MPM Player Sizing Guide


Lord of Altera
Here's a table for quick reference. Do note, for accuracy, 100% is mapped instead to Steve's height of 180cm, rounded to 70.87 inches.

I'll provide an error of two decimal places with the percentage so you may determine how you wish to round. Feel free to mess with the numbers as you like - these are provided only as approximations.

If you'd like to calculate your own, I recommend the following online calculator:

In box A, put 100
In box B, put 70.87
Leave box C blank
In box D, put your character's height in inches

Alternatively, for working in height in cm, put 180 in box B, then your character's height in cm in box D.

Normally this would be in table form, but since we don't have bbcode to build a table and I don't have access to HTML, you get a screenshot instead!


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