New Horse Plugin!


The Cinnamon Roll
Staff member

Hello, Everyone!
Ayda, your friendly neighborhood Cinnamon Roll checking in!

Ok, so as some folks may or may not know, we finally have a working horses plug in again! And now that we have this, Staff has said that I'm allowed to do this! So!

If you have any horses that were in saddles, contact me on the forums, through Discord, or in game, and I can trade the saddles out for an egg of a horse.
I can't promise the horse will be the same that you had. It's luck of the draw, just like with any other egg. BUT! You will be getting the horse for free.

For any sort of help with the new Mod [
-=Click This Link=- ] as it explains how it works.

And once again, thank you all for being so patient with us as we continue to make our transition into 1.13!