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Wanted to make an Arget vintage postcard for fun, Alec convinced me to post it here. Might possibly make more of these for different regions, depends on how lazy I am at the time. EDIT: If you want me to do a region just send me a pm and we can discuss it or something idk how this works.
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Below is a map of Arget and the area we control both IC as the Arget Isles and OOC due to our region of protection between the obvious built regions in the East and South, but also between less visible regions we own to the west and north end of the island. We did not put markers on the map for these regions because we felt it cluttered up an already cluttered map. However, that did leave an issue where folks can't visually tell our region of protect easily. To help with this we're going to place small watch towers on our plots in theses areas so it will quickly be visible that the island area is claimed.

This area will be maintained mostly unbuilt upon so that it can continue to serve as a 'wilderness' area for the players who go to Arget and want to have both formal events and casual RP in a 'wild' setting but still close to civilization.


Note: This is not to call any one in particular out or anything like that, if anything its calling myself and Alec out for not putting a visual marker for folks to see easily.