Finished May 12) 4pm est The Call for mage and Divine


Lord of Altera
Those of the Divine Council and Divinely blessed are invited to the city of slyannen, along with all mages and magus's for a peacefull gathering to talk over the divide between the two groups as well as how to move forward together to better be prepared to face the threats that may rise, and that are around still against the world as a whole.

Sorry for the short narration today at work was crazy and im very tired, but this is a peaceful event nwalme had one similair once but I cant recall if the results were made public or not my brain is fried, this would be the next step to gather and continue such talks and decisions the results posted.
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Lord of Altera
I won't be coming purely because it's peaceful. And Olive doesn't want her status known haha.
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The event may be delayed from 10-30 minutes as he's currently not home and it's not certain when he'll be home.​