[Militaristic Society/Culture] The Enclave


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T h e E n c l a v e
''The Defenders of the South''

God is with us everywhere we walk. His might emblazons our holy weaponry, he is in
The blood we draw. He is in our hearts. He is with you and I, He is you and I. Our embodiment
Of Human Incarnation, our soul need for War and Passion, the Lust for Bloodshed. Party for
Eternity, because in the end, that’s what we do anyway.

Next to none. These people operate on a case-by-case basis throughout the realm that they dominate. Sovereign after a contract is complete. They currently are at war with the House of Sangria, though not as happy about it as they could be. They are held not by creed nor by their blood, they are held by banner, to fight for Eternity; For Honor, For Bloodshed, For Crusade.

House Plug.
[???] [???]

Respected Affiliates:
Anhald. (The Church)

Ruby Isle.

Fuvurian Empire.
Kingdom of Sangria.

Border Friction:
The House of Telarion.

Requirements to join, or be apart of:
This is not bound by race. Save for perhaps Greylings or Caparii, it’s unheard of, almost. Special cases are noted in the Enclave, but otherwise open. Age is not an issue, however acceptance into the militant forces are barred at the age of fifteen, earlier in ones young life you’re already taught the sword and the cases surrounding it. Forsake Heresy and Annointment from a Paleblood; the Enclave’s Founder.

Societal Quirks:
Gloriously nationalistic towards their country aswell as their kith and kin. Based on somewhat of a caste system, the cities social groups are based on a few classes, the Citizen-Gentry, the Nobility and the Inner Circle. These groups make up the fine interworking of the Enclave and all of it’s territories, it’s extension great where it can manifest. Foreign policy with most if not all of the people who hail from this specific culture are typically welcoming, though not dull. Racism is Abhorred, though Greylings are seen as monsters, sentient or not.

Common Equipment and Vanity:
The apparel and load-out, so to speak- of the people of the Enclave are relatively dark in color often accented with silver or reds in any given circumstance. Though on hot or tense days, less clothing typically down to the breeches is accepted though in modest regard a shawl or a cloak is typically demanded by ones betters. In armored warfare however, it’s often seen men with blackened iron armor, fitted to size with their bodies an properly tempered so as to maintain hardness as opposed to flexibility.

Vanity apparel such as ‘lipstick’ or balms are commonly accepted and produced on a cosmetology market whereas berets and cigars are sold exclusively to men and such, seen something as a status marker than anything else. Corsets and long-tailored suits are common and sometimes tailored suits are made as an extension to women all the same.

Armor for men and women doesn’t vary. They are tailored to form and are as follows:
  • Standard Plate Harness or Brigandine/Chain dependant on choice.

  • Barbute/Sallet

  • Pauldrons-Couter-Gauntlets

  • Greaves-Polyns-Sabatons
And weapons are commonly associated with the following all the same.
  • Standard Bastard Sword or Longsword, dependant on choice.

  • Polearm, be it a halberd or a lucerne, dependant on choice.

  • A warpick aswell as a shovel.

  • Crossbow. Not arbalest. That would be dumb.

  • Miscellaneous weapon of his or her choice.

Way of Life:
Warlike in aspect, the people of the Enclave are hardy or simply well-built as opposed to lanky or lithe. Commonly dying before the age of sixty if human and etc for others due to their rash lifestyle and drinking habits. So true is it that there are instances where they live longer, it’s merely a testament to their wizened lives.

Bi-Annual Festival:

Blessing of the Irons:
Commonly known as a blessing of ones own weapon prior to the New Year and any Solstice, this event is rare even for these folks as partying and dancing is already common place. Though this is a means to pledge allegiance once again to not only the Lord, but the Crusade and it’s never-ending might. Weapons are ritually blessed amidst animal blood and heated as a form of cleansing, to which a feast is held soon after with freshly hunted game.

The religion and pious peoples within the more.. Debaucherous state and lands of the Enclave are no less religious than those of the North, but rather shifted in ethic. These people worship nay for boons, but rather for the hope and safety in divinity that their God brings them. So true is it aswell the people who worship wish often that their loved ones are kept safe in their respective gods loving arms for all Eternity. Heresy, like any society should see it, are rebuked and sometimes lashed or slain.

