilities can be very dangerous.
-Being abandoned.
-Stagnation, not being able to work on the things he want or doing 'nothing'.
-Being useless.
-His friends being mad at him.
-When he's ignored he gets stressed out surprisingly quick.
-Is mortal like anyone else, can easily be stabbed to death.
-Physically not very strong, not one to be able to clash blades with someone.
-He seems to have trouble going into small areas where he can't move very well.
-Apparently tripping over his coat
-People he wants to notice him... ignoring him. Things start to go bad.
-He knows how to read and write, he's quick to learn and is humble knowing that there is a lot he does not know.
-While he doesn't seem to think himself that smart, it's clear that he's quite knowledgeable and is good at critical thinking.
-He's paying attention to everything he can, and will use it to his advantage if need be.
+Knowledge of Herbology:
Sage, Erynion, Chervil, Angelica, Mugwort, Palewort, Louthwort, Nightshade
+Knowledge on Alchemy:
-A numbing paste made from Louthwort Probably gone extinct too
-Paralyzing poison made from Palewort Gone Extinct.

-Invisibility potion, knows how to create and apply
-Night Vision potion creation
-Knows application of healing potion (pour or with a cloth)
-Basic Healing Potion creation.
-Knows how to handle Regeneration potions (internal injuries only, gotta eat a lot before using, it hurts. Helps with some illness.)
-Poison made with nightshade and spider venom
-Creation of Ashen Sickness/Plague Cure both Holy Water blend and Normal blend.
+Knowledge on Healing (non magical):
-Mid Stitching and wound closing
-Basic Bone setting
-Wound cleaning/infection prevention
-Basic Colds, fevers, toothache treatments
-Nightshade symptom treatment with charcoal
-Other stuff too.
+Knowledge on Tea Brewing:
Strong Black, Delicate White, Robust Roobios, Darthmouth Fog, Chai, Mint, Fragrant, Pink/Poppy, Aromatic Barely, Iced tea.
+Knowledge from Ranger Training
-Shoot a short bow mid level
-Vital spots for most animals
-Can mostly tell what's edible and what isn't in the woods
-Can start a fire with little to no tools
-Decently knows how to cover his tracks
-Make out some animal tracks
-Recurve bow training (mid level, aims gotten better)
-Fletching arrows. (beginner, not too bad at it)
-Endurance and strength training... by running with a hay bale strapped to him. (Endurance was already through the roof, and isn't actually doing too bad at the strength part of it. Almost finds the training too easy)
+Knowledge on Enchantments
-Currently knows how to identify the different element types (earth wind water fire)
-Currently can tell the difference between earth enchantments
Languages: Human/common and Elf. Mok, Aurion
-His elven is very eloquent and formal
-Mid level Mok. Gotten the hang of it, can understand and speak it well but has some broken style of speaking.
-Mid level Aurion.
+Basic Lav, broken and struggles with speaking it smoothly.
+Basic Fae, broken and has trouble with understanding many of the words at the moment.
Profession: Currently pretty much a Ranger in training in everything but the title. Formist Adept.
Mood character is most often in: Cheerful, boundless energy
Sense of humor: Light hearted, rather playful. He does have a light teasing tone if he likes the person enough.

Good personality traits:

Bad personality traits:
-Selfish in a way
Religion or Cults: None.
Alignment: Neutral good
Short Term Goals:
+Educate himself further on Alchemy [Doing pretty well, knows a number of potion creation]
+Become more proficient in the Harp [Has been practicing for a long time, humble about it but he is very skilled at it. Can make his own songs without it sounding like he's murdering the harp]

-Continue training himself physically at the bow and sneak tactics
-Learn about these apparent Bastion Stones [Is becoming disinterested due to it weakening the wards]
-Learn more about the shadow men/wisps, possible communicate [Communication get!]
-Become a full blown Ranger [Something about this doesn't feel appealing to him anymore. Also left.]

-Try and find emergency escape routes and prepare for evacuation. [Got out of zombie lands safely]
-Be a useful individual working/learning at the Compendium.
Keep the Compendium safe until Edrics return. [Has panic attacks when the Compendium is mentioned]
- Friends.
-- Better magical abilities.- Current level Adept
-Find a way to heal the plague- Success! He's figured out a cure using Formistry
-Find out what's causing the plague and what the Carrion Lord Tenebrae Entity is.
Long Term Goals:
-Learn alchemy and magic to help people across the lands.
-Don't disappoint anyone.
-Keep his friends close.
-Be best at Formistry magic.
+Helping people physically and emotionally
+Learning more healing, or alchemy
+Finding out more about the magical happenings
+Avoid silly violence
+Find ways to be useful
General Attitude:
-Optimistic, 'Things will turn out okay'.
-Even when he thinks little of people, he's willing to try and patch things up if they come to him.
-There's a short list of what is actually capable of taking the smile from his face.
General Sociability:
-Boy will he go and speak to someone (will not interrupt a conversation to do this though.)
-Will try and befriend a person at first sight.
-Is no wall flower. Social gatherings he'll politely go and meet people.

