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It took a lot to get here

General Information:

Name: Leofaren Venna

Other Names: Friends often call him "Leo"

Titles: Chronicler of the Arget Isles

Age: 30

Race: Silver Elf

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Current Residence: Arget Isles

Relationship Status: Engaged

Social Status: Citizen of Arget

Physical Appearance:

Height: 6'4

Weight: 150

Eye Color: Dark sapphire blue, flecked with silver

Skin Color: Pale white

Shape of Face: Angular, high cheek bones

Distinguishing Features: Sorrowful looking eyes, nearly permanently impassive expression

Build of Body: Willowy, some lean muscle but he is definitely a scholar not a warrior

Hair Color: Raven black

Hair Style: Worn long, swept back or tied loosely when working

Complexion: Mostly flawless, does tend to have dark circles under his eyes when he focuses too much on his work and neglects his sleep

Posture: Straight backed and proper at all times, tries to hold himself with an air of sophistication. When nervous he tends to take on a more meek posture.

Is Seen By Others As: Not sure

Scars: Long scar running across his chest, two scars running along the right side of his neck

Voice: Smooth and educated sounding, his speaking volume is rather quiet compared with most people, and his tone is almost always somber or melancholy


Likes: Kind people, good food, books, fine art and music, spending time with friends

Dislikes: Fighting, manual labor, mean or cruel people, rain

Strengths: A sharp mind and an educated background, is able to be very brave on behalf of people he cares about, always able to see the good in people

Weaknesses: Not an experienced fighter at all, can be nervous around people he perceives as being much higher socially than himself, struggles to be brave for himself, although he tries to be as friendly as possible to everyone, this sometimes backfires and comes across as insincere

Fears: Being harmed or harming others, drowning, failing in his pursuit of knowledge, spiders, losing those that he cares about

Values: He believes knowledge is the key to everything; power, happiness, and the advancement of all people. He also values the personal stories of other people as he believes they add to his understanding of the world. He will go to great lengths for his friends, doing whatever he can to help them.

Education: Received a fairly extensive education while growing up, and had built upon that quite a bit. Although in his mind his education will never truly be complete.

Languages: Fluent in common, Elven, Aurion, Rede, Lavish, and Fae.

General Attitude: Pensive but kind, he is interested in helping others and increasing his understanding of the world. He does not share the majority of the racial prejudices some other silver elves have, and will willingly work with almost anyone. Is fairly laid back with people he is familiar with, but easily grows nervous around strangers. Is very eager to learn, which sometimes gets him in trouble.

Religious Inclination: Revered Silas, when he was alive. Now, for various reasons, he turns to Shalherana when sending a prayer for wisdom or strength.

General Intelligence: He prides himself on his intellect and considers it one of his defining strengths

General Sociability: Mostly competent when it comes to socializing, can sometimes come across as stiff or too formal, sometimes seems sycophantic with his praise and pleasantries, although he usually really does mean them

Alignment: neutral good

Short Term Goals: Continue his research, help his friends, continue learning how to defend himself and others, progress his education in alchemy

Long Term Goals: Climbing the hierarchical ladder, writing books, working toward the betterment of all people.


Wardrobe: He favors long, purple robes embroidered with golden thread paired with traveling clothes underneath

Jewelry: A necklace bearing his family crest.

Pets/Animals: Pet bird named Percival, or "Percy" for short

Owned Homes: Owns homes in Arget, Astrum, and soon will own one in Mockingbay. He seeks to own property in as many cities as possible, due to the nature of his work.

General Wealth: Doing alright for himself, never really focuses on wealth as he is almost always wrapped up in his research but he gets by quite comfortably these days.


Birthplace: Familial estate

Childhood: Spent mostly on his family's estate learning things both academic and social.

Teen Years: This is when his interest in other cultures began, his education continued during this time.

Adulthood: Spends most of his time either researching, or applying the knowledge that he has gained. However, he tries to spend as much time with friends as he can.

Family History: His family has a long mercantile history, he has found business to be dull or soulless.

