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(I consent to violence in RP.)

General Information:


Name: "Gambit" (Nickname) Nathaniel Wright
Other Names: Nathan, Nate, "Gambit"
Titles: Guild leader None

Age: 24
Race: Humon
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Storms Landing
Relationship Status: None
Social Status: Nobody

Physical Appearance:

Weight: 130 lbs.
Eye Color: (Hidden)
Skin Color: Slightly tanned
Shape of Face: Round
Distinguishing Features: None
Build of Body: Not very built but somewhat solid
Hair Color: (Hidden)
Hair Style: (Hidden)
Posture: Straight, usually with arms folded
Is Seen By Others As: "Untrustworthy, ill-willed"
Scars: Scars on hands from working on the docks, one crossing the left eye.


"Scratch someone's back, they come back a few years later and stab yours"
Likes: Traveling the sea, legends and stories, looting
Dislikes: Aristocrats
Strengths: Stealth and agility
Weaknesses: Relatively weak
Fears: Generally not fearful, though doubtful. He fears getting caught for his past crimes, so he keeps his head low
Values: Freedom! ('Murica 1776-2019)
Education: Self-educated through books and experience
Languages: Fluent common, one or two phrases in Yakai
General Attitude: Chill
Religious Inclination: None. He was almost arrested for heresy back in Linistel
General Intelligence: Not an idiot, witty
General Sociability: Slightly below average
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Key: Not started[] W.I.P.[/] Done[X] Abandoned[-]

Short Term Goals:
  • Make some sort of living[x]
  • Learn about Storm's Landing[/]
  • Keep his head low[/]
Long Term Goals:
  • Get a job[/]
  • Get a guild together[]
  • Move out of Storm's Landing[]



Pets/Animals: A small brown chick.

Owned Homes: A home in the slums

Carried Inventory: A sword on his back, a sack of coins.

General Inventory: Money, non-perishable food.

General Wealth: Shows little, but has some carried.


Allergies: None
Injuries: None
Sleeping Habits: At night
Energy Levels: Medium
Eating Habits: Once or twice a day
Exercise Habits: Little, whenever he is bored and has nothing better to do
Memory: Good
Unhealthy Habits: Eats little and cheap food
Drinking Habits: Anything he can afford



Childhood: Made in Halbed

Teen Years: Worked in Halbed and traveled to Sanardu, then to Rogue's Hearth.

Adulthood: Storm's Landing

Family History: Had a father, mother and 2 brothers.

Past Places of Residences: Halbed, Sanardu, Rogue's Hearth

Places Traveled: Queensport, Sanardu, Rogue's Hearth


Peaceful or violent:
Violent if aggravated

Weaponry: A steel sword

Combat Training: Only from experience

Training & Skills:

Charisma [4/10] Still working on that...

Awareness [5/10] After being persecuted by enemy guilds and guards, he learned to be on edge.

Luck [4/10] Never really worshiped Jax

Survivalism [5/10] No expert bushman but he knows the ropes

Craftsmanship [4/10] Basic survival gear

Alcohol tolerance [4/10]

Other Trivia:

Favorite Types of Food: Bacon
Favorite Types of Drink: Tea
Hobbies/Pastimes: Sitting around, combat.
Favorite Colors: Red, black, blue, gray. Dislikes bright colors (Orange or pink)

Current Status:
12/30/18 Gambit is has came to Storm's Landing looking for work. He has settled in one of the houses in the slums for a fairly cheap price. He used to be a leader of an adventurer's guild back in Sanardu, but tensions with the local guard increased for heresy, theft and sale of contraband. This has eventually led to their dissipation in order to preserve themselves. Gambit was known for his crimes, which did not help his reputation with the law-enforcers, which persecuted him all the way to Storm's Landing. He longs for the life of an adventurer, but the lack of money resulting from his trip has kept him in Storm's Landing, the heart of the empire, and must keep his head low to avoid being caught. He sometimes gets aboard a ship to Queensport in an attempt to earn some cash, because where he is not as well known by the militia there, but is forced to come back due to lack of a place to live.