A clean well stocked kitchen
Pastime: Exploring, reading, learning, experimenting with teas and alchemy
Food: Baked potatoes
Drink: Black Tea
Colour: Dark Green
Animal: Rabbits

Least Favorite...
Blizzard Mountain tops
Pastime: Nobility/the power abusers
Food: Salad, uncooked veggies
Drink: Warm milk
Colour: Rotten green
Animal: Flies

Pet Peeves:
Being interrupted
-People butting into others conversations
-Being told how to feel or think of a person
-Being ordered around by strangers
-Told that he's wrong about something that he has done research on
Playing a hand harp
+Tea brewing
+Keeping journals of what he has learnt or seen
+Experimenting with his Forma
Nervous tics:
-Head tilt when he doesn't like something
-Stuttering when overwhelmed (positive or negative feels apply)
-Being unable to sit still for long periods of time/will fidget
-Going 'Ah!' when he realizes/notices something
-Will start chewing on his finger tips when frustrated or reminded of something he really doesn't like.
What does he do too much of?:
Researching, always trying to learn something to its fullest
+Training, he won't stop working on something unless he's perfected it
+Bring up 'Bowman'
+Offer to take people's hands
+Drink tea, it's his main drink of choice
+Spying on 'private' conversations
What does he do too little of?:
-Sleep, he will work himself pretty much till he has to go to bed.
-Relax, never just takes time to do nothing to unwind
-Know when to quit

Random Trivia:
These are things that are rather 'private' and wouldn't be outwardly known unless informed about it. Not too dissimilar to the 'Spoiler Profile' that Kopii used to have in his previous profile.
-High risk for poppy addiction; he used to be addicted but has since worked through it. He could easily slip back into it if he isn't careful
-Tattoos were originally part of a ritual his father and mother attempted to 'free the people of the gods'
-The diamond shapes in his tattoos are supposed to represent 'gates to the gods', at least according to his father who put them there. Though Roderick admits it could be a mistranslation, since he grossly misunderstood the book where he got it from. He'd find it ironic if he found out it's closer to being a symbol for life
-His favorite tea is a black tea with vanilla
-Really enjoys riddles, he's quite good at them
-Knows quite a few fairy tale like stories, enjoys writing them
-Not a fan of humidity or overly warm places. He likes his layers
-Is willing to try anything once.
-Is capable of having a breakdown despite his cheerful more positive personality turn. Seems to only be when he's 'incapable of helping his friends'.
-The very idea of one of his friends being drugged similar to himself horrifies him.
-As he's listed as 'Selfish', it's more of he wants people to be happy which in turn makes him feel useful. He knows it.
-Has no idea how to react when kissed or what to do in a romantic situation.
Tropes that he possibly falls under:
Incorruptible Pure Pureness
Secretly Selfish
Passive Aggressive Kombat
Morality Pet

Kopii grew up in a small village in the woods that he can't remember the name of. His parents always did all of the work around the home, allowing him to live a surprisingly relaxing and work free youth to do as he pleased. Before he could remember, his parents put the tattoos upon his body, and every so often they would touch them up to keep the fresh colors and keep the visibility. He thought nothing of it as his parents both had tattoos and was simply happy of the warmth they gave him. When a human fighter lady takes refuge in his parents home he took quite the liking to her because of her experience and knowledge of the outside. She was invited into the home with no issues, his parents trusting of this human traveler with no worries. The warrior woman by the name of Runic, looked after Kopii but generally kept far a distant relationship to him, thus they never really developed any family like bond. To Kopii, this meant she was just a fighter whom his parents took in and was amazing like a shining hero. After a few years he decided he wanted to go out and travel, and the fighter became his bodyguard. He left with her, and after a week of travel the body guard got drunk and ended up telling him;
'Sheltered little elf, you wouldn't last a day on your own without someone there to feed you.'
Feeling rather huffed about that, he snuck out that night attempting to prove to her that he can make it on his own just fine! Problem was, he got lost and forgot the name of the city that the body guard was first taking him. Now alone and attempting to make his dreams of learning alchemy and traveling the lands helping people. First he has to learn how to help himself of course and maybe locate the body guard again... if he can figure it out.

He lived very comfy considering he came from a small village in the woods. His parents babied him, doing all of the work allowing him to do what he wanted, and he knew this. Kopii did his best to remember that he had it good, too good, and there was many people out there who deserved such love. He wants to be able to help people, to give back and make his parents proud to not have raised a spoiled lazy brat of a boy.