: The Eternal Armor of Divine Might; this primeval force is the main-worshipped deity in the Capital Territories for strength and honor. A canvas to follow.


Shalherana: She revives our soldiers.

Ignis Synnove: Her Zealous followers are a respected force in the Pantheon, as such are renown in the city, she has a place at the Grand Shrine.

Rahas: Even they too, are needed in aspects of society. War must go on, so to, must they.

The Grey Lady: Funeral Rites and Honor in death are important, these too are known.
Korog: Despite the Common Nobles regard for the dwarves, their pertinent master is regarded as a necessary being. Or they could do without and people beat eachother with fists for eternity.

All unlisted.

Visage; The Divine Pretender, these people abhor his existence purely due to the issues of his peoples, for tarnishing his name and not smiting those who claim to be his. For these people to incur his wrath would pose a holy war with it’s end goal to destroy this entity. Harboring killers of the innocent will be answered by justice by it’s true dealer, Crusade.

Jishrim; Whats on the tin. They’re hated with a burning passion and any who follow them are seen as scum of the earth. For these people to incur his wrath would pose a holy war with it’s end goal to destroy this entity.

The Heretical Gods; Those whom try their finest to initiate another being into the Holy Divine Pantheon. Including but not limited to-
She Who Is Beyond Names
Bilworth; Hated.

Social Classes
Hardly something to sneer at, most people that reside in the Enclave do not find themselves jobless, and most who reside in it find themselves in lucrative business in any given circumstances regardless. The people that reside find themselves in good health and are relatively well-fed in any situation for the most part. War is apart of their lives, adding to their sanity or lack-there-of. Alcohol is a core substance to cope.

Gentry; Shareholders
Something commonly confused with forced service, though true is it that many people in the younger society join out of zeal and pride for their state or country, the people here serve for ‘x amount of years’, leave, and stay in their counties for an interdetermined amount of time as a defender of that specific region wherever the Enclave holds. Slavery is not common, but is not necessarily frowned upon. Easy to ascend, in theory. In practice is something completely different.

Nobility; The Guardians
Those with this position in society are seen to be an example of someone who has truly worked up in existing within the realm, a prominent place for a prominent person, be them wealthy or a great combatant at war or a friend to the Inner Circle, this however is immensely uncommon. Those come to find themselves in this position realize the dire circumstance of the world around them, and are granted the right to not only hold land, but recruit military forces. Based on merit, not bloodline.

The Inner Circle; The Exalt
Commonly reserved for whoever leads the order. Revival or Resurrection is to be remedied by a regent until time is either passed, and the dead is presumed eternally at rest. The only class in the society allowed to maintain trade deals, foreign policy and can appoint specific people to certain courts. To oppose this rule is seen as a death sentence.

Arike Lyssain Va'Lyre Payne. Exalt of the Enclave. Inner Circle.
Aemon von Amador. The Lion Knight. Nobility.
Robert Plug. Lord of the Architects. Nobility.

Tandilwe. Stewardess. Gentry.
James 'Hamish' Longtree. Knight. Gentry.
Ferdinand. Soldier. Gentry.
Malthorn/Wulfric. Soldier.Gentry.
Igvarr. Soldier. Gentry.

Insert Credit Here:
Cukie1 Ruu

Currently Recruiting.

Discord/Skype Username: (Private or Public)
Requesting Residence: (Y/N)
Character: (Your Character)
Character Age: (Your Character’s Age)
Former/Present Allegiance: (Idc if you lie on this.)

(IC is seen as a letter, remember that you’re addressing a prominent figure.)
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Ever wonder why it's in Crusades lore that gold & green are forbidden?
I knew because you told me lmao. The end of Arike's character arc was the attempt to either kill Vorar or die by his hand.

Though true is it that Arike is also somewhat of a no-body so I shouldn't bother.


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I knew because you told me lmao. The end of Arike's character arc was the attempt to either kill Vorar or die by his hand.

Though true is it that Arike is also somewhat of a no-body so I shouldn't bother.
When did that happen?


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last year or so give or take, it was after exodus.

edit: It didn't work out, we weren't even allowed to because an event had to get pushed in front of it.
Eh let's set it up it'll be fun.

Some zealot vs his god's dad (who also whooped that god real good one time)

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