Finished [Moderate] A Springtime Hunt (Astrakhan, 2/24/2019, 3 PM CST)


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Posters such as these are put up in Storm's Landing, Mockingbay, Astrakhan, Queensport, and anywhere else that it is allowed..


At long last, the Arboribus Custodes have declared that the Forests of Astrakhan have fully recovered from the Destruction of the Blight!
As such the Basileos has lifted the Prohibition on Hunting and Foraging and will be holding a celebratory Hunt in a weeks time, once the frost has finally abated. He invites all and sundry to come and take part in this glorious occasion, whether they're a member of the town or a foreigner, a plebeian or patrician, or a novice trapper or an expert huntsman! Prayers to Theodra will be offered for Her Assistance in the hunt, and to Shalherana for allowing us to take part in the bounty She has Provided for all.
To make things interesting, the hunt will not conclude until the Party has at least acquired the following:
- Ten rabbits
- Ten pheasants or partridges
- Two deer or mountain goats
- Four badgers
- The largest boar in the forest. It is roughly the size of two men, with tusks as large as swords! He is named, "Rex Porcius"; King Pig. Thirty thousand radiants will go to the person brave enough to slay the animal in single combat!
- Two pails of blackberries
- Two pails of strawberries
- A dozen wild carrots, parsnips, or two dozen bunches of samphire.
- Two dozen truffles
Monetary and material rewards will go to those who manage to take down an animal in an especially impressive manner.
Some Requirements:
- In order to go on the Hunt, you must be armored in at least a gambeson but no more than maille or brigandine; we must make this a fair hunt for the animals. Open-faced helmets are acceptable.
- Participants must use only daggers, one or two handed axes (this does not include polearms such as halberds or poleaxes), hunting swords, spears, slings, javelins, bows, and hunting crossbows. Magic is prohibited (unless in dire circumstances), as are martial weapons. Shields are acceptable. Trappers must let other participants know where they have put traps and denote them with a brightly colored cloth. Those with hounds must keep them in control if there is a hunter attempting to kill an animal alone.
- Should there be a participant that wishes to attempt slaying an animal alone, the others must respect their wishes. This means that the participant has at least six shots to instantly kill or maim the animal or ten minutes to take the beast in single combat. If they fail within that mark, other hunters may engage themselves in dispatching the animal.
- Keep a good attitude about oneself. This is not a time to bring up quarrels and past conflicts. There should only be friendly competition, and nothing more. Violence against other party members will be met with immediate expulsion from the Hunt or worse. If anything, this ought to be a time where enemies can put aside their differences and focus on working together. Guards will be present to keep the peace.
- Every part of the animal must be used, and the Party should not kill more than they can carry; together, in their arms.
- Every member should bring a medical kit, a tinder box, a flint and steel, and a bedroll, should the hunt take more than a day.
After the hunt, a feast will be held, in which the bounties will be prepared by the members of the Party. All are invited to the feast, even if you did not hunt. Rewards, toasts, and speeches will be given out at this point.
OOC: So, I'll need at least 2 people to temp as guards to keep the peace, and I will also need a Mentor or Staff Member to DM the boar known as Rex Porcius.
The way the hunt will go is rather simple; I will select a few players in the event to roll a d20 (everyone will get a chance, don't worry!). Depending on the number, the animal will be either a small game animal (such as a dormouse or rabbit) or a large one. Another d20 is rolled by me, and I will halve that (if possible); this represents the size or number of animals found. Rolling a 1-5 means the party finds something like a rabbit or mouse, 6-10 is a badger, deer, or large bird, and 11-20 is a boar, moose, wolf, wolverine, or bear. At an undisclosed time, I will have the DM take the role of Rex Porcius, and the party has to deal with that. Foraging can just be done on the way.
The hunt may continue for a few days if we can't get everything- in which case your character can go home and I'll find another date. But I'm going to try and keep it to one day. The same can be applied to the feast; if everyone is too tired (or your character is injured), I'll just find a date for the feast :)
In order to join the hunt, please use the template below:
Minecraft IGN:
Character Name:
Role? (Trapper or Hunter?)
Inventory (Specifically for the Hunt- weapons, armor, dogs, etc):

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Tentative, but I'll try to make it

Minecraft IGN: Osbern

Character Name: Tirius Westergard

Role? (Trapper or Hunter?) Huntah

Inventory (Specifically for the Hunt- weapons, armor, dogs, etc): Brigandine over gambeson, dagger, hunting crossbow, spear. Two shorthaired pointers (scenthounds).
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Sure, why not.

Minecraft IGN:
Character Name:
Ayda Ulamyar​
Role? (Trapper or Hunter?)
Inventory (Specifically for the Hunt- weapons, armor, dogs, etc):
Armor: Leather armor with bits of metal to protect vital parts​
Weapons: Short bow, quiver with arrows, Seax, Falchion known as Darkstar, Iron Shortsword​
Animals: Jala the Gyrfalcon, Vakhr the Companion (Looks like a White German Shepard/Husky mix)​
Carried: Bag filled with food and various medical supplies, a bedroll in case they get stuck, an empty pack to carry things as they go through the hunt.​
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Amor Fati
If I can make it, I will be happy to be a guard :)

Ol' Tempius Maximus will keep the peace for you.


Let`s get some more rabbits :D

Minecraft IGN: Exosferik

Character Name: Foce Foxtail

Role? (Trapper or Hunter?): Trapper

Inventory (Specifically for the Hunt- weapons, armor, dogs, etc):

Tough jerkin made of many layers of deer leathers.
Hatchet, skinnig knife, simple bow and arrows.
Coil of cord to make snares. Lenght of rope to make bigger traps. Satchel of dried herbs, fruits and mushrooms to use as bait.
Sewing and fishing kits, some kindling and a flint. Rations of hardtack and smoked meat.


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I'd love to be there but with it being tech week we had an extra rehearsal scheduled Sunday during this so I'll have to miss. ;-; sorry fam


Lord of Altera
Hey this is in T minus three days! We'll need one more guard! Also, everyone can join in the event- the "applications" are more just to see what skill sets each member has- not filling one out doesn't disqualify you from attending ^-^


The Jesterator
Minecraft IGN: Complicatedcase

Character Name: Cloud Riverborn

Role? (Trapper or Hunter?) hunter

Inventory (Specifically for the Hunt- weapons, armor, dogs, etc):
A falchion and two thrown axes as well as a couple lengths of rope and a stiletto.
Also he has all the luck in the world ;)

(I'll be about 30 minutes late but I am sure that will end up fine)