New World Region Claiming Guide


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New World Region Claiming Guide

(Thank you to Antilogy for the write up, and Naelwyn for the original guide from last Exodus)

The following guide will lay out the order in which regions may be claimed on the new map, as well as the method used to determine that order. It will also clarify some questions that are bound to come up.

To answer one that will definitely come up: new map will be accessible OOCly from June 25th (see thread).

Phase One: Server Builds

For obvious reasons, the primary server builds will have first priority. This includes a new spawn and whatever other builds are necessary to facilitate the transition to the new map, be consistent with our lore, et cetera. It does not include possible secondary server builds.

Primary server builds shall exert a 700-block (1000 for spawn) radius no-build zone from every chunk edge that no town is allowed to be built on or extent into.

On the map below, the areas where it is impermissible to build are marked in red. Anybody who claims a region in these areas will automatically forfeit their region.

Phase 2: Existing Player Claims

After server builds, existing region owners will have the ability to claim regions.

The order in which players may claim regions in the new world is a complicated and controversial matter. The first division will be into 5 tiers. The tier of each region shall be determined by the number of plots in each region as of April 27, 2016. This date was chosen by staff because it was the first day this policy was brought up, which means nobody (player or staff) could hurry up to buy plots to increase tier level. If you have created a region after this date, we will take this into consideration and work it into the system. The plot policy was chosen because of precedent along with the observation that it is one of few tools in which we can measure the wealth, standing, and activity of a region. Of course this system is not perfect, but we do ask people to bear with us as we work through this. Here is a list of the tiers:

Tier 1: 1000+ plots

Tier 2: 500-999 plots

Tier 3: 250-499

Tier 4: 100-249

Tier 5: 1-99

If you own multiple regions, you may not add the plot counts all together. The top tier you are in will be determined by the number of plots in your largest region. Your other regions will be put into their appropriate tiers as well. You do not have to use those claims. You are free to condense and only make one claim (to clarify; your largest region will determine your tier position, but you're free to put all your money into that one claim).

Another option is that if you want to try to go for a cohesive "kingdom" feel or otherwise want all your regions close together, you may declare your lesser regions as "sub" regions. You may place sub-regions immediately after your first region, so long as those sub-regions fall within the spheres of influence of the affiliated regions. Try to be considerate of other builders.

After each region is assigned a tier, the regions will be ranked within the tiers based primarily on the following factors: plots, completion, terrain dependency, geopolitical/cultural/factional logic, Number of confirmed individuals behind the application, and active-time-on-server seniority.

1. Plots: Plots will be an important factor even within tiers. There's a big difference between 501 and 999. The default order within tiers will be highest plot count to lowest plot count. The other factors may change that order.

2) Completion: A completed build takes precedence over a partially-finished/claimed build, and a partially-completed build takes precedence over a build that is just in the imagination.

3) Terrain Dependency: The more a build requires a terrain type or terrain features to work. Examples include port cities with docks and ships, which must have access to a logical waterway, and builds that need to be built into mountains.

4) Geopolitical, Cultural, Factional Logic: How much does the build make sense to be in it's location? Does it touch the borderlines of influence of another build of the same race, culture, or faction? Etc. This is the next step after Terrain Dependency: Once a build's location is self-consistent, it must make sense with it's neighbours.

5) Number of confirmed individuals: Activity will be considered and may help bump a person up the order.

6) Active-time-on-server seniority:

In the event of an intractable conflict over a location between groups that cannot be resolved by the groups themselves or mediation, and without a clear winner in the above categories, it will default to whoever has been around on the server the most as a method of fairly rewarding loyalty.

When it is your turn to claim, you will receive a refund on the plots of your region. If you are not creating a region on the new map, then the operation proceeds to the next person. If you are creating a region, you may use that refund to claim said region (and subregions if you're moving them within the spheres of influence). You may only claim as many regions as you own. If you want to create additional ones, you must wait until the new claims phase. Once you have claimed your new region(s), you may start fresh or have staff move some/all builds over. Every build moved over must be claimed. Once this is done, the operation moves on to the next person.

You are free to buy and sell regions (and therefore earlier map claims) up until July 15th. On July 15th, we will look up the owners of each one of these regions and begin preparing the new map in the order described. As such, please do not sell your regions to other people after July 15th!

