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Server News

Server Policy Updates, Announcements, & Changes
  • Land claimed in the Sorrows will soon be removed...[x]
  • To follow updates on the 1.13 update, watch this thread....[x]

Campaign Events
  • The Forlorn campaign is still in action! Keep an eye on future events and developments, here-- [x]
    • To catch up what has happened thus far in the Forlorn campaign, you can check here....[x]
    • After the return to the Desert Cave, the people of Altera may began to notice that they are, perhaps, no longer being watched....[x]
    • Another expedition crew arrives safely to Linlea from Halbed....[x]
Player Events
  • November 2nd - Calm before the Storm...[x]
  • November 10th - The Astrakhan Farmer's Market...[x]

Recipe of the Month

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Riddle of the Month

Last Month's Riddle

Congratulations to Fate3 for finding the correct answer! Our honorable mention, also, goes to Bartooliinii .
  • I really hope you find this one easier: "A four letter word for fifty-two."
'Deck'. There are 52 cards in a 'deck'.

This Month's Riddle Puzzle

This month, we are offering a prize to those that best complete the puzzle. Submit your answers to Raal over the forum message.

The Flight of the Refugees

"It was dark. The moonlight cascaded gentle rays upon the canopies, and I sat alone at my hearth - the stem of the pipe rested in my mouth. Around me, slept my three children, my sister-in-law, and my wife. Among the soft melody of night erupted the splintering of wood - infected wolves looking to feast upon my beloved kin. With what little we had, my sword, their pots and pans - bows and slings - we fought our evil foe. I went the night without sleeping, keeping watch, but in the morning, 3 of my kin fell ill. I knew we could not stay here any longer, but alas....we only have one horse...."

Goal: In a family of six, there are three infected, and three uninfected. You must find a way to move all of them from point A (The small hut) to point B (Storm's Landing).

  • To move members of the family between Landing and the Hut, they must ride the horse.
  • The horse can hold up to two people at maximum, and can only move with a minimum of one person.
  • If the amount of infected in a location outnumber the amount of uninfected, they infect the minority and you fail the puzzle.
  • Once all 6 are in Landing without further infection, you have completed the puzzle.
  • The Champion of the puzzle is the person who submits their answer with victory in the least amount of turns.
Answer Example:
  • "Move one sick and one healthy member to Landing."
  • "Move one sick member back to the Hut."
  • etc....

So far, the Winning amount of Turns for Puzzle Completion is 9!
Keep the answers coming!

From the Community

This Month's Featurette

Want your shop ad featured? Message Raal on the forums for details.

Future of the Newsletter

Future Issues of the Newsletter, and Changes to the Format
The Newsletter is officially back after it's long hiatus, and it is here to stay. Future issues may continue to change in format as we adjust things that either work or don't. If you have suggestions on information you would like to see, or information you just don't find helpful, send us a note. PM Raal and Squidziod with your suggestions. In addition to these upcoming changes, we would like to make a special note that we are still accepting community produced pieces to feature in the Newsletter. If you have an article of some kind you would like us to see, please let us know. Unfamiliar with what to submit us? Look below for guidelines and above in "Featurette" for an example.

What will we accept?
Anything that is Forum appropriate but here are a few examples.
  • Publish an IC story? Can do so. However please keep length in mind here. If its too long it may not get featured. Also if it is already featured on the forums in the Tales of Altera section, likelihood of it being shown is small.
  • Roleplay/Writing Tips? Everyone on the server even our best writers can benefit from these sorts of things.
  • Advertise your City, Town or organization? Write a small piece advertising it and we will publish it for you.
  • Useful Basement Threads- Cooking Tips, Movie, TV shows, and or game reviews could also be published
Want to enter something for next month's Newsletter? PM Raal and Squidziod

QnA - [Will be expanded as/if we receive questions]
  1. What if I'm not that great of a writer but I can make a video? We will publish it so long as your video doesn't break forum rules.
  2. What about Art submissions? A limited amount of art may be advertised as well. If one person is highlighted one issue they likely won't be highlighted the next issue so feel free to continue submitting art each cycle.
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