Relevant Family Members: Father-
Deceased, 2 brothers-Status unknown. Mother-Deceased

Romantic Interests: -

Trusted Friends: -

Friendly With: -

"He is a fine fellow, a very friendly dwarf with a decent personality"
Dr. Fong:"He is a respectable man, there are not many like him in this world"

Loose Acquaintances: -

Olga Stonecutter:
"She looks like a decent person, I do not know much more"
Isaac:"An honorable man, I only fought besides him, and I do not know much more"
Elizabeth Kane:"She seems like the ruler of the people, coming to the same tavern as the common folk. Such a leader has respect in my eyes, but then again, I lack any further grounding"
Cloud Riverborn:"A strange individual, he most likely doesn't trust me."
Lisbet:"Servant to the Kane house, I have only met her a handful of times".

Disfavored Individuals: -

Hated: -

Wary Of: -
"From what I have seen, he is a die-hard believer of Ignus. If he finds out I am a heretic, I might as well say goodbye to my head or any other relevant body parts."

(Let me know if I missed a person)



Gambit carries with him a black steel sword(The red/blue outline is just to separate the sword from the background, it is not there IC'ly). The sword is usually hidden, as it is sheathed on his back and covered by his cloak. The blade is relatively light, allowing the user to alternate between one-handed and two-handed attacks. He purchased the weapon in Sanardu, and carries it with him ever since.

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I would be careful about setting a starting characters “stats” too high, but otherwise an interesting character.


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I understand CloakedReaper, however, the stats that I did not show are relatively low and so did not note them, so it might seem that my character is good at everything. Sorry about that. Thanks though.


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-Lawful Good-
Nathan was born in Halbed, a port city on the North-East part of the continent. He worked at the docks and followed his father's will. He had 2 brothers and a mother as well. He has worked on the docks for most of his childhood, he was primarily a dock hand who helped around the docks. His older brother followed the foot steps of his father, getting himself into the lumber industry. His younger brother joined a fishing company. Nate was often made fun off when he worked on the docks, mainly by the Sangrian sailors who called him "Lil' Nate". He spent most of his childhood listening to his mother's stories, being taught hard work by his father and learning the ropes on the docks. At the near end of his childhood, his mother has passed away from an illness, so he also had to accommodate for the family's food supply. He has always wished to become an adventurer, however his father and mother have disproved this, so he had to stay and work on the docks.

Teen Years:
-Neutral Good-
When he grew up to his teen years, not so lil' Nate became more and more interested in traveling the world. Eventually, his father has passed. His last words to him were for him to find himself a living in the world. A few more years have passed since then, and Nathan's brothers have set out to find their own lives. His eldest brother has moved to Queensport, and his other brother has left Halbed with his fishing company. Nate was alone in Halbed now, not knowing what to do with his life, whether he wanted to stay at Halbed or not. He attempted join the Sangrian sailors whom he hoped would take him on their next voyage. They agreed, as Nathan already had a reputation for his knowledge of the work that would be required. The Sangrians have sailed for the city of Sanardu, where he would live his adolescent years.

-Chaotic Good-
When he has arrived to Sanardu, he met a small group of adventurer's from a inland guild. When he introduced himself to them, it was with the pseudonym "Gambit". He got himself recruited, and ended up doing odd jobs for the guild. Later on, he was brought along journeys to foreign shores to acquire loot, whether it would be by means of trade or violence. Not long after his arrival, he would purchase his sword from a weapon's merchant. As time passed, he was eventually taken to Rogue's hearth, where the guild's base of operations was located to meet up with the rest of the guild. He would quickly learn that they were not alone, and that other's were fixing to make profit off of similar exploits. Gambit's life became more centered around gambling and skirmishing than exploration and pillaging. Enemy guilds have taken over a majority of their claim's in Rogue's Hearth, and the guild became weaker by the day. Eventually, at the dimming of the faction, Gambit became leader. A series of ruthless fights has caused his guild to diminish to a handful of people, all the others were either killed or left. The fighting has attracted the attention of local militia, which would proceed to intervene in the fighting. Gambit made it out of the establishment by the skin of his teeth, he fled to Sanardu and the took a one-way ticket to Storm's Landing. With his capitol reduced to almost nothing, he settled in the slums and laid low for the time being.


-Chaotic Neutral-

Moral Beliefs:

1. You shall lie to promote your freedom.

2. You shall not kill the innocent.

3. You shall not murder.

4. You shall help the needy if such action promotes your freedom.

5. You shall honor no authority above yourself.

6. You shall break the law whenever convenient.

7. You shall not betray others unless your life is in jeopardy.

8. You shall not aid enemies of freedom or those who promote law.

9. You shall not pursue pleasure.

10. You shall promote unlimited freedom for yourself (To a certain extent).
10 commandments provided by (Slightly edited)​
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