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Loyal Servant of Altera
I'm looking for a job. My skills vary from cooking and cleaning, to minor labor. Though I'm not opposed to breaking from my comfort zone and delving into more demanding tasks, given that I'm able to learn at a reasonable pace.

Preferred payment: so-so income, small living quarters, or both.

-Alek Azell



Sea Dweller
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A note is attached below, scribbled quickly on a small piece of paper probably torn from a journal. It reads:

"I might have need for you. Travel to Sanardu to seek me out, and we can discuss.
--J Mandovi"


Lord of Altera
A note is placed below as well.

We could always use good, strong working men in Astrakhan. We will pay you a handsome wage, and provide reasonable housing. To travel to Astrakhan, go to Mockingbay and take the ferry with the white and blue sails.

- Theodosius Hostilius Herennius


Legend of Altera
Yet another note is attatched to the previous one, the paper would have an unusual smell, having been scented with lavender.

Dear Alek Azell
I hope this reaches you well. After reading through your notice and discussing with the council. We have decided to make you an offer. With recent world events we have started something which although i cannot discuss into here - i belive you would he more than interested. In return for this, you shall be offered a handsome pay, a home on the isles, perhaps we could offer more (depending on your tastes). We will also offer training to hone what i am sure is already a wide range of skills. We would love to discuss this further with you. If interested, please travel to the Astrum Island at the earliest convenience. You simply get on the large ship to Linlea which can be found at Storms Landing, if you exit the tavern and head right until you reach the last large ship on the dock, from there, head left at Linlea’s docks and take the smaller white sailed boat to the island. We wait you with the promice of succulent food, the heartiest of drink, the sweetest of music and the warmest of smiles.

Stay safe on your travels

~ Count Luné Tekton
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Secretly both Niah and Elz
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A large note is placed next to the many others.

I don't need you, just felt left out what with all the notes.

~ balatro sage


The Talking Pizza
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*A notice is placed adjacent the others.*
The Grey isles of Linlea has a position to match your skill set in the Citadel. Further skill acquirement is expected, training for such would be provided.
Should you inquire for the position, an assessment of your skill set will be conducted, as well as aptitude towards acquiring more.