Notification of Intent

If you own one of these regions, please tell us what you are planning on doing. Nobody gives up a place in the order unless he/she intends to. Please check out and post intent in this thread.

The options available are:

1) Destroy the region fully* via the current campaign (110% radiant refund for plots + 120% materials refund**, OR, 120% radiant refund for plots and 110% materials refund). Making new claims on the new map.

*We have made a copy of the current map. We'll be looking into making it available OOCly after we change maps, so your work will be preserved.

**Materials refund will be from builds prior to destruction, not after.

2) Destroy the region fully via the current campaign (110% radiant refund for plots + 120% materials refund, OR, 120% radiant refund for plots and 110% materials refund). Making NO new claims, moving off the claim priority ranks.

3) Get refund and make new claim with some builds/minor terrain moved over (can be reorganised). Full plot refund + 110% resources, + free world edit builds. Limit to 7 individual builds***.

*** If you have, for example, two buildings next to each other that I can pick up and plonk straight down without the need for terraforming, I'm happy to call this one 'build'.

4) Get refund and make new claim with all builds/terrain moved over. Full plot refund + free world edit.

5) Sell to another player by July 15th and let them deal with it.

6) Other (Please talk to staff about this one!)

As we receive more information, we will update the rankings. A final ranking will be published after July 15th and will be the order of operation. Even if your region is destroyed, you still get to keep your place in the order. Only option 2 will move you out of the order.

Phase 3: New claims

After everybody with existing claims has had the opportunity to make claims in the new world, the community is free to make claims on a first come first served basis (this includes secondary server builds), so long as the claims are consistent with the spheres of influence rules. These rules are reprinted below and can be found here:
Spheres of Influence Rules

1. Every standalone region shall have a no-claim radius or sphere of influence, the size of which is determined by the number of plots in the region. Only the region Owner or someone who has permission from the region Owner may found a region or buy plots within another region's no-claim radius.

The size of the no-build radius is to be determined by finding the lesser of the two formulas:

# of blocks in radius = 100 + # of plots protected


# of blocks in radius = 700

Under this, a 1 plot region will have a no-claim radius of 101 blocks. A 317 plot region will have a 417 block no-claim zone radius, and a 967 plot region will have a 700 block no claim zone radius. The bare minimum is thus 101 and the max 700.

2. Allied regions in close proximity shall have a compounded no-claim radius or sphere of influence. Allied regions need not be owned by the same Owner, but ought to be controlled IC by one entity. In addition, there ought to be an OOC agreement in place to keep the regions allied. Players may not, without all respective Owners' permission, create a region in an area that is encapsulated or nearly encapsulated by several allied spheres of influence. In the below picture, one cannot claim in the space between the circles without permission.

View attachment 68764

Disclaimer: Staff is not responsible for inner roleplay skirmishes and battles within the Allied Regions that lead to requests on WEing one region away from the other. Be sure to check with the Owners around your possible new region to see if you're accidentally sitting in their No-Build sphere of influence.

3. Rival regions in close proximity shall create a no-claim zone in the space it encapsulates or nearly encapsulates. Players may not create regions in said space without permission from all relevant Owners.

View attachment 68763

4. If a player unintentionally settles a region in a no-claim zone, said player may have the region and builds moved to a staff approved location. The player must then work with staff to select a proper location. This is only allowed once per player. Subsequent infringements shall result in region and build removal with no refund.

If you have questions or you would like help finding a place to start your region, please contact a staff member or post below.

EDIT: We reserve the right to decline requests to WE over terrain that would destroy the terrain of the new map. We'll work within reason guys, but if you're asking for something stupid, I'll tell you that.

EDIT 2: 'Oh god, what if someone puts all their materials down and makes a house of diamonds to abuse the system and get extra materials?'
We made a copy world just before releasing this guide, so that we could check the materials off there - no one had a chance to be greedy and put down bulk materials.
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Tier ranking from plot count only (April 27th) (this is ranking, NOT plot refund number):

Tier 1: 1000+ plots
tambry > 1037
hr > 1002

Tier 2: 500-999 plots
azerport > 907

Tier 3: 250-499
aeroch_nor > 475
cutthroatcove > 469
grafjell > 438
ethera > 408
tauredal > 362
zephyrlanding > 337
stormhold > 325
silverwatch > 325
monastery_of_skraag > 325
korogs_standing > 307
havarda > 279
wintermourne > 267
retreat > 265
crosswinds > 262
scourge > 261

