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Theme: [ X ]

General Information:

Name: Laisa Dawnriver
Other Names: little love, sweetie, Laisi, Rostrum, Strange
Titles: Lady

Age: 22
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Pashmina Estate
Relationship Status: Single
Social Status: Who knows

(Amazing art by Samwych )

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5 ft 5
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Maya Blue [ X ]
Skin Color: Ivory
Shape of Face: Oval
Distinguishing Features: Her eyes
Build of Body: An hourglass, heavier on the top half, toned but not overly so. [ X ]
Hair Color: Dark Mushroom Brown [ X ]
Hair Style: Down to her back, falling in ringlets, often knotty or tied in two long braids and covered in black bows and ribbons. [ X ]
Complexion: Freckled
Posture: Straight to mimic her parents.
Is Seen By Others As: Cold and apathetic, "Stone-faced" "Dead"
+Her knuckles on her right hand have small, faded scars.
+A gravestone on her left side under her bicep [ X ]
Voice: Keeley Hawes as Lara Croft [ X ]



Likes: Laisa is a very isolated person. She has no issue doing activities on her own such as long, quiet walks or running. She loves to study, and spends most of her time reading books about history, or language but never fiction. She is fascinated by artefacts, no matter how plain or how arcane. She adores the history behind them, and thus adores archaeology as a whole.

Dislikes: Laisa is not a fan of bad weather. While she isnt afraid of storms, she finds the constant rain, clutters of thunder and unpredictable lightening rather annoying. Because of her history, she despises harlots, and would never even consider trusting one. She rather dislikes all conversations involving blood, but wouldn't say so out of politeness.

Strength: Laisa is a very formal person, speaking eloquently and purposefully. Due to her long history of studying, she is an exceptionally intelligent young lady, and one that is always ready to ask the right questions. Her upbringing has not been an easy one, so she has built up a lot of emotional strength, finding that almost nothing can upset her. She has always been very mature for her age, finding it almost impossible to be irrational or do childish things. When it comes to her studies she is hard working and dedicated. She insists on bettering herself any time she gets the chance.

Weaknesses: Because of her curious nature, Laisa has a tendency to ask too many question and appear nosy. She can often be perceived as rude due to her complete lack of emotion and general inability to interact normally with other people. Due to her misunderstanding of social norms and human emotions, she has a tendency to be too blunt, or honest and come off as impolite without truly realising it. Ontop of this, she takes things far too literally and doesn't respond to sarcasm or humour, meaning she comes across as naive. She is also a cynic, finding it hard to believe or find joy in fanciful things. Her biggest weakness, besides her adoration for Frogs, is her strong aversion to blood. Upon seeing blood, she is prone to queasiness and in extreme cases; fainting, making her rather useless in combat.

Fears: As mentioned before, her aversion to blood is in of itself a fear, but she doesn't quite understand why yet. She adores her adoptive family, and thus would never wish to disappoint them or do something to make them ashamed of her. Because of her past, she is deathly afraid of being left alone, abandoned by everyone she loves and because of her abandonment issues, she has a fear of needing people, and relying on them too much, as she believes it is an opening to get hurt. She fears that she might be a crazy monster.

Values: Laisa values learning and knowledge above everything. She seeks kindness in all, even if she does not always return it. As well as this, she believes dedication and determination are traits that all good people should possess. Feeling wanted.

Common: 10/10
Elvish: 10/10
Fae: 10/10
Lavo: 4/10 (on hold)

General Attitude: She is quiet, often just staring at people instead of responding to things. She rarely expresses any emotions.
Religious Inclination: None.
General Intelligence: Very intelligent.
General Sociability: She doesn't pick up on social cues or often respond in a politically correct fashion.
Alignment: True Neutral

[0] Not Started [-] Complete [/] In progress [X] Failed

Short Term Goals:
+Become more agile [/]
+Learn. [/]
+Study history [/]
+Study Aurion [0]
+Find a carer and open her orphanage [/]

Long Term Goals:
+Adventure. [/]
+Enchanting. [/]
+Open her museum [0]
+Be needed. [0]




Laisafullbod.png mebe.png laisadressthing.png meeeeeeeeeep.png

A necklace with a blue stone. (Always Worn) [ X ]

Batard: Her overly-energetic wolf-like dog. [ X ]

Owned Homes: None

Carried Inventory: Everything in her Archeology pack, books for reading, books for studying, her book of fae terms and studies, Her lavo study notes. Medical alcohol. Scarf. A book about frogs.

General Inventory: her stuffed frog pickle, same as above, A linen sack with spears, shovels and a primitive axe, scarves for covering her mouth and nose. A diamond, an iron sword, a gold chest piece, a book shaped key, some empty books, a drawing of Laisa as a Siren drowning a sailor, wooden butterfly carvings from Rae, Segar's drawing of Laisa, dark blood-red handkerchief.

General Wealth: Moderate


Illnesses: None

Allergies: None that are known


Sleeping Habits: She doesn’t like to sleep.

Energy Levels: Normal, though they probably appear low.

Eating Habits: Normal

Exercise Habits: On occasion

Memory: Normal

Unhealthy Habits: None

Drinking Habits: She drinks whiskey a lot


Birthplace: She’d rather not say.

