Newsletter 10.2.18


Sea Dweller
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Final day, 2nd of Fogwater, 2293
Server News

Server Policy Updates, Announcements, & Changes
  • We are still looking for, and accepting applications for entry into the mentor department! See here for more information. [x]
  • The Lore Book has received some subtle updates. . . look for the "Dissonance Event" [x]
On-Going Server Facets
  • 1.13 (Aquatic) update--see details on the new update here! [x]
  • Head updates n°18 and n°19 came out this past September. The heads continue to be themed around harvest. Watch the leaves fall! Check them out here: [x]
  • Additions To Lore:
    • Sparkling Scissor Bug [x]
    • Blight Dragon [x]
    • Hard Back Prowler-drake [x]
    • Long Armed Pillager [x]
    • Road Walker [x]
    • Devourer [x]
    • Seven Realms of the Afterlife [x]
    • The Frostspeak Clan [x]
    • Roavers (added this past August) [x]

Campaign Events
  • The Forlorn campaign is still in action! Keep an eye on future events and developments, here-- [x]
    • The Forlorn Bestiary has been added, and abominations from the campaign have been written about. See the "Additions To Lore" above.
    • In the last major event, a mysterious golem calling itself the "Harvester" was slain in an expedition into caverns deep below Mockingbay. . .
Player Events
  • The Second Fall Festival will be a fun seasonal event for the start of our Autumn. [x]
  • The Wedding of Daniel and Innis [x]
  • Spooky Puzzle Event, Halloween themed, and full of mystery. Check it out! [x]
  • Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events. . . [x]
Forum Events
For the month of October,
Hollowworld is going to have two different things happening on the Forums. The first is a costume contest for "Hollow'een" where entrees have the opportunity to win up to 12,000 radiants, and the second is a community themed "Inktober" prompt for those of you who like to participate in this annual tradition. Inktober: [x] Costume contest: [x]

Recipe of the Month

Poison Cauldron
  • Iron, potato and poisoned potato. From the Witches October Haunt Catalog 2018.

Rule of the Month

Inciting Drama
6. Players must not incite drama storms. If you are reporting a problem or player, please provide proof and don't make it public - make a conversation with any staff member. Posts and OOC IG discussions designed to stir up trouble will be handled as Staff see necessary. If the discussion is causing trouble, whether intended or not, and the participants continue to escalate it despite Staff warnings, the thread may be locked and players given warnings.

Riddle of the Month

Last Month's Riddle
Last month's riddle as issued by the Newsletter was "The softest cradle has a hundred thousand barbs." I have to say, I'm a little disapointed so few people made guesses. Honorable mention to Mongoose for his attempt. The answer to this riddle is a feather. Feathers are found in beds and are considered to make them soft--they also have barbs. The "barb" of a feather is the white fluff part that extends from the central shaft or stem of the feather itself. If you'd like further explanation, PM Squidziod

This Month's Riddle
OK, for this month, I will make the riddle a little easier. Same rules as last time -- if you think you know the answer PM Squidziod -- users who get it right will be featured in the following issue of the Newsletter along with the answer.
  • I really hope you find this one easier: "A four letter word for fifty-two." --Tell me what's being described!

From the Community

This Month's Featurette
Looking for something to keep your character informed of the recent developments across Alteran lands? Look no further than The Adventurers Watch, a brand new startup looking to spread news and garner player involvement. The Watch will be looking for tips, reporting, eye-witness accounts, and other stories they can include in their future additions. Check them out: [x] [x]

Future of the Newsletter

Future Issues of the Newsletter, and Changes to the Format
The Newsletter is officially back after it's long hiatus, and it is here to stay. Future issues may continue to change in format as we adjust things that either work or don't. If you have suggestions on information you would like to see, or information you just don't find helpful, send us a note. PM Raal and Squidziod with your suggestions. In addition to these upcoming changes, we would like to make a special note that we are still accepting community produced pieces to feature in the Newsletter. If you have an article of some kind you would like us to see, please let us know. Unfamiliar with what to submit us? Look below for guidelines and above in "Featurette" for an example.

What will we accept?
Anything that is Forum appropriate but here are a few examples.
  • Publish an IC story? Can do so. However please keep length in mind here. If its too long it may not get featured. Also if it is already featured on the forums in the Tales of Altera section, likelihood of it being shown is small.
  • Roleplay/Writing Tips? Everyone on the server even our best writers can benefit from these sorts of things.
  • Advertise your City, Town or organization? Write a small piece advertising it and we will publish it for you.
  • Useful Basement Threads- Cooking Tips, Movie, TV shows, and or game reviews could also be published
Want to enter something for next month's Newsletter? PM Raal and Squidziod

QnA - [Will be expanded as/if we receive questions]
  1. What if I'm not that great of a writer but I can make a video? We will publish it so long as your video doesn't break forum rules.
  2. What about Art submissions? A limited amount of art may be advertised as well. If one person is highlighted one issue they likely won't be highlighted the next issue so feel free to continue submitting art each cycle.


Sea Dweller
Staff member
Ladies and gentlemen, Autumn is in full swing. Be sure to check out both Inktober and our Costume Contest!


The Artisan
amazing! This newsletter just revealed the costume contest to me, of which I was completely unaware! Definitely gonna have a go for Kublai wearing some halloween costume ha!