Lady Lilith


Daedric Prince

" As above, so below.
As within, so without.
As the universe, so the soul.

So, it shall be. "




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Full Name: Lady Lilith Hecate
« Lilith, meaning 'Nocturnal,' 'Storms,' and 'Power.'
« Hecate was self given, meaning 'Moon,' and 'Sorcery.' Once her middle name, now adopted as her surname.
« Sazil'Hexe, the Moor Clan name translates to 'Wise Witches.' Her clan is dead, gone away. Remains to be clanless.
Nickname/Alias: Moor. Witch. Big Tiddy Goth Gf™.
Titles: Witch. Tarot Reader. Animancer. Owner of the Black Mandrake Apothecary. Lady.
Age: Distinguished as a lady in her late twenties. Her true age is kept a guarded secret, for the most part.
Social Status: Middle Class.
Relationship Status: None.
Date of Birth: 31st of Ghostmoon.
Death Records:

« 9th of Fogwater, 2305 || A failed attempt to tear the fabrics of the planar, to meld her spirit with the Mortal Plane once more. To return to her flesh, blood, and bones. There was no hope, only the blackness of the vast Astral Plane.
Homeland: The Northern Kingdoms, upon an isolated island fishing village.
Current Status:

« Receiving arcane instruction from her mentor, Evelyn.
« Hard at work within her Apothecary.

Sex: Female
Race: Moor Elven. She has been long strayed and isolated from her kind's traditions, however. Has the mannerisms of a human.
Height & Weight: 5'4, 112 lbs
One may turn their head to notice her unique visage, a dark against the contrast to the light. She is lithe and short, one of many to boast a curvaceous hourglass figure with a particularly full derriere and bosom. Beneath drapes of raven black hair holds an angular facial structure, along with violet eyes akin to amethysts, embellished with kohl. They cast an illusion of a glowing effect against the diverge of her crepuscular mystique. Currently, her face appears gaunt as she carries dark circles around her eyes. A result of nightmares and loss of rest.
Hygiene: Thoroughly enjoys keeping clean, though due to her occupation, she does not mind the dirt, soils, and plant stains that veil over her skin for a certain period of time. Lilith is one who holds vast pride in her appearance and the way she carries herself, striving to be exquisite and alluring in visage. Takes care of herself very well. Hence, her need for maquillage and near constant upkeep of hair, skin, nails, and teeth. Often carries the scent of lavender, calamus, and jasmine.
Tattoos and Marks:

« Faded scars from a Wendigo on her upper back, as if it raked its claws across her.
« Small faded scars on her chest from another Wendigo attack.
« Split right eyebrow from a tavern brawl.
« Her feet have faint small cuts and marks from walking barefoot often in her past.
« Faded scars that were once deep scrapes on her legs from toiling in the muck in an effort to save Charles.
« Deep scar on ankle
« A branding on the center of her left hand. The Animancy Sigil.
I only recoloured. All credit goes to { x }

Alignment: In terms of character, Lilith is Lawful Evil, with flecks of Neutral Good muddled in between. Animancy has resulted in her holding loose morals, though she has not quite lost them all.
« "The concept of good and evil are the greatest illusions of mankind and morality."
Sexuality: Men and women, with a preference for men - particularly ones of power and wealth.
Intelligence: Quite prideful of the knowledge she has, and holds herself highly in this manner compared to commoners. A prevalent thirst for more at a constant.
"Fear can expose one's deepest secrets and weaknesses. Never allow fear to control yourself, for you will spill what you hide to those who pry."

