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New Art Who Dis?


Lord of Altera
Hey Guys! Nera here and in the last 4 years since I've been gone, I thought I'd share what I have been up to- ARPG groups. ARPG stands Art Role Playing Game which in the long run means you build and write stories through your art. It has helped my skill A LOT and I have made many characters that I love dearly. Anyways, lemme show you what all I have done with digital art and my physical projects.

This is Vales, my favorite ARPG character. She started off tiny- (Vales App) and over a year she has turned into a full grown dragon. She is no longer a Wyngro tho and has become her own race for the new server I'm working on.

I'm still a furry but from the edgy cringefest of my last fursona design, I updated her to look better and be more simple.

Here is Kelso, he is for a pokemon group and I love him to bits.

Here is my most current popular character from another ARPG for a group I help run and moderate called WhistlerCrest. Morgana is an oddball and still being worked on but here she is.

And here is my rather oldish art of where I sort of have Nera at the moment with one of her mounts who doesn't like her at all.

Here is one of my cosplays I had finished awhile ago but I love it. But this is Kindred from League of Legends and one of my favorite cosplays.​