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The Artisan
* This scroll of words is put up in Linlea on the notice board and at the tavern door, in Storm's Landing in the tavern, and at all the Write&Read establishments (Linlea, Storm's Landing, Astrakhan)*

I am seeking someone that can tell the meaning of dreams. A fortune teller, a Sooleran witch, a magus of high renown, anything to give me some clarity. I will relay it below, if anyone has any clue of what it means, I need to know. It is a dream unlike any other I've had, so vivid, so real.

I awoke this morning with the flashes of the most horrible dream I've ever had. They were still playing in my inner
eye. Whether I looked into the candle I just lit or closed my eyelids, it made no difference; I saw it in front of me as
clear as day...
I was floating in air, looking down, I saw Altera. It lay below me as the tiniest speck I've ever seen. Yet, I knew for
sure that this speck was my world. I squinted to take a better look, but it remained so utterly small and insignificant,
this scared me...
Then, as sudden as a flash of lightning, the speck increased in size. In a split second, my far away world surrounded
me, suffocated me. I was so close, a grain of sand appeared to me as if it was a tall mountain. I breathed, but it felt as
if the air didn't satiate me. I was choking in the sheer volume of an insignificant grain of sand and I longed for being away
from it. Far away, anywhere, as long as the size decreased.
Just like that, once again, I floated above my world in nothingness...
Strange, no?

Please, if you know of the meaning of all of this, come by at one of the write&read establishments and help me.
Kharuz Kublai
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