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(I am relatively new to RP, if my character acts weirdly or OOC you can check this page to see how the this character should act. Also feel free to tell me what I missed. Character still needs improvement)

I am consent with violence, it's fun actually. However I do not really want to die. (I mean, who does?)

General Information:


Name: "Gambit" (Nickname) Nathaniel Wright
Other Names: Nathan, Nate, "Shrouded Gambit"
Titles: Guild leader None

Age: 24
Race: Humon
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Storms Landing
Relationship Status: None
Social Status: Nobody

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eye Color: (Changed, may be revealed)
Skin Color: Slightly tanned
Shape of Face: Round
Distinguishing Features: None
Build of Body: Not very built but somewhat solid
Hair Color: (Changed, may be revealed)
Hair Style: Not too long not too short and semi-decently brushed
Straight, usually with arms folded
Is Seen By Others As: "Untrustworthy, ill-willed"
Scars: Scars on hands from working on the docks, one crossing right eye (Typical)
Voice: Henry from "Kingdom Come: Deliverance", slightly deeper

"Scratch someone's back, they come back a few years later and stab yours"
Likes: Traveling the sea, legends and stories, the Makani culture
Dislikes: Expensive food and aristocrats
Strengths: Stealth and agility
Weaknesses: Low strength
Fears: Generally not fearful, though doubtful. He fears getting exposed for his past crimes, so he keeps his head low
Values: Freedom! ('Murica 1776-2019)
Education: Self-educated through books
Languages: Fluent common, one or two phrases in Yakai
General Attitude: Chill
Religious Inclination: None. He was almost arrested for heresy back in Linistel
General Intelligence: Not an idiot, witty
General Sociability: Slightly below average
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Key: Not started/not complete[] W.I.P.[/] Done[X] Abandoned[-]

Short Term Goals:
  • Make some sort of living[x]
  • Talk to people and gain trust(Although that might be difficult)[/]
  • Keep his head low[/]
Long Term Goals:
  • Get a job[]
  • Get a guild together[]
  • Own a small town[]

Assassin's Vestment
Assassins Vestament.png
Scoundrel's Wraps
Scoundrel's Wraps.png
Armored (The body armor was given by his comrade upon death)
No cloak
Without Cloak.png
Jewelry: None
Pets/Animals: Chicken

Owned Homes: A home in the slums

Carried Inventory: A rapier (Pillager's Reach) behind his cloak, some coin in a pouch on his belt.

General Inventory: Money, non-perishable food.

General Wealth: Shows little, but has some carried.


Illnesses: None
Allergies: None
Injuries: None
Sleeping Habits: At night
Energy Levels: Medium
Eating Habits: Once or twice a day
Exercise Habits: Little, whenever he is bored and has nothing better to do
Memory: Good
Unhealthy Habits: Eats little and cheap food
Drinking Habits: Anything he can afford


Birthplace: Halbed

Childhood: Made in Halbed

Teen Years: Worked in Halbed and traveled to Linistel

Adulthood: Storm's Landing

Family History: Had a father, mother and 2 brothers.

Past Places of Residences: Halbed, Linistel

Places Traveled: Queensport, Linistel


Peaceful or violent: Violent if aggravated

Weaponry: 2 one-handed swords

Combat Training: Only from experience

Training & Skills:

Charisma [4/10] Still working on that...

Awareness [6/10] Being exposed to the wild gives good awareness

Luck [4/10] Never really worshiped Jax

Living [5/10] Can get into dangerous situations

Survivalist [5/10] No expert bushman but he knows the ropes

Craftsmanship [4/10] Basic survival gear

Alcohol tolerance [4/10]

Other Trivia:

Occupation: None
Favorite Types of Food: Bacon
Favorite Types of Drink: Milk
Hobbies/Pastimes: Sitting around, combat.
Favorite Colors: None, dislikes bright colors (Orange or pink)

Current Status:
12/30/18 Gambit is has came to Storm's Landing looking for work. He has settled in one of the houses in the slums for a fairly cheap price. He used to be a leader of an adventurer's guild back in Linistel, but tensions with the local guard that has increased for their heresy, theft and sale of contraband has eventually led to their dissipation in order to preserve themselves. Gambit was a rogue combatant, which did not help his reputation with the law-enforcers, and the guild worked on shady missions such as transport of illegal goods and pillaging uncharted islands. He longs for the life of an adventurer, but lack of money resulting from his trip has kept him in Storm's Landing, the heart of the empire, and must keep his head low to avoid being caught. He sometimes gets aboard a ship to Queensport, where he is not as well known by the militia, but is forced to come back due to lack of a place to live and funds.


