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"The year 3434 of the Second Age. Here follows the account of Isildur, the High King of Gondor, at the finding of the Ring of Power. "It has come to me, the One Ring. It shall be an heirloom of my Kingdom. All those who follow in my bloodline shall be bound to its fate, for I shall risk no hurt to the Ring. It is precious to me, though I buy it with a great pain. The markings upon the band begin to fade. The writing, which at first was as clear as red flame, has all but disappeared - a secret now that only fire can tell."

Gandalf in a library, and there he found what he was looking for. We need to find what we are looking for too! That is what this thread is about.
I would like to make a list of all the books that are out there in Altera. So that we have some overview of what we've got.
I'd also like to set up a matching group, where authors can be linked to the needs of readers.

Someone may need a book about something, if we have a list of all the books we have, that search is shortened.
If I have a list of characters that write and the subjects they'd like to write about, that would make it very easy to get new books into the world for people to actually use.

A book can be of great use! But beyond that, the books record bits of the very souls of the people online, or the players long gone.
Diving into the books of Altera is amazing, it's like a time-machine sometimes, and can be really immersive.
To bring that back, I'd like to make this list and see what we've got. So please if you have books, help me out and report them for this thread.

You can also join the author's club; A list of author's and the things they write about, so people can request books.
ICly, this idea and sign-up of the author's club is done by the Write&Read company.
I'll take the books from you, add them to an archive for safe-keeping, and give a copy to the reader who requested it.

For authors
Character name:
Subjects you write about:
Subjects of approved expertise you write about:

For reader requests:
Character name:
Subject you need a book on:

if you've already written a book, I'd love to document it in this thread, so people know what kind of books are out there.
Could you please fill this in for the books you've got? Let's make a list of what books we got in Altera at this moment in time!
Username of writer:
(optional) IG character name of writer:
Name of book:

What is the book about in a short sentence?:
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The Artisan
List of authors and the subjects they may write about, subjects of expertise are marked with *:
Kublai Kull - Carpentry* / Dwarven matters* / Superstition / Dreams / Monster slaying (Bartooliinii )

List of published books and their authors:
Emudude13 - Yorrick Goldfist - Basics of Booze - A beginners guide to booze making.

Balatro - Balatro Wise - Gambler's Grimoire - A book of games and gambits for the discerning thrower of dice.
Balatro - The Broken Lands - Mardolk - A note of required ransom for someone held hostage.
Balatro - Lola de Cronus - A Shadow over Vinterhaven - A poem about a 'child born unborn'
Balatro - Xzel of Arget - A spherical Altera - Study on astrology as taught by Arget Astronomer master Halon.

Bartooliinii - Archaz - Redstone Guild Notation Guide - Detailing how to write down redstone circuits in a book
Bartooliinii - Chupra Greathorn - Can Never Be - A poem about forbidden love.
Bartooliinii - The Fool - Shockingbay - Names for things this character saw in Mockingbay.
Bartooliinii - Kublai Kull - First Dream - A book describing a dream of floating and falling into Altera
Bartooliinii - Kublai Kull - Second Dream - A book describing a dream of falling so fast, that one is lit on fire
Bartooliinii - Kublai Kull - Third Dream - A book describing a dream of falling through stone and finally slipping into the Nether
Bartooliinii - Kublai Kull - Fourth Dream - A book describing a dream of falling through the Nether, being swallowed by ghasts and falling into nothingness beneath the lava.
Bartooliinii - Kublai Kull - Fifth Dream - A book describing a daydream of a dead person come to tell the dreamer things
Bartooliinii - Kublai Kull - Sixth Dream - A book describing a dream of an Arbori attack on a cottage in the forests.
Bartooliinii - Kublai Kull - Dwarven Kings - A book describing in rhyme the Dwarven Kings so far
Bartooliinii - Kublai Kull - Dwarven Prophecy - A book predicting the new king of Dwarves
Bartooliinii - Kublai Kull - Fantastic Dwarves - A description of a bunch of Dwarves in Kharuz-Korum and what they occupy themselves with.
Bartooliinii - Kublai Kull - A Pumpkin Tale - A rhyming spooky hollow'een story
Bartooliinii - Kublai Kull - School o schools - A book about the idea to build a school that houses all kinds of lessons and odd interactions
Bartooliinii - Kublai Kull - The Watch I - The headlines of the first edition of the Adventurers Watch newspaper
Bartooliinii - Kublai Kull - The Watch II - The headlines of the second edition of the Adventurers Watch newspaper
Bartooliinii - Krummi and Khorug - Dwarven Desire - A poem written about two Dwarves
Bartooliinii - Krummi Stenahur - The Dwarves - Interviews with other races and their opinion about Dwarves, then the opinion of the Dwarves about themselves and a bit of their history.
Bartooliinii - Krummi Stenahur - The Evil Nether - An interview with Tavish the demon about the nether and the creatures therein
Bartooliinii - Krummi Stenahur - Song of Korog - The song of Korog and how Thraall is blessed by him.
Bartooliinii - Krummi Stenahur - Unco Babin - The story of Gromm Wake II from the perspective of Krummi after Gromm's passing.
Bartooliinii - Krummi Stenahur - Yearnen's Fall - Detailed recording of events after Hrothgar left Thraall