Long ago, he was meant to be a sacrifice for a cult in childish attempt to dethrone the gods fabricated by his parents and some other people. For the majority of his youth, he was given poppy tea and left alone until he was meant to be sacrificed.

It all means nothing to him now, and what he is more focused on is his future and his ability to help people.


My in-game name is: Omikuji
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Like before, he still seems to hold everyone at a very 'Liked' stage until officially ranked. He seems to be better at names these days, so there's less nicknames being thrown around unless the person has earned it with him.

-Kopii is fairly sure that he's not capable of loving someone in the same way other people 'love' each other. All his trusted would be considered the most amount of affection he could give to a person, since he seems incapable of feeling anything physically to that degree.

His platonic loves, will do everything and anything for them with little fuss. He will throw himself in front of them to protect them as to him, they are most important things in the world.
Leo (Leofaren Venna): "I adore him, he makes me proud, helps me think, helps me work. I want to make him proud, I want him to grow stronger too. He's my dearest friend at the moment, and I will do all I can for him. I can't fail him, I won't. I love him. I need him."

Miss Teashop(Nireth): "I feel as though she worries a bit too much about me, and everytime we meet she insists I return back to New Arget. I can't go back until I've found myself yet, I'll be happy to know that you'll still all welcome me home no matter how long that takes."

Silver (Azure): "My old dear friend... my first friend actually! "

Bowman(Nylas): "Bowmans been the most constant thing in my life, he's done more for me then I could ever repay. I-I won't disappoint him. I'll do my best."

Roderick Grey (Father): "I know it sounds foolish, considering all that in the past. But he gave up everything to become nothing so I could be something. How cruel would I have to be to continue turning him away after that? He was being annoying, but he's proven it to me again that he meant well."

Akasha: "Miss Teashops daughter, once my sweetheart we decided friendship was a better option for us. She knows what she wants to do and how to do it, I don't. Makes me a bit jealous she knows what she wants to do, I want to be able to say the same. When I do I can spend more time with her, even if we're simply friends I cherish her greatly and want her only to be happy. "

Those who he's considered friends and will actively work to aid them.
Raalvara: "More of Leos friend, but I do find her to be a nice person to be around. Though we do have our differences and tend to get into fights with our clashing views of the world and those around us, it's perfectly fine. That's to be expected, what keeps us rather friends is that we both can accept that of each other."

Melarue: "One of the new caretakers of the Compendium. She's a kind an emotional sort of elf, I know there's a lot hindging on those who run such a cursed place. S-She's nice, I want to help her, I can see she has moments of pity towards me. Easy to read, I just hope the pity isn't... disappointment. "

Gilligan: "Soft. Friendly, worries far too much about me. I can see how truly curious and bright he can be, that drive of his to help people is what's very appealing to me. No pity, he's oftly personally emotional though, and I'm concerned that his inability to not take things so personally will get him hurt."

Olive: "After speaking with you things have leveled out considerably, I want to help you as best I can and I plan to work with you as best I can. Your honesty is refreshing, and I want to speak more on Formistry together. It's nice to see you again, as you."

Spider: *Light chuckle* "A-Ah. Nostalgia I guess..."

Elizabeth Kane: "A curious woman who apparently has magics that I barely know of, I thought Animancy had faded away as so many rumored it to. She seems nice, her knack seems to be able to pick up on my emotions, which I know are... not too stable. I do hope being around me isn't overwhelming. While she passed for a time, I hope she still has time for me, I'd like to be able to help her more with the entity situation, I'm slowly getting sick of this waiting around."

Ashna: "The miss whom I've been told runs Linlea, the place we're currently staying in. She seems a bit... cold in emotions, but she seems to be more concerned about the situation. The fact she lets us stay in the city while everything is a bit crazy is very nice. Logical, good at listening, I'll try to not upset her."

Charles Kane: "Kind, it's what I think when I look to him. He often will be a good opposite idea speaking compared to Elizabeth, he's a touch more optimistic it feels like. I'll always be ready to help him when I can, I very much want to aid whenever he needs it."

Linden: "A blessed man who I thought was a woman at first, not sure how that happened. Either way, he's very kind and collective, kinda changes topic a lot when speaking with him. He seems like a well enough friend to Leo, so I will consider him a friend because of that."

Jerr'co: "A large red earthspawn who can be rather pushy. A nice enough fellow, but I do worry that he was a bit too pushy about me teaching him Formistry, which I'm not so much against... it's just I don't know if it's something I can really do for him. I don't want to just be friends with him because he wants my knowledge."

Niko: "At one point, he spoke in my head while I was really distracted trying to figure out my Forma. I was rather rude to him, but he seemed to not take it personally the next time I saw him. Hopefully, I can pick his mind a bit more about the magic and maybe learn more about him. "

Laisa: "Leos daughter! She's rather distant and emotionless, she doesn't show too much when speaking to her but I have noticed she does carry a kind heart. I don't think she knows how to truly express them, but that's okay. I can still see it."

