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Active Lord James Varyn


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James Varyn
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Right illustration by Spooksy_
Name: Halvar James Varyn
Other Names:
-Harry [Carlos]
-Falvaryn [Syr]
-Falcourtnay [Jaime]
-Cub [Godric]
Titles: Lord Varyn, Formerly Royal-Guard of Westmay & Kane.

Age: 19.
Race: Human, Norvagen descendant.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Current Residences: Oren, Varynhalle.
Relationship Status: Open to proposals.
Social Status: Lord of Varyn, Little lord of Falvaryn.

Physical Appearance:
Height: 6’1”.
Weight: 199 lbs.
Eye Color: Green, a pale shade. Not deep.
Skin Color: Fair, lightly freckled.
Shape of Face: Square, full.
Distinguishing Features: Green eyes.
Build of Body: Built physique from routine excercise and rehabilitation.
Hair Color: Brown.
Hair Style: Now kept in a groomed bun.
Complexion: Fair.
Posture: Straight and noble when he’s asked to be. Otherwise, he searches for things to lean on.
Is Seen By Others As: Emotional, ernest, honest.
Scars: A relatively shallow cut along his right leg.
Voice: -

Education: Taught by the best of Kalstaat, alongside Aleksandar. He does not flaunt knowing things for fear of being wrong.
Languages: Rough Rede, flecks of Norvägen, Common, unused Lavoye has dwindled.
General Attitude: He wears a smile often, though his actual emotional state can often betray that. It shows when it does.
Religious Inclination: Ignis, The Path of Fire aligned to her, and Rahas, The Path of Ice aligned to him.
General Intelligence: Clever enough for his age, often mistaken for older based on his size.
General Sociability: Social, willing to talk to strangers in the right mood.
Alignment: Lawful Good/Neutral Good.


Wardrobe: An array of doublets, ranging from simple and casual to elegant and embroidered.
Jewelry: A signet ring with the Varyn sigil.
Pets/Animals: A dog, from his Uncle Garen's family.


Illnesses: -
Allergies: Dust, Bee-stings,
Injuries: Bum-knee from a misjudgement on the field.
Sleeping Habits: Adequate.
Energy Levels: Tempered. Prone thus far to some scenes.
Eating Habits: Healthy. He cooks for himself and others when possible.
Exercise Habits: Active.
Memory: Hazy.
Unhealthy Habits: All in perspective.
Drinking Habits: He has partaken in the Devil's Nectar.


Born in the Myrneth camps. He was cared for by the Norvagens until Njorun decided it was enough time hiding, and headed to Alison’s side. He has been with Kane, ever since.

Spending his years with a playmate, he’s only been shown the joys of living within a palace. Shielded from the malice of the world, he’s grown naive. He’s met and loved his father whenever he was around, choosing to be at his side when he could. With his father's death, and being legally cast out of Varyn by his cousin, he tries now to keep his family together for fear of not being a part of it any longer, should he not.

Family History:
-Son of Jeor Varyn and Njorun Wilkstrom-Eldsvart.

Past Places of Residences:
Myrneth Campsite.
Silver Palace.

Places Traveled:
Myrneth, Queen’s Port, Oren.

Training & Skills:

-Practiced under Njorun. He’s beyond the basics now.
-Capable of reading tomes in several languages.
-No true shot, but certainly a bowman.
-Readily learned stances and can put parries to practice, but is nowhere near perfect.
-Similar to above, he is no calligraph but is very capable of writing eloquently.
-His most confident skill, but truly only basic. Knows how to treat wounds in the battlefield, and has saved Queen Alison Kane on one occaision.


Relevant Family Members:
-Njorun; Mother
-Jeor; Father Arken
-Maceo; Elder Half Brother BoredBrit
-Francis; Nephew
-Carlos; Middle Half Brother MrMine
-Fjorleif; Grandmother
-Weland; Grandfather Paint
-Eira; Aunt TurtlePrada
-Gelyk Varyn I; Grandfather Arken
-Syr Edaren-Varyn I; Uncle Mitch
-Marian Varyn I; Aunt Elz
-Rian the Barbarian; Cousin FrostGuardian
-Sylvi; Cousin
-Sera Dormus; Cousin
-Audric Dormus; Cousin
-Ellarinya Dormus; Cousin
-Simon Dormus; Cousin Lavilethorn
-Garen Dormus; Uncle Azur
-Emrys Dormus; Aunt Sophe
-Gelyk Varyn II; Cousin Rygan
-Syr Varyn II; Cousin Arken
-Josephine Varyn; Cousin Charybdis
-Adelaide Varyn; Cousin Cukie1
-Godric Varyn; Uncle TheDeester
-Lucia Varyn; Aunt Landem
Romantic Interests:
-Jacquelyn Smurf
Trusted Friends:
-Aleksandar; Childhood friend Rygan
-Alison Kane; A Duchess and Adoptive Aunt Elz
-Brennard; His friend, and among his role models. Mitch
Friendly With:
-Warren Elt
-Jason Rygan
-Berndt Paint
-Angelo Joseph12Q
Loose Acquaintances:
-Reginald Archbishop
Disfavored Individuals:

-Evelyn; On Principle Lannis
-Illthillior; Gross Tempy_
Wary Of:
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