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Lord of Altera
A small note is stuck to the message board in Storms Landing, it is very plain and probably does not draw the eye at first.
I am a sell sword seeking short term, temporary work. I am willing to do a variety of odd jobs, but find my skills best suited to that of a labourer or short term personal guard. If you wish to contact me further, ask for Amelia in the tavern.

Amelia Flint.

(Just poke me on forums or in game if you need a job done woo. To clarify I'm looking for short term jobs, think witcher style: get the job, do the job, get paid type deal. I realised the poster was kinda misleading wooopssss)​
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Legend of Altera
*a notice would be attactched to the poster*
To Amanda Flint

We could require your services and you are humbly invited to Astrum Island to discuss the details further

Yours - Count Luné Tekton