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About You!

1. What is your Minecraft username?
2. How old are you?
Im 13, I know the age limit is 14 but I think im mature enough, ive roleplayed for 2 years now on many servers and had many roles. If you dont trust me then just deny the application, if not then keep reading and see what im capable of.
3. What country are you from?
4. Have you read the King's Law, Code of Conducts, Official Lore, and the Player Guides yet?
Yes, I have.
5. In your own words, how would you define metagaming and powergaming?
Metagaming is when you share IC (In character) info OOCly (Out of character), example, telling someone where your character is on discord.
Powergaming is controlling someones character/actions, for example: /me Raises his fist and hits his temple, making him die
6. Do we allow X-Raying mods or X-Ray texture packs on the server?
7. Name one of our current Mentors.
Jinny (Seolall)
8. Tell us about yourself!
Im a thirteen year old male born in Jordan! I enjoy art, science and English! I mostly enjoy Modern music, but id honestly listen to anything if its not some pop that will blow my ears out. I currently have no pets even though I love animals, in fact I strive to be a veterinarian when im older! Not sure if this is important information, but its still about me so; im a "hidden" homosexual living in a very homophobic country, which makes life sometimes difficult but ive learnt to get through it! Im really not that interesting of a person, I just love to sit around and chill with people mostly. Just sit there on the server and watch some food on youtube, anyone with me? Im an extreme foodie, though I enjoy exercise and good health. I love everything to do with food! And I also love physical health, to me, looking good is everything, but I also dont really care what people look like, I love everyone for who they are as a person because I want to treat them how I want to be treated. Thats it for now, toodles~

9. Do you have any examples of your work?
Ive written an 800 word character biography for another server before, ill paste it below. All of the events in it have been roleplayed out via the server, except for the jobs which I had to apply for on theirr forums.
10. Did anyone refer you? If not, how did you find our server?
I was honestly just looking through google for a new server, its hard to find some good ones these days.

Character Name:
Hera Allerton
Character Age:
Character Race:
Silver elf
Hera is young elf in her late 60's, standing at 5'6" weighing about 126 pounds. She'd have a straight posture and an hourglass build. Her face would always look up confidently, with her ocean blue eyes and weirdly orange hair. Her skin would be near perfect, she really does look like a perfect woman....
(Optional) Picture of the Skin:
Written Test! (Backstory)
Hera was born into nobility, she had everything she needed, she had a house, a "common" family and had the education she needed. She really had it all, is what she thought. She was living in a "utopia", had what millions wished for. Her father, Pluotarchos (Originally from Greece) who was also born into a noble life, didnt care much about anything, he basically had it all and lived the life, soon marrying Hesita a lovely woman who also came from a rich family. Within the first 34 years together they had Hera, they named her that because thats what Pluotarchos' mother was called, it was very special to him. Now back to Hera, she was an alone child, meaning she had all her "daddy's" money for herself. She bought everything money could buy, her life started getting boring at 16 only! She just spent, then spent, and spent, then guess what? Spent! All her money had gone to waste, she had tons so that never really crossed her mind. But finally she found a new hobby! Throwing rocks at the trees!!! It truly sounds boring but it did the job for... A few months?? And now back to boredom, is what Hera always remembered thinking at that age. Her mother always said its a phase and she'd grow out of it. Time passed and now she's 18, it hasn't changed. Overtime she finished her education as a woman and started wanting to explore the outside, which her father didnt allow.. Hera was never allowed to go outside the house, "No peasant shall touch her!" is what her father always said. Around this time, Hera was 20, still bored from life, having nothing to do as a trapped female in a mansion. So far, Hera has never felt happiness, all she felt was boredom, always... Boredom. As time passed, she realized her life was a complete dystopia, not a utopia at all! Everything was always no! So it was time to make her move, to run away! She planned it for an entire year, she's now 23, ready to slide out of this life and start a new one! It was night-time when she went in her "daddy's" room and stole a sack of gold and ran out, making some loud noises in the process... But she got away with it! Hopefully.. She got to the main-door, which had no guards for some odd reason. Opened it, and... Locked! It was locked! How dare they! "Hmph" Hera complained. Then she got an idea and went up to her room. She wanted to jump out the window, sadly she didnt really want to die in the process, so that plan was cancelled. After hours of thinking, Hera slipped on a slipper and made a bang she started panicking! What will she do!! She ran back to her bedroom and closed the door as she went into her princess bed and read her book "Dream catchers". Suddenly the door slammed open and her mom running in worried as ever! She thought Hera had been kidnapped! Hera wished that had happened, honestly. Thats when she gave up, she spent he next 6 years trapped in this sad, sad life. She was 29 when she finally went up to her father and told him she doesnt want to live like this anymore! She ran up to him and told him that she's leaving, hoping he would accept it. Surprisingly, he did. "Well that was easy" Hera said. The words he said were words she never forgot, "Be yourself, and do what you want to do in life, my little princess". By now, Hera was running to her room to pack, she got her stuff and zoomed to her parents to give them a final hug before she left, and of course she got her trusty big sack of gold coins with her. Finally, she exited the house and went to explore! Now she's 32 and is still exploring, still not knowing what anything is and living under trees, even though she still visits her family for "sleep-overs" when she's very tired.
Current Setting of the Server:
Sorry... I dont get this question...
Next is a character biography I wrote for another character a while ago, it was for another server but you asked for any writings, so here you go:
Elijah Spencer grew up with asthma due to his mother smoking. His dad became more responsible about him and cared about him dearly. When Elijah became 2 years old he developed spring allergy making it much harder for his dad to take care of him. A day he will never forget is the day he started expressing his feelings through art, he started to become very optimistic into sharing his true feelings out, it was a big relief to him and it really helped him become a very positive person in general. At the age of 8 he was sent to school and made many friends. His teachers admired him for being so positive and optimistic. When he was 10 he developed trust issues when one of his friends betrayed him. As he grew older he became more optimistic, he was also very fascinated with the science of humans, biology. By the time he was 16 he dyed his hair and changed his clothing style. When he became 18 he graduated high school successfully. At 19 he went to college and learned how to drive, he took a major of biology. By the time he got into college he realized he has ADHD, which made it much harder for him to graduate but he soon overcome it with his dads support, even though it still haunts him till this day. He spent 4 years in college for a bachelor’s degree. He then finished college successfully with a bachelor’s degree of 94% and went for holiday for self-expression for 2 years, in his holiday he was a new man. He found out a lot about himself and became even more optimistic and positive, he was very grateful for his fortunate life and despite everything that happened in his life, he was still alive and positive about living. He finished his holiday at 25. He left his home and went to Japan to pursue a new life. He bought an apartment and taught in a school in Japan. After 2 years he decided to take a tour in Karakura, he found it very fascinating and lovely. He then sent a message to his old school to leave.