« Observant || Lilith constantly keeps her head on a swivel, due to her anxiety. She studies even the smallest details within larger settings. Often people-watches, staring openly. Taking mental notes of her surroundings and possible hazards.
« Quick Learner || This comes at the price of forgetting certain details rather quickly, if one feeds her too much information. She keeps a small journal with her to jot down important notes and subjects to remember.
« Perceptive || Her intuition is strong, and with the aide of her new magical empathy - it only strengthens such.
« Persuasive || If Lilith wants something from someone, she will subtly pry into their personalities, their likes, dislikes, and their weaknesses.. and use those to her advantage, weaseling her way into making deals folk would never have come to mind. On a rare occasions, blackmailing may come in use.
« Stubborn || While many folk may consider this a weakness, Lilith sees such as a strength. It serves as a shell to her softer core. Those who manage to break through her shell are those she trusts.
« Anxiety || It nearly never shows on the outside, but within, a flame burns within her that flares when she feels under pressure or in the midst of vulnerability.
« Paranoia || The entity has instilled paranoia in her, now that she has become a mage. She is now essentially a beacon for it to make its way towards her.
« Nightmares || Due to her attunement with the Planar Infinity, she is highly prone to nightmares.
« Physically Weak || While Lilith will put up a fight during combat and is absolutely sure that she at least leaves a mark, she can be overpowered with ease.
Temperament: She keeps her anger to herself and speaks calmly when engaged in conflict, only to display maturity and the fact that she is likely getting the upper hand. However, if things persist and seem to not come to any conclusion, she is certainly not afraid to express her ire, and will do so. Often, she bottles up her feelings too much, and with such she begins to accumulate destructive urges.

Short Term Goals: Animancy « Linlea « Politics « A Horse « Protector
Long Term Goals: Arcane Mastery « Cogimency « The Shop « The Plague « Book Collection « Wealth « Rise or Marry into Power « A Coven


Wealth: 5,789 Radiants.
Current Homes: A small manor in Sanardu. A loft in her Apothecary Shop.
Most Prized Possessions:

« A silver crescent moon pendant upon black hemp cord. A gift to her by Zark'ses; now imbued with a Water Elemental - shielding her from the rains, ice, and dampness.
« Jet black quill, another gift from Zark’ses. A malaprop.
« Silver and Moonstone engagement ring. Not worn.
« Her Grimoire { x }
« Zark'ses' Grimoire.
« A deck of Tarot cards
« An ornate black urn. Her fiancé's ashes are within.
« A human skeleton and a dozen skulls, from the ruins in Khovr'Handar.
« A collection of small cleaned animal bones, mostly of birds, chickens, and rodents.
« A black engraved pipe, carved with the Animancy Sigil.
« A unique garnet ring, her mother's. { x }
« A gryphon's claw
« Various gryphon feathers
« Wax stamp with a pentagram shape at the base.
« Charcoal pieces for arcane purposes. Given to her by Elizabeth.
« A finely preserved crow taxidermy piece, given to her by Charles.

  • Enchanted dagger
  • Herbal healing salve
  • Tarot Cards
  • Leather journal and vial of ink
  • Zark'ses' quill.
  • A pouch of radiants
  • A small pouch filled with an assortment of smoking herbs; mugwort and cannabis.
  • Her pipe

Pets: --
« Mok'yra | Mother tongue. Fluently spoken, written, and read.
« Common | Secondary tongue. Fluently spoken, written, and read.
« Elven | Tertiary tongue. Fluently spoken, written, and read.
Hobbies: Spellcasting. Bone Carving. Tarot Divination. Gardening. Reading. Traveling.

  • eb28579daeeb87fa950b577e02c7f04c.png
Political Affiliation: None, for now.
Profession: Apothecary. Alchemist. Enchantress. Healer. Midwife. Tarot Reader. Scholar of the Arcane and the Paranormal. Tutor.
Religion or Cults:
Lilith worships no god, but devotes herself to her own spirit as her own goddess. Self empowerment grants her a great strength and confidence.
Places Traveled: Riseport | Tambry | Thiil | Crossroads | Grafjell | Grafjellian Camp | Storm’s Landing | Compendium | Sanardú | Linlea |
Ruby Isles | Arget Isles | Natri'Evar | Khovr'Handar | Stonehaven | The Southern Deserts | The Planar Infinity

Pastime: Planar Projection
Meal: Lilith prefers light meals; a favorite being herbed poultry breast with vegetables.
Beverage: Vintage Wines.
Color: Black
Animal: Serpent
Flower: The blooms of Mandrakes and Belladonna flowers.
Literature: Old Grimoires. Historical Tomes.
Time: She fancies the beauty of the night and the glow of dawn.
Transportation: By horseback

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Daedric Prince
☽ || - ĆØΜBΔT

Peaceful of Violent?: Violent.
« A silver dagger, enchanted with Fire Aspect. Doubles as a tool to light her pipe with.
« An iron shortsword.
People Killed
♆ « Redacted | While not direct combat, Lilith suffocated him to death to put him out of misery.
Creatures Killed
♆ « Common Gryphon | Thrusted a dagger into the bird's neck and ripped downwards. Bled out.
♆ « Forest Wendigo | Broke the creature’s neck by thrashing its antlers backwards.

