LocalArsonist's Application [Declined - Jinny]


Loyal Servant of Altera
1. What is your Minecraft username?

2. How old are you?
16, 17 in December. Happy early birthday me.
3. What country are you from?
4. Have you read the King's Law, Code of Conducts, Official Lore, and the Player Guides yet?
Yes I have.

5. In your own words, how would you define metagaming and powergaming?
Meta gaming is knowing something out of character from some source but your character doesn't know. Power Gaming is giving yourself the advantage like it's unfair making it impossible for the other person to combat at.
6. Do we allow X-Raying mods or X-Ray texture packs on the server?
No we diddly darn don't.
7. Name one of our current Mentors.
SquidZoid (Rad name <--)

8. Tell us about yourself!
Well, Hi my name is Aaron i'm 16 my birthday is in December. My music genres are all over the place, like me. I have a job as a host in a restaurant. I have 2 dogs. I like to think that I can get along with most people I tend to attract everyone I am pretty open minded and loving. I am super gay. Lastly I love the dark souls series.

9. Do you have any examples of your work?
I am a builder. I don't want to toot my own horn or anything but I do pride myself on my building skills, but the last server I built on shut down and I don't have any of my builds screenshotted... maybe one day :(.
10. Did anyone refer you? If not, how did you find our server?
On planet mine craft. I missed role play servers and magic ones so I decided to search and here I am.
About Your Character!
This section is about the character you intend to use once you join the server.We ask that new players follow these guidelines during this portion of the application:
  • Characters begin with basic skills and gear. No advanced armor or weaponry. Skills and abilities are appropriate to a novice level. Skills should be learned through roleplay, not through backstory.
  • Characters fit the lore. If you choose to play as a Moor Elf, for example, we expect appearance and details to be fitting with base lore.
  • Characters cannot use magic in any way. The test itself should not mention magic either. HollowWorld uses a restricted magic system and it is only accessible to those who find and learn from a teacher in-game.
  • Tests should not be violent. No murder, killing, death, torture. In the past, 8 out of 10 applications featured characters fighting off bandits or slaying passersby. We don't want to see how well you can script a fight scene. We want to see how well you can tell a story, how well you can roleplay.
  • Be creative and be original. Do not use tests/characters whose home villages were burned, parents murdered, and then set off to be an orphan assassin. It has been done before. Please don't do it again.
  • Written portion of the test is required to be a 400 word minimum. If the test doesn't meet the minimum, Staff may ask you to extend the test before the application is considered.
You can remove the guidelines above when you're copy and pasting the application. The instructions above are for you to read and can be removed when applying.

Character Name:
Evgeni Petrov
Character Age:

Character Race:

Hair = Brown
Eyes = Grey
Skin = White
Clothing = Orange and black suit type. one brown and silver/white shoe. striped pant legs.

(Optional) Picture of the Skin:
ds10983220 - Copy.png

Written Test!
I lived in a small village when I was young with the rest of my family. My family and I grew to like the people and what they had to offer, their kindness and their charitable behavior towards us. I think the reason why they were so nice was because they wanted in the good graces of god, but what would I know. One day my sister and I went out for the day we were young and loved to explore, So we decided to go into the dense nearby woods that surrounded the village. We were followed by some of the village boys, we didn't know them well we had only met them the one time when we first came. We found a small clearing in the woods my sister an I played swords with branches we found upon the forest floor along with some mushrooms that I'd like to collect. The boys eventually found us in the woods, they asked us questions and if they could join us in our little adventure. We allowed there stay with us, we continued into the woods scavenging and play fighting until it grew dark. We returned to the village later that night only to find that one of the boys mothers was furious, She scolded him for staying out so late, But as soon she she glanced and saw that my sister and I were present with him in the woods she grew silent. She tugged him along into the house while he waved and blushed at us. She had good reason to fear us, as long as she kept quiet everything would be fine and peace would flourish. If only that were the truth. The young boy at the time whose name was Adrian became my first love. Didn't help that his mother absolutely hated my family, but we would find times to escape and see each other. Soon after about 4 months I told him what my family and I were, I thought I could trust him, and I could. His mother on the other hand she is a spiteful woman. She soon found out about our little gatherings together, And so did the neighboring church. They had no care for our little meet ups but more for the poisoning of young peoples minds, a toxic family. one that teachers unforgivable natures. The only way to purge the sin in our time, in our home, was by fire. That night the church only took my mother the rest of us fled. they had no tolerance for Alchemy. But we did not leave without revenge the church burned along with my mother that night we made sure of it.

Current Setting of the Server:

The last galleys pull into port upon Storm’s Landing, a trade town where crossroads and ships across the continent meet. To the East was the unknown seas and to the west, north and south were new civilizations, in a land of opportunity, vast and boundless.

Now, there is hope. Hope of a new chapter, a new beginning and a clean slate. Yet there is also fear. Fear of the land unknown, and the danger untold. There is fear that, in spreading the light, we draw the ire of what lies in the dark. In this land, it even seems as if demons and the explainable come out to play. Creatures of strange un-natural appearances prey on the confused wanderers.

But there is one thing for certain.. Life in Altera is a land of opportunities. Will you join in on the adventure?
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Hey! Your application is on the right track. However, there are a few things I see that you need to improve before I can continue processing your application:
  • Definitions: Please state what Metagaming and Powergaming are clearly. They are two different things as well. I recommend you have a look at our roleplaying guide if you need to, and write the definitions in your own words.
  • Written Test: Please refrain from mentioning any form of magic in your written test.
Please fix these things listed. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me or another mentor.​


I'm going to decline your application due to inactivity.

If you'd like to be a part of HollowWorld, you may apply again in one week. (October 5th, 2018)

If you have any questions or concerns about how your application was handled, feel free to message me or another mentor.​