Legacy Earthspawn Register

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Earthspawn characters meeting the conditions for continued use with the Legacy Race status are listed below.

If you had an Earthspawn character in the six months before the 1st October 2015 that is not yet listed, please send The Lore Council a forum message with your IGN, the character's name, and (if applicable) a character profile so that we can confirm that the character is eligible to continue being played.

This list may be updated if more players register their characters or if more Earthspawn children are recorded.

Character Name | IGN | Forum Name

Azgir | Jasper151627237 | Jazzper

Darg | Marshith | Marshith

Ergon | arkhampatient199 | CthulhuPeople

Gruk Bogrum | hatybee | hatybee

Kam | Kamaoe | Kamaoe

Leaf | sushiship | Sushiship

Murdoc | kyle1322 | Kyle1322

Og | Delta_61251 | Delta_61251

Orgrim | KyleALT1322 | Kyle1322

Pointy | IDontConsent | Jak

Root | HighClassBrass | HighClassBrass

Dinn | BoredBrit | BoredBrit (Previously Balatro)

Streggi | Michifish | Michcat

Rinka | Tyoung_| ToungBD

Nardoc | Cymic_ | Cymic_

Jerr'co | The_Tottot | The Tottot

Kraug Skorm | Glados | Centurion_

Yrdl | Baron2537 | Baron2537

Kuuhtaz | Shaolino | ShaolinPunk

Urzul | Luminoire | RagingLunacy
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