Newsletter 9.2.17


The Shadow Admín
Retired Staff
Fireday, 2nd of Fogwater, 2293
Server News

Server Policy Updates, Announcements, & Changes
  • Alteran Road Service: Road request are open again! See here for more info on getting a road to your town: [x]
  • Discord: Chat with us in Discord: [x]
  • Title Suggestions: Is there a title you think we should add? Suggest it here and it might be added: [x]
  • Spawn Build Team: We are looking for some help from our talented builders to help us continue building spawn. If you are interested see here: [x]
On-Going Server Facets
  • Global Server Changelog: Keep up to date on the latest plugin changes here: [x]
  • World Edit Request: Need something world edited? What to add some trees to your region? Check out this thread for all the details on how to make it happen: [x]
  • New Decorative Heads: See the new decorative head here, including our player made ones!: [x]
  • Dungeon World: The dungeon world is a creative map that staff has used to design event dungeons. For the low price of an application format, access to the same resource for a player event may be yours too. Apply here: [x]
  • Lore Highlight:
    • This month we are choosing to highlight a bestiary submission that was made by one of our players. This months beast is the Kaiser Scorpion which you can read about here [x]
    • Cogimency and Evicism sample spells have been released publicly. You can read about it here [x]

Campaign Events
  • Keep up to date on the Incursion Campaign Events and what's to come soon by watching this section! [x]
Player Events
  • The Pit Awakens - Aug. 26th - Sept. 2nd [x]
  • Ceremony and Gathering - Sept. 2nd [x]
  • The Mystic Union - Sept. 3rd [x]
  • A Coronation - Sept. 3rd [x]
  • Thorne Farmer's Market - Sept. 8th [x]
  • Call to the North - Sept. 9th [x]
  • The Young Unblooded - TBA [x]
Recipe of the Month

Green Bottle
  • Glass Blocks, Cactus Green Dye, and Wood Planks.

Rule of the Month

17. After six months inactivity, you will be de-whitelisted. If you are de-whitelisted, you will have to reapply to join the server. If you owned a region and become inactive, your regions will be added to the Inactive Regions list and destroyed. There will be no guarantee of your possessions, radiants, or regions still being in place upon your return. Similarly, if you publicly declare that you're leaving the server, there is no guarantee for your possessions, as it becomes the region owner's prerogative of what to do with your chests and possessions.
Until next month!
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