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{Makani} The Yakai Language Lexicon

Discussion in 'Makani' started by NIAH, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. NIAH

    NIAH The Awkward Staff Member

    Please follow these links for all necessary information!
    {Restricted Race} Makani
    --- Welcome
    --- Cheat Sheet
    --- Physiology
    --- Culture
    --- The Great Disaster

    {Makani} Rules, Roster & Application
    --- Rules
    --- Roster
    --- Application

    {Makani} The Yakai Language

    {Makani} Frequently Asked Questions

    Y A K A I
    See { This Link } for the inspiration for makani language. Multiple words were pulled from these songs, and are a basis for the language. It is also reminiscent of Gaelic, Latin, and Hawaiian.

    The language of the makani is called Yakai. It is heavily influenced by vowel sounds and has a highly musical air to it. The makani are rooted in oral tradition and have neither developed, nor found a need, for written language. They also have capability of shrieks, screeches, and caws that are only useful for long distance communication and while flying.

    Common Names:
    Females- Vatuei, Evani, Mava, Yakaya, Vamai, Eeyei, Mawei
    Males- Amuus, Luo, Tei, Malo, Esuus, Mako, Keimos, Latis, Tama

    Storytellers often share tales of a groundling vessel that found its way into the sky long ago. Their vessel did not survive the collision with the island, and the groundling crew found themselves stranded upon Vata’inu. The A’keiyah struck a deal with the groundlings, and permitted them to live so long as they contributed to the island’s daily life. Over time, a small handful of makani came to learn the groundling tongue of “Kayamon,” because the A’keiyah forbade any groundling from speaking Yakai. That has been long ago, and the groundlings have since died. But the Kayamon tongue is passed on between storytellers, performers, poets, and the A’keiyah. What is remembered is spotty and likely somewhat different than true Common. It is most commonly used for snide insults, and to swear.


    If you’re interested in your makani character knowing Common, please follow these guidelines. Staff, or the Makani Loremaster will roll for you, to ensure no cheatery! Screenshots of roll will be provided.

    + Poets, storytellers, and performers roll 1d20+10
    + Characters that would have a reason to be interested, but are not regularly exposed roll 1d20+5.
    + All others that want to have some “Common knowledge” roll 1d20.

    1-10 = They know absolutely no Common
    11-13 = They know a few words and phrases. Highly nonfunctional for communication
    14-17 = Feasible to communicate. Pronunciation is poor and many words unknown. Grammar shoddy.
    18-20 = They have spent a great deal around those who remember the groundling’s Kayamon, and have even studied it enough to communicate.


    It would take a great deal of trust and convincing for any makani to even consider teaching Yakai to a groundling. Even the groundlings whose airship crashed on Vata'inu and lived out their life there were forbidden from learning Yakai. Who would dare share the sacred tongue with demons?

    The same rules of Mok'yra, Eark'zian, Horgaahn, and Verba apply here.

    + Yakai can only be learned from a makani
    + A groundling that has been taught Yakai will have no hope of being able to teach someone else.
    + A groundling learning Yakai will need to have extensive RP, over the course of several months, before they can consider themselves fluid.

    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
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  2. NIAH

    NIAH The Awkward Staff Member

    L E X I C O N

    Have fun. :)

    None/Zero - Yahm
    One - Yohm
    Two - Eiyem
    Three - Uum
    Four - Avahm
    Five - Akahm
    Six - Aiem
    Seven - Som
    Eight - Kohm
    Nine - Emahm
    Ten - Yomai
    Twenty - Eiyemai
    Thirty - Uumai
    One Hundred - Yohmuun
    Two Hundred Sixty Four - Eiyemuun Aiemai'Avahm

    Word List
    I, me, mine, myself, self

    You, your, yourself (singular)
    - Ah

    We, us, our
    - Aysah

    You, you all, yourselves (plural)

    He, Male, Him, His, Man
    - Sahm

    She, Female, Her, Hers, Woman
    - Ahli

    Them, They, Theirs
    - Wah

    It, Thing, Unknown Entity
    - Kas

    Vague Animal, Beast, Creature, Uncivilized Monster
    - Tuus

    Leader, Authority Figure
    - Keiyah
    (Worth nothing that A'keiyah literally means "Your Leader")

    Gryphons, Guardian
    - Ayyei

    Fletchling, Baby Bird, Makani infant, Someone Who is Naive
    - Nava

    Warrior, Hunter, Fighter
    - Yavei

    Night, Dark, Black, Ash, Dirty
    - Po

    Bright, Light, Colorful
    - Lei

    Sky, God, Lord, Destiny, Fate
    - Manna

    Wind, Air, Flight
    - Makani

    Wings, Spirit, Soul
    - Kaya

    - Keiya

    Old, Ancient, Elder, Tired, Sleepy

    - Lama

    Fire, Sun, Heat
    - Asuun

    Cold, Cloud, Death
    - Rahkay

    Rain, Mist
    - Raysa

    Music, Song
    - Yahyay

    - Kani

    - Ahmuus

    - Nahyuus

    - Nadiahli

    - Sahmuu

    Rock, Stone, Cliff
    - Ayuda

    Soil, Dirt, Clay, Filth, Brown
    - Daiyama

    Roost, Home, Shelter
    - Natuus

    Fight, Battle, Protect
    - Ayyeiyin

    Fight, Harm, Murder
    - Ayyeisa

    - Maya

    Happiness, Joy, Good

    Love (Romantic, attraction)

    Beauty, Alluring, Splendid

    Pain, Sickness

    Groundlings, Non-Makani, Demons, Monsters

    Help, Relief, Rest
    - Maka

    - Rei

    - Lua

    Yellow, Gold
    - Marei

    - Diva

    - Tei

    - Haleiyah

    - Ahlu

    Pitiful, Idiot, 'Manchild'

    Short, Small, Tiny

    Tall, Large

    Yes, Affirmative, Of Course, Please

    No, "Go Away"

    Fat, Lardy, Tubby, Gluttonous

    Hello, Welcome


    Friend, Bondmates


    Hate, Bad

    Free, Untethered, Unbound, Alive

    Bound, Grounded, Dead, Trapped

    The After-Time

    Magic, Wonderment, Awe








    Adjectives & Nouns Pairings
    These are just examples of how to combine words. Adjectives go in front of, and combine with, nouns.

    Young, youthful, child (not baby, but not mature either)
    - Ay
    - Ayahli (Female)
    - Aysahm (Male)

    Old, Ancient, Elder, Tired, Sleepy
    - Lama
    - Lamahli (old woman, or tired woman)
    - Lamasahm (old man or tired man)

    - Nava
    - Leinava
    - Ponava
    - Yaveinava

    Love (Romantic, attraction)
    - Ahnadi
    - Ahnadiayahli (A female that one is in love with)
    - Ahnadisahm (A male that one is in love with)

    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
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  3. NIAH

    NIAH The Awkward Staff Member

    -Expanded Lexicon 8/2/2017. Additions in green.
    PM Niah if there are any words you particularly want
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