Lethe's Letter of Application [Approved-Ayda]


Loyal Servant of Altera
About Me!

1. What is your Minecraft username?

2. How old are you?

3. What country are you from?
The United States (Speaks English, currently learning Spanish)

4. Have you read the King's Law, Code of Conducts, Official Lore, and the Player Guides yet?
I've read all the rules and am working my way through the gritty details of the lore.

5. In your own words, how would you define metagaming and powergaming?
Metagaming, in a roleplay sense, is using knowledge or resources that you (the player) have to influence your character's in-game actions and decisions. Its absolutely no fun. I love to watch my character unwittingly make horrible mistakes.

Powergaming is when you (the player) take control of another player's character, either to force a certain reaction from them or to push an unwanted action onto them. (i.e. picking up a character and carrying them across the room without giving them a chance to properly react to the situation). It is also used in the sense of generally being too powerful, to the point where no other character or NPC can ever challenge you.

6. Do we allow X-Raying mods or X-Ray texture packs on the server?
Nope-ty nope.

7. Name one of our current Mentors.

8. Tell us about yourself!
Hey yo it's your friendly local swarm of bees! I am all about that nerd stuff and love to read, write, and play all things fantasy. I run a private RP'ing community and play lots of video games with my partner, but have been wanting something nice and relaxing to get into while I'm home alone. I mostly do the writing thing, but lately I have been trying to get back into drawing.

9. Do you have any examples of your work?
Yes, but not right now.

10. Did anyone refer you? If not, how did you find our server?
I've been browsing minecraft servers on my own for approximately 1 hour and this one looks neat.

About Your Character!

Character Name:
Lethe Leifsson

Character Age:

Character Race:
Forest Elf

With a tanned, freckled complexion and wild amber-brown eyes, the only thing that makes Lethe stand out from other elves of the forest is that he is a little on the shorter side. Standing at a shaky 5'7 and 3/4, his stature means his lanky build doesn't make him appear elegant or graceful, but simply malnourished. Despite living a long and hard life, Lethe demonstrates a remarkable lack of strength. No amount of training seems to provide him with any muscle mass, and he remains chronically pathetic. A faint scar cuts across his upper lip, the only indication that he has ever been anything other than a bookish recluse.

Written Test!
It was not in Lethe’s nature to be a wanderer.

As soon as he could, he left his vagrant tribe and found a quieter way of life in a small town at the edge of the forests. He married another elf, settled down and raised a family. His work was humble, his wife was loving, he got to watch his children grow older and seek out their own livelihoods, their own families. Most of the work was alright. The agrarian lifestyle wasn’t exactly posh, but Lethe knew he didn’t have to witness the worst the world had to offer. It was comfortable in the middle. None of the political pressures found in the upper crust, none of the squalor and the sinning of the uneducated masses below him. His house was small, but it was clean at least, and his family had enough for some modest comforts.

There were hardships, yes, but they were the expected kind, the conquerable kind. When his wife died of a wasting disease, he stayed on her land and kept tending to the orchards. When his children went off to war, he prayed for them, and grew the herbs and salves that would mend their fellow soldiers. When the fires reached his doorstep, he did his best to beat them back.

His trees were burnt once, proud and ancient orchards, and he replanted new saplings in their place. The saplings were uprooted by wild hogs, so again he dug through the ash and planted more. The third time, it was not fire but water that drowned his orchards out. With the rain came wild animals, the likes of which the villagers at the edge of the wood had never seen. They overran the town, and any that were left over soon fell to sickness. Lethe was lucky, escaping with only his land and his livelihood destroyed.

It was not in Lethe's nature to be a wanderer, but the Blight had left him with little choice.

At least he could take comfort in this one constant in his life. Lethe was tired. He was tired in a way that sleep would not fix.T here was too much to do and not enough of him to do it. Weary bones, weary soul. But oh, wasn’t that always the case. It started in his chest and seeped into his bones, aching all over. In still moments when he stretched, heels pushing off the ground and arms lifted high to move his shoulders apart he could feel it -- like numbness but warm, spreading through him and urging him to lay down and never move again. He did not want to be awake anymore. It was a desire as simple as that. Lethe wanted to stay in bed forever, Blight be damned.

Current Setting of the Server:

For days, it rained. The coasts were battered by bolstered waves, and the fields turned to lakes that could swallow a caravan. For some, it was an omen.

The evil promises came true. As the storms slipped back out to sea and the sun's auburn hues could again be seen rising over the horizon, something dark crept out from the cavern depths. A dangerous, and mysterious plague gripped Altera by ferocious surprise. At first, it was studied in quite isolation by academics, but soon it became clear that this was no mere curse of nature. Plague beasts, monstrous mutated abominations, stormed research facilities, escalating the situation into a full scale struggle. Across the lands, people became displaced from their homes as monster and plague altered their way of life.

The lands of Altera are poised in dire straits, but there is hope. The sun still shines, and opportunities for glory grow like tentative vines. All over, people are fighting, innovating and living in spite of the darkness below. Will you join them?
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I'm pleased to announce your application has been approved. I hope you enjoy your stay in Altera. Before logging on make sure you read the Survival Guide. It will help you on your way to get established in our World. If you need to know any additional information, everything can be found in our King's Law. Make sure you consult either of these two before asking a question ingame.

If you're stuck unable to interact with anything or chat, try using /warp whitelist, if this doesn't work then please message a staff member with the problem.

+Please note we are in the midst of a server-wide campaign, and the world has been affected!+

The Forlorn campaign is currently ongoing, involving a widespread plague. As such, almost everyone is currently on the isle of Linlea, in Linistel, or at Storm's Landing, as volunteers, refugees, etc. I'd strongly recommend you take a brief look at the current campaign summary [here] so you aren't confused about the basics of it. If you wish to participate in this campaign, make sure to let staff know with this thread [here]. If you have any questions feel free to ask myself or another mentor, as it's a bit of a big thing to catch up on. More information may be found on the campaign right [here] in the general campaign section.

+You are probably eager to jump into the game, so there is no need to read all the links. Just use these as a reference for later.+

Discord & Server IP
Survival Guide - Read this to help when you login!
The King's Law
How to Create a Character
The Official Lore & The Lore Book
Town Census
Plugins Command Guide
In-Game Character Cards
Donate to the Server!

Lastly, please make sure you understand the following points:

+ Do not powergame, metagame or use x-ray texturepacks on the server! Our moderation team makes sure to deal with severe reports.
+ Anyone found to be griefing our server and subsequently blaming their sibling, friend, dog or any other person other than themselves will be banned irrespective of their innocence.

+If you'd like to provide any feedback, concerns, suggestions, or otherwise on our application process, please feel free to contact me here on the forums.+