Past Places of Residences: Since leaving home mostly inns or the homes of people he has met during his travels

Places Traveled: Spends much of his time in either Arget or Compendium, although he visits his friends in other cities often


Peaceful or violent: Very peaceful, would not resort to violence unless his life or the lives of others depended on it.

Weaponry: A treated steel sword forged by Akasha, heavily enchanted. Has been wearing it more frequently lately, but he is often unarmed, especially when in Arget.

Combat Training: Basic sword training when he was a boy, is now training again with the help of Kitrana and Ayda.
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It took a lot to get here

Cassian: I honestly do not know where I would be if I had not met you. I owe a great deal of my growth as a person to you, and my life has been improved immeasurably by knowing you. You are my confidant, friend, and as far as I'm concerned, my brother. Baron2537

Ayda: These troubled times have weighed heavily on us, haven't they sister. In doing what I thought was necessary to combat the blight, I often found the time I spent with my family to be all too short. I hope that you can forgive me for that borderline negligence, and going forward I promise to visit more. As always, you are a source of inspiration and strength for me. Ayda

Laisa: I could not ask for a better student, or a better family member. I am not sure what you think of me in that regard, but I have come to consider you my daughter, and I would do anything to protect you, and ensure your future success. I know you value your independence, just know that you can turn to me for help whenever you need it. Samiwashere

Romantic Interest:
Kitrana: My fiancé, you are a source of great comfort and strength for me in these troubled times. It is difficult for me to find the words to express just how much I care about you. godfather1

Fronslin: I cannot thank you enough for everything you have taught me. I can always trust in your wisdom, and I value your friendship immensely. Fronslin

Raalvara: You are someone that seems to draw others to you, and you have a way of bringing out the best in people. I am glad that I have been able to help in my own small ways, and I intend to do so for as long as I draw breath. You deserve your happiness, Raalvara, and I am very pleased that you finally found it. Raal

Kopii: There is perhaps no one that has taught me as much as you have, Kopii. You are my dear friend, and one of the people whose friendship I treasure the most in this world. I failed you more than once during the crisis, however, as always, I will be putting forth my best effort to ensure your life is as happy and fulfilling as possible. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Omikuji

Tavia: I never know what to expect from our conversations. You are quick witted, jovial, and just a joy to be around in general. You do not deserve the hardships you have faced, and I hope that you can find peace. You should believe in yourself more; I do. Samiwashere

Yasmine: You have endured far too much for someone too young. I have forgiven you, now you must forgive yourself. I plan to uphold my promise to you, as I said, I always keep my word. ArkianDragon

Gilligan: It was under strange circumstances indeed that we met, and eventually became friends. You are a brilliant man, a skilled formist, and a steadfast friend. I feel as though you have truly begun to find your place in the world, and I could not be happier, or more proud. You are a good person, Gilligan. Never forget it. Samwych

Elizabeth: Your path through the recent crisis was not an easy one. You gave your time, your effort, your resources, even your life. I would like to consider us friends, even if I am not sure that you would consider us such. I admire your mental fortitude, and your commitment to the preservation of both life and knowledge. In me you have gained a steadfast ally, in times of strife, and peace. NIAH

Nireth and Azure Cerridwen: The respect I have for you two is without measure. I feel like I can always rely on your wisdom when faced with a problem I do not know how to resolve. I will do my best to repay your kindness. Lady Alec / Immerael

Kethron: Thank you for beginning my instruction in enchanting. I'm looking forward to seeing you more in the future. Heie

Akasha: You are skilled at your craft and incredibly dependable. I know I can count on you for any future projects. Lady Alec

Kam: You are a kind, steadfast individual, a formidable warrior, and apparently a skilled dancer. I wish you and your family the best. Kamaoe

Melarue: You are among the people that deserve the most praise regarding the relief efforts during the recent crisis. In opening your city to refugees, you invited catastrophe upon yourself, and your home. Despite that you welcomed them anyway, and through your altruism and medical skill, gave us the foothold we needed in treating the infected. The next time we meet, it will be in a more tranquil time. Elz