Relevant Family Members: Father-Deceased, 2 brothers-Status unknown. Mother-Deceased

Romantic Interests: -

Trusted Friends: -

Friendly With: -

Kublai:"He is a fine fellow, a very friendly dwarf with a decent personality"
Dr. Fong:"He is a respectable man, there are not many like him in this world"

Loose Acquaintances: -

Olga Stonecutter:"She looks like a decent person, I do not know much more"
Isaac:"An honorable man, I only fought besides him, and I do not know much more"
Elizabeth Kane:"She seems like the ruler of the people, coming to the same tavern as the common folk. Such a leader has respect in my eyes, but then again, I lack any further grounding"
Cloud Riverborn:"A strange individual, he most likely doesn't trust me."
Lisbet:"Servant to the Kane house, I have only met her a handful of times".

Disfavored Individuals: -

Hated: -

Wary Of: -
"From what I have seen, he is a die-hard believer of Ignus. If he finds out I am a heretic, I might as well say goodbye to my head or any other relevant body parts."

(Let me know if I missed a person)

A rapier wielded by Gambit, Pillager's Reach, is an elaborately designed sword that he has purchased back in Linistel. It is decorated with gold and the pommel is an iron ball (Although on the picture it's not and looks like it's made of bone). The rapier has a good reach and an excellent stabbing edge. It is a lengthy weapon, so although it is light, it is not dual-wielded. It could be used with two hands for better control. The weapon is slightly shiny, mainly because it has tarnished over time, but still can luster in the bright sun. (There is no magical red glow on it, there is however, some red paint randomly located on the edges of the blade).




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Oh! Easy.
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Physique (In-depth):


Gambit has a decent constitution, he is relatively tall, and is light weight. His light weight is useful when it comes to stealth and agility, allowing him to move faster and with more ease. However, his strength is low, physical tasks that require heavy use of muscles can be difficult. His light weight allows him to be thrown around easily, especially by someone that has more strength. His agility is pretty good though, he is capable of quick movement of his limbs, throw fast and unpredictable punches, and has an increased overall haste stat (Energy regen, attack speed etc.).

Strength: [3/10] Raw strength.
If it would come down to an arm wrestle, he would probably lose to anyone, after some real struggle on his side of course.

Agility: [7/10] Ability to move quickly and easily.
[5/10] The understanding or mental powers of a particular person.
Has good logic, but lacks common sense. "You think you don't want it, but you do"

Stamina: [4/10] The ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.
Easily exhausted, he can keep up hard work for some time at very low energy, but has to stop eventually.

Aim: [6/10] The directing of a weapon or object at a target.
Haste: [7/10] Swiftness.

Parry: [5/10] Skill of reflecting with weapon.
Dodge: [7/10] Ability to move out of harm's way.

Page Divider.png

Combat Skills:
"Combat is a form of art, beautiful an satisfying"

Unarmed [6/10]:
"Fighting with your bare fists is a welcome challenge"
Gambit is a decent fighter. He has a high mobility and a good sense of awareness. He has a quick reflex, allowing for quick and successful parrying, and can plan out a battle before it has happened. Combat style is basic, based on the Legion fight style in shadow fight 3. All of his take-down abilities are from Shadow Fight 3 (When you grab an enemy and throw them on the floor).

Melee [6/10]:
"Precision and momentum are the key to success"
Gambit is fast and unpredictable with most weapons. He uses quick stabs and slashes in order to be as difficult to predict as possible. He has a slightly unusual fight style because of his agility, he can perform fast spin and jump attacks. He frequently kicks when in combat to while his enemy off guard, pushing them back and allowing him to advance with his enemies guard down.

Sword [5/10]:
"A simple yet practical weapon"
To Gambit, swords are the most simple and practical weapons, however, he does find that other weapons offer more diverse opportunities in combat. Swords are the preferable weapons of choice for him.

Bow [4/10]:
"When you cannot chase your enemies, let your arrows chase them"
With a high level of agility, Gambit can load arrows into the bow/crossbow with relative ease and quick speed, however his arrows that are fired from a bow lack a strong thrust. His accuracy with these kind of ranged weapons is relatively decent, and firing speed is not light speed but faster than an average archer.

Axes/Maces [3/10]:
"Crude weapons, not designed for particular style of combat"
Gambit is not a master with trauma weapons, primarily because strength is a primary stat for these weapons.

Polearms [4/10]:
"These weapons have great potential in any situation"
Gambit has a small passion for these weapons, although he never really uses them, he enjoys their fighting style. Quickly swinging the polearm and using the other end of it to suddenly jab the opponent in the face provide some satisfaction for him upon use.

