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List Your Top Ten Movies

Discussion in 'TV & Film' started by NIAH, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. NIAH

    NIAH The Awkward Staff Member

    Top ten favorites
    No order

    1. Pan's Labyrinth
    2. The Brother's Bloom
    3. The Fall
    4. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    5. Tuck Everlasting
    6. V For Vendetta
    7. Odd Thomas
    8. The Hours
    9. Agora
    10. The Adventures of Mark Twain
    Bonus Round: Mad Max: Fury Road
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  2. Cap

    Cap Lord of Altera

    Character Name:
    John of Gaunter
    Alt Name:
    Sir Florian von Piers
    - Raiders of the Lost Ark
    - Children of Men
    - Cloverfield
    - The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
    - Green Room
    - Trollhunter
    - The Spectacular Now
    - The Kings of Summer
    - Waltz with Bashir
    - Four Lions

    in no particular order but Raiders of the Lost Ark is probably my favourite movie of all time

    Place Beyond The Pines probably belongs on here somewhere but i don't want to bump any off the list
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
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  3. NIAH

    NIAH The Awkward Staff Member

    I forgot about Trollhuntter. It makes me tempted to kick something off my list and add it on there somewhere. It was pretty damn good.
  4. Cap

    Cap Lord of Altera

    Character Name:
    John of Gaunter
    Alt Name:
    Sir Florian von Piers
    if you can forget about a movie it probably doesn't belong on your favourites list
  5. CloakedReaper

    CloakedReaper Legend of Altera

    Character Name:
    Jaden Seeker
    In-game Town/City:
    I loved Cloverfield
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  6. godfather1

    godfather1 Lord of Altera

    Character Name:
    Tryg Strand
    In-game Town/City:
    In no order whatsoever-
    1. Blade Runner
    2. Alien
    3. Arrival
    4. The Godfather
    5. The Iron Giant
    6. The Dark Knight
    7. The Shining
    8. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
    9. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
    10. Ex Machina
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  7. Charybdis

    Charybdis Trash Whirlpool

    Character Name:
    1. serenity
    2. lotr
    3. the perks of being a wallflower
    4. children of men
    5. black sunday
    6. rudderless
    7. dark knight trilogy
    8. interstellar
    9. spirited away
    10. watchmen

    Bonus round: emoji movie and pan's labyrinth
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  8. ToastySpam

    ToastySpam Noble of Altera

    Character Name:
    Alt Name:
    Rufus Greenbottle
    In-game Town/City:
    (See Above)
    In no order, and only of the top of my head:

    Once Upon a Time in the West
    Casino Royale
    The Dark Knight
    The Descent
    Hot Fuzz
    Blair Witch Project
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  9. Sankera

    Sankera Lord of Altera

    Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace
    Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones
    Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
    Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope
    Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
    Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
    Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens
    Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life

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  10. Squidziod

    Squidziod Sea Dweller Retired Council Member Mentor

    Character Name:
    Josef Mandovi
    In-game Town/City:
    Sundown Isle
    1. Goodfellas
    2. Wall Street
    3. Casino
    4. Scarface
    5. The Godfather
    6. American Psycho
    7. Blade Runner
    8. Stargate
    9. Glengarry Glen Ross
    10. Heat
    Putting together an actual top 10 list (even without order) would be a serious battle, so I just went with 10 of my favorites. I'm certain I'm missing something, or that there's some film that would steal the place of another, but the important ones are there for sure.
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  11. Solar

    Solar Survivor of Five Rivers

    Character Name:
    Amethyst + Katrine + Phemaia
    Now You See Me 1
    Pitch Perfect
    Wonder Woman
    The Help
    The Host
    Power Rangers
    Spirited Away
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  12. ForestRose

    ForestRose The rosiest of forests. Retired Council Member

    No particular order like everyone else
    1. Filth
    2. Cabin in the Woods
    3. Pan's Labyrinth
    4. Piglet's big movie
    5. Thumbelina
    6. Swan Princess
    7. Cats don't dance
    8. Help! I'm a fish
    9. Monty Python life of Brian
    10. lotr
    Although not in my top ten, the Indiana Jones films are up there and four lions was a really good film too. Honorable mention to Snatch because I love that crap.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2017
  13. pyrocide

    pyrocide The Mogul of Cromarcky

    Character Name:
    Marcelo Scorpetti
    • Pulp Fiction
    • Network
    • Fight Club
    • There Will Be Blood
    • The Big Lebwoski
    • The Usual Suspects
    • 2001: A Space Odyssey
    • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    • The Fifth Element
    • Sin City

    This was difficult and likely not my final top ten since I've got about ten more I want to add to this, but it's a good representation nonetheless.
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  14. Axex

    Axex Lord of House Hawklight Retired Council Member

    Character Name:
    Lord Axex Aeyeras Hawklight
    Alt Name:
    Gavil Mire of Port Silver
    In-game Town/City:
    Whiterock Castle
    • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    • Silence
    • Seven Samurai
    • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
    • Raiders of the Lost Ark
    • Whiplash
    • Let the Right One In
    • The Raid
    • The Fellowship of the Ring
    • Tokyo Drift
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  15. Samiwashere

    Samiwashere Lord of Altera

    Character Name:
    Alt Name:
    In-game Town/City:
    No order. Although Son of Rambo is definitely my fave
    • Son of Rambo
    • Sing street
    • La haine
    • This is England
    • Howls Moving Castle
    • The hobbit series
    • Guardians of the Galaxy (the first one is better)
    • Thumbelina (the 1994 one)
    • The social network
    • The incredibles
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  16. Angel

    Angel Storm's Landing Wanderer

    1. Pirates of the Caribbean (all)
    2. Star Wars (all )
    3. Jurassic Park (all)
    4. Lord of the Rings
    5. The Hobbit
    6. Frozen
    7. Angry Birds
    8. Boss Baby
    9. Tangled
    10. Yours, mines and ours
  17. Arcana

    Arcana Daedric Prince

    Character Name:
    Lilith Sazil'Hexe
    In-game Town/City:
    • The Witch
    • The Craft
    • Practical Magic
    • The Green Mile
    • Carrie
    • Life
    • The Martian
    • Mean Girls
    • Bad Grandpa
    • Why Him?
  18. Catena

    Catena Legend of Altera

    Character Name:
    Alt Name:
    Aestra, Raena
    1. Catch Me If You Can
    2. Just Wright
    3. Mulan
    4. Coraline
    5. It (new & old are both good)
    6. Hush
    7. Get Out
    8. Hairspray
    9. White Chicks
    10. The Fundamentals of Caring
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  19. Ruukasu Lawliet

    Ruukasu Lawliet Lord of Altera

    Character Name:
    Alt Name:
    Nyari Rainriver, Elijah/Elias Beaumont
    - princess mononoke
    - lotr two towers
    - back to the future :^) (the first one)
    - star wars v
    - pan's labyrinth
    - donnie darko
    - lock stock and two smoking barrels
    - the illusionist
    - whisper of the heart
    - snatch pigs and diamonds
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
  20. NIAH

    NIAH The Awkward Staff Member

    I see some of these lists and I'm like, "I need to be their bff now"
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