Childhood: First part you can find out IC. She was found by Kit and Cass as a baby, then raised by them in Slyannen. While living in Slyannen she went through a lot of drama.

Teen Years: Kitrana dies, Laisa finds out the truth about her parents. She starts travelling, starts learning to enchant with Leo, The disease breaks out, Leo is infected and stays in compendium, Joe gets injured and infected, heads to compendium to aid the research efforts, drama and arguments, moving to Linlea, Isolation, leaving Linlea, more isolation, deciding to build her estate, returning to Linlea, leaving again to watch over the construction of her estate, arguing with family, dungeon trip, messy romance drama but that punch felt good tho, breaking down, trusting Asero, scare.

Adulthood: N/A

Family History: Ask her.

Past Places of Residences: Slyannen, Arget, Storms landing, Pashmina Estate

Places Traveled: Storms landing, Slyannen, Arget, Compendium, Astrum, Linlea, Pashmina Estate, Cape Crow


Peaceful or violent: Somewhere in the middle

Weaponry: None yet.

Combat Training: Not yet

Training & Skills:

Blackmail and Manipulation
[ x x X x x x x x x x ]

[ x x x x x x X x x x ]

[ x x x x x X x x x x ]

[ x X x x x x x x x x ]

[ x x x x x x X x x x ]

[x x x x x x X x x x ]

[ x x x x x X x x x x ]

[ x x x x x X x x x x ]

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Scholar, Enchantress in training.
Favorite Types of Food: Bread with slices of banana
Favorite Types of Drink: Water/Tea, whiskey.
Hobbies/Pastimes: Working on her agility/flexibility, studying.
Favorite Colors: Pink, Black and Blood red


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Cassian: Her adoptive father, though her relationship with him isn’t entirely perfect, she adores him. Much like the rest of her family, he has become a source of anxiety, and she has a tendency to read too much into things. "..." [ X ]

Kitrana: Her distant adoptive mother, Laisa has trouble connecting to her. Laisa does feel sympathy for her, and guilt for how she has acted, but she cannot forgive what was said. "Huhm..." [ X ]

Leofaren: Her mentor and stepfather. He is also her closest friend. There is no one she feels more comfortable with, and no one she worries about more. She misses spending time with him, and regrets falling apart like she did. .”I worry.. " [ X ]

Romantic Interests:


Trusted Friends:

Uncle Rae: Her fathers friend has always been a shoulder to cry on for Laisa. He has helped her through some tough times. “I hope you are alright, wherever you are.” [ X ] (as per request)

Asero: Her close friend, Laisa finds herself drawn to his company. They blend well, and he doesn't resent her for how she feels... or doesn't feel. Recently things have changed. “I'm sorry for this...” [ X ] Electric

Segar: A good friend, and someone she feels comfortable talking to. She is comforted by his smug grins and reserved personality. "I dont need your approval. " [ X ] French Roast

Batard: Her best friend. He has made her life so much happier just by being in it. She doesn't go anywhere without him, and cannot imagine a life without him there.

Friendly With:

Ayda: Her fathers wife, Laisa does not truly see her as anything else, despite her efforts to make Laisa feel more at home. “Just keep him happy.”

Drew Swift: One of the first people who spoke to Laisa when she left home. He is kind but they have grown apart “I hope all is well” Moo_bot

Theodosia: A caparii woman who helped Laisa with her fae studies. Again the infection has pushed them apart. “Do stay safe.” lycana

Koppi: Leo’s friend, Laisa is unsure how to feel about him. He sometimes. “Make sure Leo is safe.” Omikuji

Gilligan: A star-gazer who Laisa finds quite peculiar. His mannerisms are strange, but she has begun to understand them better. She enjoys his company. "I am happy to see that not everything has changed." Samwych

Arthur: A man with a good heart. He brought Batard into her life, and she cannot thank him enough for that, but she doesn't want to watch him make the same mistakes she lived through. "My offer stands." Morbid

Mikael: She has not known him long, but he seems kind. She hopes to see him more often. "I will bare what you said in mind." Mandres

Loose Acquaintances:
Jackdaw: Laisa does not trust this child, she believes she is much more immature than she thinks. ToastySpam

Dar’ket: He has begun to confuse her. MaelstromPuddle

Elijah: He seemed kind, but perhaps overly trusting. Either way, he bought her tea. Rue

Ithri and Orna: She did not know them for long, but they seemed like good people. Orna was good at braiding. AncientBean

Ronak: a friendly dwarf. He gave her some stuff in the dungeon, which she is grateful for.

Fulgrim: The mad doctor, she is cautious. MaelstromPuddle

Elizabeth Kane: Friendly and not upset by Laisa's many questions NIAH

Cal: A sailor who found her boring Azoasis

Disfavored Individuals:





Her real parents.


Skunkgoop: An interesting dwarf, and good friend, she misses him. "You were never a bother." Jeroxia

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+Make Breakfast
+Enchanting Lesson 1
+ Passed Enchanting Test 1
+Enchanting Lesson 2
+Fae Lessons
+Lavo Lessons
+Aiding Leo with the disease research in Compendium
+Began working on estate
+Under water breathing for a short period of time.
+Built estate
+Built orphanage
+First adventure!
+Punched someone.

Works in progress:
+ Disease Report volume II (Progress undetermined)

+Disease Report volume I
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