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Upcoming {May 6th} Learning the Doctrine


Essentially a Chihuahua
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As time passes and the need for peace grow, Lillium has called for those faithful and those wishing to learn of the doctrine of the Great Mother. A series of lessons for those wanting to worship Shalherana and bring honor to her name. For those wishing to understand her views on the world and respect her ideals.

Date: May 6th
Time: 4pm EST
Event Description: A small sermon and teaching of Shalherana
Location: Natri'Evar, Isle of Shalherana
Public/Private?: Public

Elz Lannis Solus @Idon'tknowwhoelse
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Essentially a Chihuahua
Retired Council Member
Will have to move this to Sunday, between all the other events overshadowing and my brother making plans.