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Mage's Profile Layout

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HollowWorld's Announcer
Every character that formally makes it to apprentice will be asked to complete one of these Magic Profiles before they cast their first spell.


Mage Profile: Updated

Minecraft name: This is where the in-game name
Character name: The character’s full name
Link to normal character profile: Link!

Current Rank/Proficiency
Eviscism: Sparked through Magus (or N/A)
Formistry: Sparked through Magus
Cogimency: Sparked through Magus
Animancy: Sparked through Magus

Overall Rank: Sparked through Magus

Spell Points: 0-350 (use a fractional representation in the case of sustained passives)

Active Student: Yes/No

Active Teacher: Yes/No
-Discipline 1
-Discipline 2

-Teacher name/link - Discipline
-Teacher name/link - Discipline

Protege(s)(Current rank):
-(Graduated/Current)Protege name/link - Discipline
-(Graduated/Current)Protege name/link - Discipline

Knack(s): Knacks should be listed in full text, although only the effect at their rank is necessary to be listed.

Known spells(names should contain a link to lore)(# of times cast):
-Spell name/link (#)
-Spell name/link (#)

Sustained Effects:
-Magical side-effect, such as baldness, nerve-damage, etc.
-Sustained passive effects

Current Magical Status:
-Researching/Spark effects/Overuse, etc.
Not open for further replies.