Page Divider.png

Armor Choice:
"I am no coward who hides behind his armor"

Usually light and practical armor is preferred over heavy plated armor. Examples are chain or leather. However, excessive amount of armor is not usually worn.

Skill Set:

Decent(4-5/10)-Mediocre(3/10)- Poor(1-2/10)

-:Not Practicing ~Practicing x:Abandoned/Have not used in a long time

Practical Skills:
Cooking: [4/10] -
Fishing: [3/10] -
Hunting: [5/10] -
Crafting: [4/10] -
Scavenging: [5/10] ~
Smithing: [2/10] x
Mining: [2/10] -
Herbalism: [3/10] -
Alchemy: [1/10] x
First Aid: [4/10] ~
Skinning: [2/10] x
Engineering: [2/10] x
Weapon Uprgarding: [3/10] ~

Misc Skills:
Dancing: [3/10] -
Singing: [3/10] -
Gambling: [5/10] ~
Acrobatics: [4/10] ~
Tricks: [3/10] ~
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I would be careful about setting a starting characters “stats” too high, but otherwise an interesting character.


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I understand CloakedReaper, however, the stats that I did not show are relatively low and so did not note them, so it might seem that my character is good at everything. Sorry about that. Thanks though.


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-Lawful Good-
Nathan was born in Halbed, a port city on the North-East part of the continent. He worked at the docks and followed his father's command. He had 2 brothers and a mother as well. He has worked on the docks for most of his childhood, he was primarily a dock hand who helped around the docks. His older brother followed the foot steps of his father, getting himself into the lumber industry. His 2nd older brother joined a fishing company. Nate was often made fun off when he worked on the docks, mainly by the Sangrian sailors who called him "Lil' Nate". He spent most of his childhood listening to his mother's stories, being taught hard work by his father and learning the ropes on the docks. At the near end of his childhood, his mother has passed away from an illness, so he also had to accommodate for the family's food supply. He has always wished to become an adventurer, however his father and mother have disproved this, so he had to stay and work on the docks.


Teen Years:
-Neutral Good-
When he grew up to his teen years, not so lil' Nate became more and more interested in traveling the world. Eventually, his father has died. His last words to him were for him to find himself a living in the world. A few more years have passed since then (1 and 1/2 actually), and Nathan's brothers have set out to find their own lives. His eldest brother has moved to Queensport, and his other brother has left Halbed with his fishing company. Nate was alone in Halbed now, not knowing what to do with his life, whether he wanted to stay at Halbed or not. He then decided the Sangrians to take him with them on the next journey. They agreed, as Nathan already had a reputation for his knowledge of the work that would be required. The Sangrians have sailed for the city of Linistel, where he would experience his adolescent years.


-Chaotic Good-
When he has traveled to Linistel, he met an underground adventurer's guild, and got himself recruited. He slowly climbed the ranks of the guild, and eventually has become guild leader. The guild was know for pillaging forgotten ruins, fighting rare beasts and creatures and getting more loot for themselves. The government of Linistel was aware of their presence, and tensions grew. Nathan took on a pseudonym, 'Gambit', in order to conceal his true identity, and wore his signature cloak. Above that, a rival guild in the city was competing with them over loot and areas of influence. Didericus was the leader of the rivaling guild, he lead behind him thieves, brigands and illicit merchants. They have clashed with each other for a long time, far before Nathan has arrived, and becoming the new leader after the previous one has died, he had to sort the issue out. As both guilds began to have increasingly negative reputations with each other and, it eventually led to a full-out war. Nathan's guild was losing it's turf, and they were pushed back into smaller regions of influence. Didericus has led the final attack on them, in hopes of completely eliminating the guild. Nathan dismissed practically the entire guild, knowing that it will soon fall. However, three of his trusted generals remained to fight alongside him. Knowing that Nathan's guild dissipated before he could finish them off, he lead his right-hand men to face Nathan's. Nathan has ultimately lost the battle, losing all three of the most trusted people he had. During the confrontation, the local militia has intervened and arrested Didericus, but Nathan managed to escape the scene. Losing all that he had, he had to take a one-way ticket to Storm's Landing to escape prosecution by the government.



-Chaotic Neutral-

Moral Beliefs:
Page Divider.png
1. You shall lie to promote your freedom.

2. You shall not kill the innocent.

3. You shall not murder.

4. You shall help the needy if such action promotes your freedom.

5. You shall honor no authority above yourself.

6. You shall break the law whenever convenient.

7. You shall not betray others unless your life is in jeopardy.

8. You shall not aid enemies of freedom or those who promote law.

9. You shall not pursue pleasure, it is meaningless.

10. You shall promote unlimited freedom for yourself (To a certain extent).
Page Divider.png
10 commandments provided by (Slightly edited)​
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