Leyline Beacon Registry


Retired Staff
To keep track of the original, superior brand of beacons, all those interested parties in possession of a Leyline Beacon are encouraged to keep track of it within this registry so that its genuine status may be proven in gameplay and trade.

Leyline Beacons:

Vorar/House Polvur: 7 Units
- 1 Active: Whiterock
- 1 Active: Lake Vera
- 5 Storage


Lord of Altera
No one actually recalls or not as It is a old beacon from long ago that was from the bastion. SO i retract it as no one can verify if it is or not.


Lord of Altera
I would say take it up with Solus and staff can maybe make an official thread about it, if it warrants it.
Yeap already asked No one can recall fromt hat far back if they were ever aquired icly or not, tis no biggie I am not going to fuss over it if they are or not,while it would be cool if they were beacons are still nice even with the new ones and its not like im short on them when I already have 11 of the new ones 5 of which are ic atm lol


Lord of Altera
Old beacons have the added bonus of being a hazard to the invironment. Ie, melting every creature that flies into the beam. Also supposedly wards off sorrow's?