Finally he applied for a job at Karakura high as a biology teacher, hoping to be accepted. Later that day, he got a reply from the school and got accepted as a science HD! He spent his time teaching students there for a long time before finding someone who was the love of his life. Sueki Hui, a 21 year old lunchtime monitor. They met when Sueki was 17 and their meeting wasn’t very ideal… Elijah’s first impression of Sueki was a blood-fetish freak, since he got a book from him asking other students to suck their blood. Elijah threatened to call the police, which he later did, but the police didn’t do anything about it despite saying they will… Elijah and Sueki started talking more after Sueki became more “normal”, they became good friends. After a while Sueki confessed his love for Elijah, which Elijah denied at first because of Sueki’s age. Later, he gave Sueki a chance leading up to them breaking up almost 5 times because of age. When Sueki became 21 he applied for lunchtime monitor at the same school, that’s when their life changed, they were happy together and age wasn’t a concern anymore. Time passed and Elijah proposed to Sueki, with a positive answer. They then moved in together and lived happily ever after. Until a student came by the name of Aphrodite Means, her dad was Elijah’s friend and his will wanted Elijah to take care of Aphrodite as long as she stays apart of the “Means” family. Elijah explained to Sueki and it was fine to him, so Elijah was now the caretaker of Aphrodite. Time passed and here comes Cat, a young female adopted by Elijah’s friend, Dani. Cat and Elijah bonded well as father and daughter, despite being just “Friends”. Cat later confessed she never had a dad, and saw Elijah as a fatherly figure. Leading Elijah to later adopt her with the permission of Dani, since Dani already had 3 biological babies to handle. A very long time passed as a happy family and Elijah decided to go back to Germany to study again to become a nurse at Karakura. So he left for a year to study, it only took a year because he already studied a lot about biology and anatomy so he didn’t need much more to learn, so it took a year. A year later Elijah came back to Karakura and tried applying for head nurse at Karakura High, disappointment fell when the role was taken, he tried applying to be a biology teacher again and it was also taken. He went on the newspaper looking for available jobs, to try out temporarily. He found out that the nearby college was hiring professors, he applied for nursing. Hoping it would be accepted, he sent his application over to the college. For a temporary job until he can become a head nurse at Karakura.

Thanks for reading, toodles~
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I regret to inform you that I'm unable to accept an applicant if they're under the required age of 14 years. Please reapply when you're 14. If you have any questions or concerns about the age cap, message one of the staff team members.