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Active Laisa Dawnriver, The Apprentice


Lord of Altera

General Information:

Name: Laisa Dawnriver
Other Names: little love, sweetie, Laisi, Rostrum
Titles: None

Age: 18
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Not Generally known.
Relationship Status: Courting
Social Status: Who knows

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5 ft 5
Weight: 100 lbs
Eye Color: Maya Blue [ X ]
Skin Color: Ivory
Shape of Face: Oval
Distinguishing Features: Her eyes
Build of Body: An hourglass, heavier on the top half, not very muscular.
Hair Color: Brown [ X ]
Hair Style: Down to her back, falling in ringlets, often knotty or tied in two long braids and covered in black bows and ribbons. [ X ]
Complexion: Freckled
Posture: Straight to mimic her parents.
Is Seen By Others As: Cold and apathetic, "Stone-faced"
Scars: None
Voice: Keeley Hawes as Lara Croft [ X ]


Likes: Running, walking alone, reading, learning, history, archeology.
Dislikes: Storms, harlots.
Strengths: She is formal, she is very intelligent and inquisitive, emotionally strong willed, mature, hardworking., stubborn when it comes to bettering herself.
Weaknesses: Frogs, she asks too many questions and comes off as rude, her lack of emotion or interaction can make her seem rude too. She can sometimes be too blunt., or impolite without realising, cynical, Hemophobia (prone to queasiness and in extreme cases, fainting)
Fears: Disappointing her parents, being abandoned, blood.
Values: Knowledge. Kindness. Dedication
Common: 10/10
Elvish: 10/10
Fae: 6/10
Lavo: 3/10

General Attitude: She is quiet, often just staring at people instead of responding to things. She rarely expresses any emotions.
Religious Inclination: She likes to learn about all the gods.
General Intelligence: Very intelligent.
General Sociability: She doesn't pick up on social cues or often respond in a politically correct fashion.
Alignment: True Neutral

Short Term Goals:
+Become more agile
+Study history
+The expedition
+Find out what makes her laugh
+Study Aurion
+Examine the tools from the cave.
+Research the disease

Long Term Goals:
+Never upset her parents
+Find her real mother and make her pay.
+Prove Leo right
+Open her museum


Baeeeee.png ehhh.png

Jewelry: None

Pets/Animals: None

Owned Homes: None

Carried Inventory: Everything in her Archeology pack, books for reading, books for studying, her book of fae terms and studies, Her lavo study notes.

General Inventory: her stuffed frog pickle, same as above, A linen sack with spears, shovels and a primitive axe, scarves for covering her mouth and nose. (minus one black one)

General Wealth: Parents and Leo


Illnesses: None

Allergies: None that are known

Injuries: None

Sleeping Habits: She doesn’t like to sleep. She's working on it.

Energy Levels: Normal, though they probably appear low.

Eating Habits: Normal

Exercise Habits: Runs. Walks.

Memory: Normal

Unhealthy Habits: None

Drinking Habits: Hasnt drunk before.


Birthplace: She’d rather not say.

Childhood: First part you can find out IC. She was found by Kit and Cass as a baby, then raised by them in Slyannen. While living in Slyannen she went through a lot of drama.

Teen Years: Kitrana dies, Laisa finds out the truth about her parents. She starts travelling, starts learning to enchant with Leo, The disease breaks out, Leo is infected and stays in compendium, Joe.

Adulthood: N/A

Family History: She'd rather not say.

Past Places of Residences: Slyannen, Arget

Places Traveled: Storms landing, Slyannen


Peaceful or violent: Somewhere in the middle

Weaponry: None yet.

Combat Training: Not yet

Training & Skills:

Blackmail and Manipulation
[ x x X x x x x x x x ]

[ x x X x x x x x x x ]

[ x x x X x x x x x x ]

[ X x x x x x x x x x ]

[ X x x x x x x x x x ]

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Wanderer/Apprentice
Favorite Types of Food: Bread with slices of banana
Favorite Types of Drink: Water/Tea
Hobbies/Pastimes: Working on her agility/flexibility, studying.
Favorite Colors: Pink And Black

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Lord of Altera

Relevant Family Members:

Daddy (Cassian): There is no one else in the world that she loves and trusts as much as him. To her, its just them against the world, and nothing else matters.

Mother (Kitrana): Laisa is angered that she was so reckless and prideful and didn't think of her daughter, still she loves her deeply, and is happy that she is happy with Leo.

Leofaren: Her mentor. She respects his appreciation for information and knowledge, he has been very generous and kind whilst still treating her like an adult. She enjoys his company, and cares for him. Shankster

Romantic Interests:

Joseph: She believes he is a good person, despite his past mistakes. She enjoys his company immensely...but cant help but fear what she feels for him a little.

Trusted Friends:

Uncle Rae: Laisa has always felt she could open up to him. He cared for her and kept her distracted when things were hard to comprehend.

Friendly With:

Tania: A strange friend, a friend none the less.

Derek: He seems to enjoy jokes that Laisa doesn't really find funny.

Ayda: She's kind and caring, and she makes her father happy, but Laisa thinks she tries too hard to include her in something she doesn't desire to be a apart of.

Segar: Quiet but well spoken when it mattered. French Roast

Drew Swift: Pleasant to talk to, and interesting to say the least. She thinks his training has gotten out of hand. Moo_bot

Theodosia: Laisa believes she is a kind-hearted woman, and enjoys their lessons together. She hopes to impress her with all she learns. lycana

Loose Acquaintances:

Koppi: She didn’t know him for long, but he seemed nice enough. A friend of Leo’s. Omikuji

Damon: She couldn't understand why he was so fascinated by her hair.. Jackjack455

James Varyn: She found him intriguing, and admired his interest in history. TheDeester

Cyrus: She thinks something is wrong with him, but knowledge is knowledge. Nemoy

McMuffin Man (Name not known IC yet): Joseph's father? there seems to be a disconnect...Laisa finds his mannerisms confusing. The Tottot

Jackdaw: Laisa does not trust this child, she believes she is much more immature than she thinks. ToastySpam

Haldir: She did not know him long, but he seemed a thoughtful man. Caring. PBnH9000

Disfavored Individuals:



Dude who threatened to stab her (Vimyx?)



Her real parents.

Wary Of:

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Lord of Altera

+Make Breakfast
+Enchanting Lesson 1
+ Passed Enchanting Test 1
+Enchanting Lesson 2
+Fae Lessons
+Lavo Lessons
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Lord of Altera
Updates cause aged up a year also addition of Laisa's main weakness and progress in language.

HEY if anyone wants to make a better skin of Laisa's outfit for me that'd be coo. I made my current one but Idk i feel like it could be better. PM ME IF YOU DO I CAN PAY.