Finished [Moderate/Public] -= Sanguine Compact =- 6/6/2018 [3 EST]

Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera

"Take care of your weapon, and it will take care of you."
St. Veleti; Book of Whispers, Chapter XIV

True is it that the war with the Scion has dampered the souls and
tarnished blade and armor alike. All banners, folk and noble
knightly orders are invited to the Pyre and visit the Cathedral
of Crusade in order to have their arms and armor buffered, and
granted a bit of respite and time to plan and bond with others of
the Holy Pantheon.

So as well is it, would a short prayer to the Lord of War, a sacrifice
in his name in the form of war trophies as well as a couple words
over the recently deceased gods of the Pantheon be thanked, it is the
least we can do so as to honor their name, for they gave their lives
in service of Mortality, and to defend their kith and kin of the

This however demands that zealotry be left at the Gates of the Pyre
itself, and that breaching this trust will not be taken lightly. Neutrality,
while perhaps not exactly a favor of Crusade, is necessary. Fighting
men are assets, and cannot be wasted against this righteous war against
the Scion, and his damnable subjects.

-[ OOC ]-

Everyone is invited to Silvers Pyre to get your weapons, armor and
anything artifact based or something else fixed up and or repaired, as-well
as a short sermon to/about Crusade in order to assist in the growing conflict.
Snacks and such will be provided ICly after the prayer and ceremony is over.

I ask that everyone refrain from being kill-happy as frankly this server has
had enough of it and at this point it's not exactly benefitting storyline. Just
have some neutrality for a bit or something for a bit, tryna do story.

[As it's not within a weeks period, if divinity occurs, that's ok. If it doesn't, same thing.
I tag Lannis anyway.]


Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera
Depending on peoples attendance, I'm willing to schedule earlier or later, but get a consensus before Wednesday. Thank you.

Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera
Reiteration as a lot have asked:

This is a public event, I am however asking that you're all rather cordial about it.