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Legion Roster
Active Legions

1. Legio I- "Crusade’s Hounds”

Cohorts of Legio I

Cohort VII (7th)- Reserve Duty Members-. All armaments are to be stored away in the Astrakhan armory. No missions. Legion and corresponding cohorts dissolved until further notice. Pensions for veterans and officers not halted out of respect for their service.

Old-Seadog - Antonides Hostilius Herennius Tribunus Skutatus (4th Rank Officer, Infantry, Tribune of Valerius) [Whereabouts unknown?]

Sir_Arc - Julianus Hostilius Herennius- Prototribounos Kataphractoi- (pre-4th Rank Officer, Cavalry) [Currently in Aelmere]

Jazzper - Aulus - Skutatoi Miles Veterani (1st rank, veteran, Infantry) [Stationed in Astrakhan] (Not being used right now, because of character rules in war)

MelodyComplex - Violet Rittor-Herennia - Non-Combative, Miles Medicus, (1st Rank, Medic) [Stationed in Astrakhan]

Current Engagements
Scourge and the Royalist Armada: Royalist reconnaissance forces are making a last stand at the Lucan city of Scourge. The Seventh Cohort has exhausted themselves with fighting and bombarding the enemy walls, as well as making sure the safety of the Lucan people is paramount.

Should they clean the city of Royalists and return it to the Lucan people, King Aemilianos's Armada will have no safe place to land his army, and he will have little to no geographic, political and military information on the continent.

A relief force has been sent to substitute the 7th is being proposed, as the 7th is low on morale and men. (This cohort is an NPC Cohort, it's simply us saying that we're going to hold the event on the 28th. We won't make a move on Scourge till then, and at that point, the 7th will return, relieving the relief force. This relief force will simply keep watch over the city and make sure that the defenses are breached, but they will not be used as a legitimate power.

Completed. However, the remaining Royalists have fled the city, giving the Old King a possibility to receive information on the continent once he disembarks.

Mockingbay: The Azerwindii (What we call the Azerwindians) Queen has taken ill, forcing the city to prop up extra security. The 7th and 12th Cohort will be sent to Mockingbay to help guard the city. After trouble with Sif and what the Legion deems a group of "Barbarii et Mercenarii"- the Dominion will ensure the safety of their ally in case Sif decides to attack...

Completed. Peaceful negotiations under Princess Citrine finished- meaning peace for the Dominion as well.

Bandits and Brigands: The Royalist guerrillas around the Forests of Astrakhan and the hills of Valerius have left with the Royalist armies, as Aemilianos has decided it too politically inefficient to conquer the Dominion. The lack of foreign forces has made it safer for brigands and bandits of all kinds to come out of the woodwork and hamper inter-state trade.

To respond to this threat, Theodosius has ordered that Active Cohorts begin a search-and-destroy mission in the forests around Astrakhan and the hills around Valerius.

Completed. Bandits thrown away.

The Legion has been temporarily dissolved, with all arms and armor to be stored away in the Astrakhan armory, with the gates shut and locked. In an effort to be neutral in these times of strife, anyone going to Sungrad to help rebuild it must go unarmed and unarmored, as citizen volunteers, not soldiers.

The Legion will be reconstituted once Astrakhan has constructed sufficient defenses. All previous members (excluding those who deserved, went AWOL, or revolted, obviously) will then be allowed in to resume their current positions.
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