Poster Looking for Work


Secretly Elz
Retired Staff
*Written in a flourishing script, yet smudged from the use of a charcoal writing utensil*

To anyone willing to take on a short term worker, I am looking for some sort of employment before I make my way home in a few months. Most skilled in the outdoor pursuits. Fair hunter and damn good trapper. Willing to take most work offered, so long as it's reputable.

Just trying to make some coin. Any interested in taking me on, you can look for me at the Kraken's Culling. Ask around for an elven woman named Eala Nym.

Theodra bless.

(Yes, this is lowkey a copy paste from the first poster she ever used. I don't know if there's any use for her archetype in RP nowadays, but poke me and we'll set up RP if you're interested in recruiting her for your endeavors.)


Lord of Altera
*Sends a lil letter in the form of a herald, this one seemed fairly straight forward.*

"Need a huntress to help out with th' demons and such in the future. Send aid. Will pay."

-Arike Lyssain of the Enclave.


Lord of Altera
*A note is attached, written in plain, neat handwriting.*

The woods around Astrakhan has a bit of a bear problem. A hunt will soon be hosted to cull the excessive population.
Write to Theodosius of Astrakhan if interested.
1k for every bear killed on your own behalf.