Newsletter 8.5.17

Lady Alec

Captain No Fun
Retired Staff
Fireday, 5th of Mistset, 2293 - Season of Harvest
Server News

Server Policy Updates, Announcements, & Changes
  • Discord: Chat with us in Discord: [x]
  • Title Suggestions: Is there a title you think we should add? Suggest it here and it might be added: [x]
  • Spawn Build Team: We are looking for some help from our talented builders to help us continue building spawn. If you are interested see here: [x]
  • Full Region Refunds: Full region refunds are back. If you are interested see here: [x]
On-Going Server Facets
  • Global Server Changelog: Keep up to date on the latest plugin changes here: [x]
  • Custom items free submissions: Want to design a custom item head for the server? Submit them here for a change to get added in game! [x]
  • New Decorative Heads: See the new decorative head here, including our player made ones!: [x]
  • Dungeon World: The dungeon world is a creative map that staff has used to design event dungeons. For the low price of an application format, access to the same resource for a player event may be yours too. Apply here: [x]
  • Lore Highlight:
    • The new race has arrived! Read all about them and how you can apply here: [x]
    • Formistry is making it's way out and will be officially released soon. Keep your eye out for more information.

Campaign Events
  • Keep up to date on the Incursion Campaign Events and what's to come soon by watching this section! [x]
Player Events
  • Bandits and Brigands - Aug. 5th [x]
  • Nothing Ventured IV [Private] - Aug. 6th [x]
  • Kraken Retrieval - BTD [x]
Leak of the Month

Take a look inside the very confidential staff skype chat and see what really happens.

*All quotes are taken very much out of context and never serious. Staff like to joke too ok.

Recipe of the Month

Tea Kettle
  • White stained clay, iron, and and oak leaves.

To go with your new tea kettle here is a tea recipe for the brewing plugin.
Green Tea

  • 5 Jungle Leaves
  • Cool 3 mins
Rule of the Month

Region Rules
9. Players must review this guide before purchasing a region. Regions have a radius of influence and new regions cannot be built within that radius. This also includes information on server owned property where regions can't be created as well.
Until next month!
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