Joseph: "Jadens little pet. He seems nice enough but only seems to be a follower, I wonder at times if he'll become his own person. Did I hear that right? That long of years? You'd think he would have continued forward with himself beyond what he is with that sort of time... I should truly try to get to know him better."

Gael: "He's rather stoic I suppose! There's something about the way he speaks so bluntly and often stubborn about things, but I never really got to know him all that well before all of this. This might truly be him, and his offers to go and take part in an expedition sounds very appealing, and I'd very much like to aid him in finding other ways to deal with the entity..."

Everyone else
"Thier names... are so hard to remember..."

Unsure of:
A bit different to his wary of. He's unsure of his emotions towards this group.
Jaden: "Even after all this time, I'm not too sure how much I can trust. But things are rather rough at the moment, my personal opinions and feeling must be set aside if we're all to make it through this. And you're useful."

Ater: "Ah, there you are again. Appearing from nowhere. A cheerful smile, but there I hear whispers of lies, your own words twisting to try and appease me to spark you into Formistry once again. How curious. How curious! I'd simply need to... get to know you again. Keep your lies though, that won't win any praise from me."

Sophia: "Ugh. I have little to really go off of other then rather... frustrating."

Fronslin: "He's very... very... adamant about the gods. Generally when I get into conversations with him he'll tend to ramble quite a bit and the topics of his ramblings tend to be of the gods... which I get disinterested in. I don't think he likes me, and with how he's often coming in to interrupt conversations I am taking part in... it's getting annoying."

Wary of:
People whom he's actively concerned they mean to do him harm.

Oskar: "It's rather curious how much spite a man could have over me, just for denying his poor one sided offers to me to teach Arianne. He can spit all the venom he wants to me, but do worry if in a quiet moment alone with him he'd turn a blade to me. They're oftly... blood hungry feeling. Not worth the energy though, the entity is far more important than a small mans pride."

The Black Company: "What a violent group of rude braggarts, so prideful over how good their sword arms are and bully those who don't appeal to them. Childish. Going to hurt someone one of these days."

Entity: "Please don't hurt them, if you try I'll show you my magic. It's odd though, when I've spoken with it it's... so curious as well."

Disappointed in:
People who have traits and have done actions that hit his pet peeves.
Yasmine: "She stabbed Leo. Though she is a child, and Leo insisted upon her being forgiven and he's forgiven her, I have trouble with that. I didn't like the way she spoke, how selfish and self centered she was when I spoke to her. Too much dwelling in the past, too much excuses from her. I'll keep my emotions distant, though like history repeating I fear she will hurt Leo again, and I won't allow that."

Arianne: "You're a fool. You put everyone in danger for your actions. So self centered, I won't waste my threads on you. You can ask all you please, but learn that your actions have consequences."

Arya: "Brat."

Those who dare.
Eltsir: "Not a single thing good. All I hear is bad. All I see is bad."

Braggart: "I'm glad you're gone."

Beloved Memories:
Those who are long gone, but he holds their memories close to himself.
Lelia: "Sunshine, I hope you're happy wherever you are."

Edric: "I'm sorry, I failed you."

Zephyrus: "I don't know where you are. I hope you're happy though, with her."

Sapphira: "Same as Zephyrus, I just hope you're safe."

Cloud: "One day, I'd love to how you how much I've grown. Maybe fix that arm if I learn more, I wonder if you would be proud of me?"

Aracena: "What a sad memory."

Ced: "The last I had seen of him, he said he would help me. Well, it's been so long... it's hard to know what became of him. I'm sure one day he'll just show up, that's what Bowman always told me he tends to do. I'll always remember him as the person I met long before, hopefully he found the strength to carry on with himself rather then question his existence and the bitter opinion of people he had when I saw him."

Lillium: "It's always been rather odd. I don't know how things went with us, I only assume that it was okay by the end. I wonder what became of her, we had some history and I'll never forget that."

Those long gone, or haven't seen in a long time, unlike beloved they're just people he faintly remembers and carries little opinion on.
: : Tzemik : Apsen : Edgar : Amadeus Cordovan : Nylarii : : Cedlas : Athryl :

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Pervious profile involving Kopii can be found above. A lot of it is out of date, but also much of it still applys. Also has a lot of Kopii arts and a link in deeper to the once upon a time art journal.
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Updated all sorts of junky butts on him since the last time I posted. More people he's flailed at, some more info in the profile along with fun little trivias about him that are new/from the old profile that needed moving over in a fresh coat of paint style.


Lord of Altera
Update times. I added a whole bunch of random junk to the profile (Honestly most of it was already there for days, but didn't bother doing an update post till something happened to the relationships) and now also relationships are updated. There's also a new bit of art of a part that happened to him involving a wisp drawing in his journal.
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