Electric - Asero Crow - Woodland Wendigo - notes on the woodland wendigo

I am Wake - The Curators - Curator Symbols - Detailing secret codes in the shape of symbols as used by the curators.
I am Wake - Gromm - Adventure book I: Heart of redstone - A book to help children with reading, adventure surrounding the 'heart of redstone'
I am Wake - Gromm - Evil Races; Demonic - A description detailing several different demonic creatures, from demons to ghasts to a description of corruption itself.
I am Wake - Gromm - Evil Races; Syrien - A description of the Syrien race, now extinct.
I am Wake - Gromm - Gromm's Farewell; autobiography - The life of Gromm and his hopes for the Dwarven Kingdom at his days before death.
I am Wake - Gromm - History of the Dwarves - A description of Dwarven History from the legend of Zustid&Babin to the reign of King Kublai.
I am Wake - Gromm - Horgaahn Vol. I - The basics of Horgaahn
I am Wake - Gromm - Horgaahn Vol. II - The basics of Horgaahn
I am Wake - Gromm - Horgaahn Vol. III - The basics of Horgaahn
I am Wake - Gromm - Kharuz Korum Law - A document detailing the law that was to be upheld in Kharuz-korum during the time of the three magisters.
I am Wake - Gromm - Lost Locations; Midnight Island - A description of a place that no longer exists that used to house a slayers guild
I am Wake - Gromm - Lost Locations; Galo's Gulch - The story of Heaven's Reach and how it got known under another name
I am Wake - Gromm - Lost Locations; Gemstone Isles - A description of Gemstone Isles, now no longer existing, a town of captain Lemarc Duggan.
I am Wake - Gromm - Lost Locations; Mirage - A description of Mirage, a free city in the desert.
I am Wake - Gromm - Song of Kharuz-Korum - The song of Kharuz-Korum and how it came into existence.
I am Wake - Gromm - The Sorrows Bestiary - A description of beasts you may encounter in the Sorrows.
I am Wake - Gromm - Timeline of Altera - A complete collection of recorded events and when they happened.
I am Wake - Lana Wake - Feather Falling Experiment - different weights falling from different heights using feather-falling enchantment, as commissioned by Fronslin
I am Wake - Lana Wake - Metaphysics I; Gravity - About gravity, what it is, and how to use it (illustrated)
I am Wake - Unknown - Defense of Turia - Three descriptions of siege weapons.
I am Wake - Wake's Songbook - OOC altera or minecraft related songs
I am Wake - Wake's Songbook 2 - OOC altera or minecraft related songs

Mongoose - Ronsan Redfield - Adventure vol. I - A book detailing a boy's adventure.

@nerdofprey - Aspen Telfarn - Aspen's Goathorn Mead - How to make Aspen's mead.

Niko - Niko Variclav - Guide to Glass - A guide to known minerals and their applications in glass-blowing

ptiber - Galim Aeltus - Alteran Battles - The battle of the airdocks
ptiber - Galim Aeltus - Alteran History - The duel of Queen Leminth against Tavish the Demon

Seth_Jenkins - Borgrus Greatbane - Magherdashadur - A book written entirely in Horgaahn detailing an ancient myth.
Seth_Jenkins - Seth Jenkins - Bestbitter guide - A recipe for an alcoholic drink.
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