Olive: I still do not understand you, Olive. You appear to have the capacity for caring, and you did much to aid others throughout the recent crisis. But at times your behavior catches me off guard, and I cannot tell if that is because I am generally bad at reading people, or if the way you treat others is genuinely inconsistent. Smurf

Linden: You work hard for the betterment of others, and I admire your dedication to your faith. I am glad that you are with us in such trying times. RagingLunacy

Vashti: You are a curious young lady. Your mannerisms and actions often perplex me, but I have seen that you have a good heart, and if Raalvara has taken you under her wing, you must have potential. I believe you just need a chance to flourish, so I will help give you that chance. Charybdis

Virnaak: It seems like wherever one finds Vashti, they find you as well. I never know what you are thinking, and sometimes I wonder if you do either. Despite that, I have seen that you have the capacity for kindness, and just like Vashti, if Raalvara has taken you in, there is more to you than meets the eye. Vincentius

James: You do not act as other nobles do most of the time. But your kind, boisterous attitude is rather charming, and I have grown to find your presence agreeable indeed. I am sincerely glad that you and Raalvara are finally happily together. TheDeester

Ashna: My respect for you knows no bounds, Lady of the Linlea Isles. Your city became a nexus for treatment, defense, and, unfortunately, attacks from the entity. Despite that, you never wavered in your dedication to those that needed help. Your stoic demeanor veils a compassionate soul, and I am very glad to know you. Going forward I just hope I can repay you for what you have done. Solus

Aleksander: Of the Kane siblings, I know you the least. Your bravery in volunteering for the delve into the caverns speaks for itself, though. As does your amiable, if reserved demeanor. I was serious when I said that I would like to become friends, the more the better, I have found. Solus

Sugar: From what I have heard, an unfortunate fate has befallen you. Ruu

Charles: You are dutiful in the extreme, some would say to a fault. I do not agree with decisions you have made in the past, but never once have I questioned that you made those decisions because you thought they were the right things to do. We may not be friends, per se, but I would like to think we are friendly. And you have my respect. Lannis

Lilith: You have shown yourself to be intelligent and kind, at least in the few times we have interacted. I look forward to the continued sharing of information. Arcana

Grey: At a glance you seem like a stone wall in regards to your emotions. Never revealing anything, and always keeping your distance. I still do not know you very well, but I may judge you by your actions, and they have told me that you are a good man. Estes241

Jaden: For a long time I did not know what to think of you. I have heard so much bad, but I have seen some good. I think that you are like most people, you have your flaws, but deep down you strive to do the right thing. You have proven yourself competent in my eyes, and you have not shirked your duties during this crisis, so you have my respect. CloakedReaper

Joseph: You are a young man in need of your own identity. Jaden, Gael, whomever you may follow, you do so absolutely. And while loyalty is a noble quality, your dedication has a certain puppet-like quality to it. JoeJoe

Lisbet: From the handful of times we have met, I gathered the impression that you did not like me. Despite that you have been unfailingly polite, and you seem to serve the Kanes with loyalty and distinction. Your care for Aleksander is heartwarming, and indicates a kind personality. I hope you find happiness in your endeavors. Elz

Ater: You are a peculiar fellow, but not necessarily in a bad way. Your jovial exterior belies a pained past, I think. Your skill in medicine and, and friendly way of interacting with others has caused me to enjoy your company for the most part. Magiik

Arianne: Your recklessness has cost you dearly, it seems. Rossu

Podric: You are a zealot, and little else. I had hoped you were different from Maceo, but it would seem you are just more of the same. I wish the best for your people, but I do hope to avoid you. Luam

Asero: In you I saw a fellow scholar, and a possible friend. But your arrogance and cavalier attitude regarding the lives of others in the past has soured that opinion. Your manipulative streak is eclipsed only by your incompetence. Electric
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It took a lot to get here
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It took a lot to get here
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