Major Forum Upgrade (downtime) - 4/26/2018 1100-1900EST


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Major Forum Upgrade

On Thursday, April 26th, 2018 at 11:00am EST the forums will go offline to perform a major update to the forum platform we run on. The update is expected to last between 5-7 hours, however I have allocated 8 hours into the schedule just in case. During this time the forums will be completely unavailable (I will create a small landing page to inform people of whats going on).

The update to the forums will introduce a number of fantastic new features and smaller bigfixes and improvements that should improve overall user experience. On that same note, we will be changing our forum style. We will be keeping the feel of the current long-standing style, but the change will be significant and refreshing.


*Note that this upgrade is very significant and we have been working on this project for a long time now. There may be small bugs here and there, and it is not expected to be 100% completed when we launch it. Users will be encouraged to report bugs once it has gone live. Thank you for understanding!

Lastly thank you to those who have helped make the recent major changes to the forums (Such as reorganization, upgrading, redesign). Solus NIAH Lady Alec

Any questions please ask below!


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This took a lot of work to reach this far- Hope you guys are prepared for the updates :)


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while you're doing it can you wipe the nationstates section or stuff it all into the archives for us


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not a fan of the white bars and banner background tbh

the rest is neat
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im sure it's better in every way when you get down to it of course so dont mistake me for not being grateful we're getting it

like i said change is scary.


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Looks great! I await with bated breath for a refreshing change of scenery :3

Oh also yeah change it to brown


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Add some more trophies I've been sitting near the max points for a thousand years.


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You even made a trophy that only you can get
Incorrect. I asked Cherbert to fix the trailing 3 at the end of the trophy points so it'd be a zero, and he gave just me a 7 point trophy. I've never had access to the forums management panel.


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I like how with that banner you can see a minecraft world. So finally the minecraft aspect of it all is also visible on the forums. :)