Lilacs abode

so i totes blames Lady Alec for this addiction to hedgies she got me so hooked my regular gaming groupe nicknamed me hedgie due to my enthrallment to them. And tonight i got aproved for a small cute little two momth old hedgie named lilac. I will be picking her up next month but here is the preview pics her breeder took.

I havnt really had liliac out and about in the house with the cats out and around active and I had her on the counter while i was washing my hair in the sink and the cat saw her and crept over as she was running about on the counter and was mesmerized by her reaching on her hind legs trying to get a peek at this new critter that had invaded. Then I put her in my pouch of my hoodie while I made me sandhiches and she still was trying to find the lilac at the counter so I walked by on the way to the room and stopped while liliac washing out of the pouch sniffeling and the cat leaned out and stuck her head into the hidey pouch in my hand thinking she was in there XD

Some pictures those in my discord groups already saw but figure id share with the rest of yall the last one is yes she ran her wheel of its track then knocked it over im assuming cause she was mad she couldnt run anymore on it.