Tier 4: 100-249
sundown > 246
riseport > 238
thiil > 225
astering > 224
arget_isle > 217
dawnshard > 203
queensport > 203
kavdu > 202
silverline > 199
winterguard > 199
godrics_vigil > 194
stavroforia > 187
northfront > 175
devalois > 168
al'bathor > 166
myrvard > 154
ulrych's_motte > 153
theloa > 152
salts > 146
blackrose > 132
moomanor > 131
blackrosecastle > 125
tahkul > 124
knightfall > 123
valmoore > 118
torailin > 118
sonne > 115
novus > 108
sevren > 106
zimamaloj > 103
ursae > 103
cridhe > 102
weyr > 100

Tier 5: 1-99
vallee > 96
funeravoca > 96
kaer_morhen > 91
alpenrose > 91
vera > 91
calan > 81
vigilrest > 77
ravenmire > 76
depot > 76
oren > 72
minovia > 72
ilirea > 70
minerva > 70
irongate > 68
hotspur_estate > 67
dusk_port > 64
monastery > 62
dwrn_cerrig > 61
nowhere > 59
ilrindir_tower > 57
renatus > 55
champagnac > 50
euoljd'drejan > 50
santhenar > 47
arithyl_castle > 46
irrcrawn > 46
mavria > 45
folksmight > 44
frostclaw > 44
falandraal > 44
crann > 44
whiterock > 42
elzybellsyruins > 42
ravens_nest > 41
ranger > 41
nir'enne > 40
skyreach > 39
blackveil > 37
renheim > 35
blackmount > 35
tamor > 31
nelumbo > 30
laeredil > 29
dragon > 25
athenacamp > 25
helka'taime > 25
estate > 25
hiddenmonastery > 23
norsted > 23
arethtrae > 22
eventine > 22
tavos_monastery > 21
ramblings > 21
elliana > 20
borderfortone > 20
dellhaven > 20
siyhlanis > 19
serene > 19
vinterhavn > 18
hinick > 14
arduin > 13
aldbourne > 13
iossey > 12
frostlight > 11
almosta > 11
scira > 11
revasan > 9
homestead > 9
lakeview > 8
senda > 8
melamar > 7
frossen > 7
thelodge > 6
arivae > 3
hythe > 1
landsend > 1
eyrie > 1


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To answer a question that's already been raised; 'What if I've added more plots since April 27th?'

That's fine; your claiming rank will not change, but we will refund the value of the current amount of plots.


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What happens if you happened to buy a region after that date? Can you still get the refund?


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This only determines the order in which you can claim. You can have more plots than what's listed, and you'll get the refund for how many plots you have. This list is just the pecking order, so to speak. If you bought a region after this day, you'll be in the bottom tier.


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Looks like I better move all that RP stuff of mine back to my pocket so I can do:

3) Get refund and make new claim with some builds/minor terrain moved over (can be reorganised). Full plot refund + 110% resources, + free world edit builds. Limit to 7 individual builds***.

I can do that soon, I assume I'm understanding this right. I'm still in that waking up fog state of mind.

First thing on my list of builds is the sailboat docked at Nir'enne also a boat that a friend (223hero7 ) has for our new build in the new map.

solus changed my mind!
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I can do that soon, I assume I'm understanding this right. I'm still in that waking up fog state of mind.
You're understanding it right- And you all have some time to think on this, so don't feel you need to rush.

We also have an OOC event {Here} to look at the new map. This'll help anyone on the fence, or wondering in general, in their decision.


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You're understanding it right- And you all have some time to think on this, so don't feel you need to rush.

We also have an OOC event {Here} to look at the new map. This'll help anyone on the fence, or wondering in general, in their decision.
If my net is still up (It was literally meant to cut 2 days ago) I'll try and come


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Question: on this thread, the percentages for options 1 and 2 are 110% and 120%, but on the other thread (link) it is 100% and 120%. Which is correct?


tbh, we took the earlier April one so as to prevent a plot-buying spree.
duh but i chose to have my little capitol be a sensible size anyways instead of just spamming cash into it

next map we correct this so in 4 years i can have a decent claim