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Inactive Maria Sharna "Asker Of Questions"

Discussion in 'Character Profiles / Journals' started by Jdog418, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Jdog418

    Jdog418 Lord of Altera

    In-game Town/City:
    Maria Sharna
    Full Titles:
    Nickname/Alias: Maria

    Age: 100 years old
    Gender: Female
    Race: Silver Elf
    Social Status: Noble

    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: Never ask a girl that

    Date of Birth: (Unknown) a long time ago
    Date of Death: not dead.
    Homeland: ~unknown~
    Former Homes: Riddleport and the Silver palace

    Build: Great shape does not look strong but can kick A** when needed
    Hair: Jet Black
    Eyes: Silver

    Skin: Pale white
    Identifying Marks: none

    Clothing: White robes with gold and blue inlays.
    Weaponry: A sword she keeps with her always.

    Prized Possessions: A gold necklace that was given to her it help her overcome things
    then she gave it to Sheyra Verenna (Windara: Silentwindara's alt) to remember her by and help her out.

    Hygiene: She has great hygiene

    Strengths: She is strong and smart and she has a high pain tolerance is
    great at blending in
    Fears: the only fear is fear its self
    Weaknesses: falls in love a lot
    Intelligence: is very smart reads a lot and asks a lot of questions .
    Languages: Common Tongue, Elven
    Profession: She formally worked for the bloody coin, And was formally a Pirate,

    Life story: She grew up in a noble family her family had her at a relatively old age so they died when Maria was relatively young. Now Maria in her life to make her way in the world did a few jobs. She started as getting a job to be a Silvercloak the Queen's royal men who protected the land. Then she moved up and spy for the The Silver Crown. She was personal spy to the Queen in fact. Now during this she got a side job as Assassin for The Bloody Coin. Now she was working hard to set herself up. She even partook and help planed in a revolution against The Inquisition because of their corruption. She then after a while left. She went far away to a far away place to get away from civilization. Then she came back and the world was not like she remembered but the people were still the same. She found herself in a situation. She needed a job. The Crown did not care about her and The Bloody Coin was all gone. The Silvercloaks were gone. She had nothing. But then her best friend gave her an opportunity. She could be a pirate. So she took up the job and became a pirate. She lived a nice life for a while then she met Elohim Hesperus. A dashing young man who she got married to an then they had their kids first Azrael (daughter), and then Abaddon (son). Now Maria lived a good life until her first son Cassiel died in a fight. Cassiel was always rude to everyone around him and problem deserved what he got but no matter how much pain a son causes his mother you can only love him. Maria lived with her sons death but didn't let if affect her. She moved on with her life until one day came when some men came into the Hesperus house and started trashing everything. They wanted Elohim because he took some money from them with no intention of paying it back. But Elohim showed his true side that day when he ran and hid not helping his family. Azreal was hidden by Maria but just as Maria found a spot for Abaddon an attacker came in and at first tried to stab Abaddon. But Maria stepped in the way of the blade taking the full stab. She wanted her kids to live so the stab only brought adrenaline to her. She stabed the first attacker with her trusted sword "Fatum Hastam" she then walked out with the sword still stabbed in her to face the remaining two attackers. She fought with them and got stabbed and cut a few times but managed to kill the attackers. Then she fell to the floor and died. Or did she... The attackers wernt really after Elohim. No they were after her. Elohim made that story up for his kids. Maria had to go into hiding untill she knew it was safe to return. Maybe she will soon...

    SilentWindara's lovely drawing
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2017
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  2. MrTeamSparky

    MrTeamSparky Single

    Character Name:
    Edérn Lefétome

    I thought I was the age you don't ask
  3. Jdog418

    Jdog418 Lord of Altera

    In-game Town/City:
    its both but its more rude to ask how much a girl weighs then how old she is
  4. MrTeamSparky

    MrTeamSparky Single

    Character Name:
    Edérn Lefétome


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