♆ « Animancy { x }
She is only within her earliest stages of the arcane. She studies theory privately on her own time. Can feel emotions around her. Knowledgeable of what lies beyond the veil, having spent prolonged time within the Planar Infinity.
♆ « Herbalism
Learned a foundation from her mother along with prolonged self experimentation, hours on end studying from books, and first-hand experience curing folk of minor ailments. She has become an accomplished apothecary, but has a vast amount of room to acquire more knowledge and become more masterful.
♆ « Alchemy
Learned a foundation from her mother and has received a number of lessons from the Ruby Isle Academy. Understands the workings of a brewing stand, and how to concoct healing, harming, poison, night vision, strength, swiftness, and fire resistance potions. Knows the recipe to the Plague Cure, as well.
♆ « Gardening
Much trial and error. She prefers to forage for herbs, but gardening is a very useful skill in order to have needed medicines on hand. She can transfer plants to other receptacles very well, and often takes plants from the wilderness to plant in her own gardens.
♆ « Foraging
She can identify many plants, their uses, and edibility with ease. Has much difficulty identifying Tropical, Southern, and Desert plantlife.
♆ « Midwifery
Has never had a first-hand experience in having to aide in delivering an infant, but she certainly understands what is needed to be done if the time comes. She does not know if the procedure is the same for all races.
♆ « Medical
Knows how to clean wounds, remove objects that are embedded in flesh, apply basic stitching, and to bandage. Her application of herbal knowledge has aided her medical skill greatly.
♆ « Enchanting
Due to her sparking, she now understands each enchantment creates a pact with an Elemental. Has a basic knowledge of which materials are better than others, knowledge of most enchantments, and the mechanics of an enchantment table. Experiments privately.
♆ « Tarot Reading
A skill passed down through her family, from her great grandmother, to grandmother, to mother, to herself. As for her family traditions, being the first daughter and ‘Pythoness’ of her clan, she has been passed down the knowledge and skill to perform divination using the Tarot Cards. Despite abandoning her clan, she continues her work.
♆ « Culinary
She isn't nearly in any way a chef, but she can make a decent meal. Enjoys confection, when she can afford such.

{ Note: I only add relations for characters Lilith has interacted with at least 5 times, or those who have left an impact on her. }
  • Zark'ses | BrianAT16 | Her fiancé, in which she is widowed to. She is grateful for the foundation of arcane knowledge he has given her, and the love they shared when he treaded upon the mortal plane. While Lilith has moved on, she still reminisces often of the memories.
  • Elizabeth | NIAH | Lilith feels an underlying sense of trust with her, which is both unsettling and comforting. She finds herself often coveting Elizabeth's power, and keeps a mild envy of the fact that she was born with a silver spoon within her hands. Despite the negativities riddled within her own heart, Lilith respects her deeply.
  • Evelyn | Lannis | The Magus of Animancy and her arcane instructor. Lilith is fond of her company and antics, and very much enjoys their conversations. She will devoutly keep her end of the pact as Evelyn keeps her own. Astounded that the Magus took Lilith under her wing and considered her worthy enough of teaching.
  • Gilligan | Samwych | The Caparii makes for a reliable, trustworthy accomplice. In time, she hopes he will correct his goddamned stuttering.
  • Charles | Lannis | She rescued him from the muck once. Lilith finds him to be a kind man, unlike much of the slander she may have heard from the commonfolk of the Kane family. This may be so with their parental figures, but certainly not the newest generation.
  • Leofaren | Shankster Useful and knowledgeable, without a doubt. They are exchanging their wisdom on alchemy, currently. She desires to get to know him more., and is thankful of his services on the isle.
  • Dunsek | Chados | Lilith has taken a surprising liking to the man, and makes for amusing company. Soon to work as payed protector for her of sorts, and hopes to see him around more often.
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