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"Rise From The Tides"
[RP Status: Closed]
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Founded on the islands by the Eastern Shores of our new lands, Veraci stands as a symbol of prosperity and growth. Veraci is quick walk from Storm's Landing past the vineyards, along the river, and through southern edge of the Cerulean Forest.

Alternatively, travel south-east from the grand halls of Mockingbay by following the road along the shores of the delta and through the entirety of the Cerulean Forest. To the east of Veraci lies the virgin lands of Stirling Reserve, while to the west you'll find untouched lands all the way to Sangrian territory.

So you want to create a native Veracian? It's pretty easy! Veraci is inspired by Venice, so all you have to do is make a character that would fit right into Venetian culture. If you still need inspiration, here's a website for appropriate first and last names: https://www.s-gabriel.org/names/arval/venice14/

Veraci does not recruit players. If you wish to join, you must seek us out by posting here or contacting us in game/on the forums. Occasionally we will advertise open positions and jobs, but those postings are public and available to all. Any who wish to become a part of Veraci are welcome.

Veraci is not affiliated with any other groups. By default, the town welcomes any and all people of any race, House, affiliation, religion, age, et cetera. The primary goal of Veraci is to provide a fun, new place to RP and have events and a good place to trade.

There is no official religion and its members, residents, and guests are free to worship whomever.

The vast majority of property in Veraci will be available for sale. Once you purchase property, you must adhere to the following rules:
  • Tasteful interior edits are allowed
  • All exterior edits must be approved by leadership, other than changing window colors and adding tasteful chimneys, leaves, et cetera.
  • No basements allowed.
  • Use of your property must match its zoning (i.e. commercial, residential, mixed)
The following rules govern your property:
  • Once you purchase property from leadership, it is yours to do with as you please (other than following the rules listed above).
  • If you sell your property to another player, please notify leadership so we can track who owns what properties.
  • You can rent/sublet your property to your heart's desire.
  • Should you announce you are leaving the server without having made arrangements for your property, you forfeit your property and everything in it to the City.
  • Should you become de-whitelisted, you forfeit your property and everything in it to the city.
What are the advantages of buying in Veraci?
  • Cost-efficient: Let's face it. Storm's Landing is expensive. Many shops fail in Storm's landing because it costs too much to keep it up. Imagine paying a 1-time fee for unlimited use! Once you pay off your overhead, every rad is tax free and pure profit!
  • Unique Design: Veraci's style is second to none! Sure, other cities offer big builds, and some even have canals. But we offer it all in the same place. Our builds are upscale yet affordable. Trust me, we're not gonna make any rads in this town.
  • Location: Your shop or house or guild hall could be steps from spawn without all the red tape of spawn!
  • Investment: The cost of quartz in these builds are more expensive than what we're selling them for. These are desireable, so why not buy a few for resale? There are no limits on the number of properties you can own, loose restrictions on what you can do with them, and many ways to turn your property into profit!
  • Reinvestment: As with Tambry, leadership plans on buying materials from shops in Veraci. We can't afford to support local shops if we don't sell any builds, as we don't have any other unique sources of revenue. Also, we are out of quartz and out of rads, so we can't expand the city until we get some support.
RP is closed while we finish building the city, but we are out of resources and rads, so we need to start selling builds. The prices below are subject to change, so buy them now! Buying from us will help us expand the city, as we have a "sunken" district and a harbor planned. Plus we need to finish the canal system along the west side. But we can't afford to right now, so please buy our builds to help support our project and let us finish the build! The builds are listed below, with links to pictures of each build. Post this form if you want to buy property.

Character Sheet:
Joining House Veraci (doesn't exist yet, will be sent invite once we have the rads to buy it):
Desired Residency Classification: (OOC, Part-time IC, Full-Time IC):
Which property do you want?:
What purpose?: (OOC Shop, IC-Shop, OOC/IC Shop, IC House, Other)


2) Antilogy - Purchased March 23rd, 2018.
3) Hai_Paladin - Purchased March 20th, 2018.
4) Antilogy
6) Tiberione - Purchased March 28th, 2018
9) The Tottot - Purchased March 28th, 2018.
11) ShaolinPunk - Purchased March 4th, 2018.
13) Tiberione - Purchased March 28th, 2018.
15) Samwych - Granted August 1st, 2018.
16) Fronslin - Purchased March 23rd, 2018. *OWES*
17) Kamaoe - Purchased March 23rd, 2018.
18) Cukie1 - Purchased March 4th, 2018.
19) SpartanDory - Purchased April 2nd, 2018.
22) Paint - Purchased March 26th, 2018.
25) Cukie1 - Purchased March 28th, 2018.
Tiberione (Current Owner)
Archbishop (Founder)
Hai_Paladin (Founder)
The Tottot (Supplies)
Balatro (Moral support, rads, supplies)
Joseph12Q (Moral support and interior design)
Lady Alec (Artwork)
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So, update to Veraci.
As of June 10th, I have become the owner of Veraci. What this means for the region:
I will honor all previous purchases in the region. Anyone who has purchased a building in Veraci will still own that building. I have listed all land owners I could find on the previous thread, if you are not listed and own property please contact me and we will sort it out! I have tagged all property owners and contributors so everyone is updated and informed about what is going on with the region.

Now, onto the plan. Veraci is still currently not roleplayable, however my first priority is to make the city roleplayable by getting housing interiors/big features completed, and releasing parts of the region at a time so that people can start their character lives here. Anyone who has a build, I encourage you to start building interiors! We are also looking for builders who want to help expand the region!
I plan on hosting an event within a month to officially open the city. Lots of work to go from there!

As for leadership, I may change the structure of the governance of Veraci, I still need to speak to some people and see what the best options are.

Any questions about this transition, or if you'd like to join the city, please contact me!
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Just here to give a heads up. My build (the large red one) is meant to be shared with BoredBrit Elz and Luam if they're needing perms or if you see them around that build.


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Originally Antilogy and I were intending to take builds 3 and 4. Although we need to remove a bunch of mats out of build number 2.
You already own 3 - Sorry, I saw the sign in the map but didn't see it on the other thread - Will update.
As part of the purchase I gave control of 4 to Anti per his request.
Also he told us we could use the mats in 2-


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You already own 3 - Sorry, I saw the sign in the map but didn't see it on the other thread - Will update.
As part of the purchase I gave control of 4 to Anti per his request.
Also he told us we could use the mats in 2-
No worries and thanks! Also I had not heard about the mats, but that totally makes sense, hopefully they help.