[Northern Stronghold] Whiterose Vale

An old, dusty tome sat on one of the shelves in Laiset's private library. She spots it, and upon noticing how less well-kept it was compared to the others, she decided to pick it up and read a bit. Surely she hadn't missed it while taking care of the other books, had she? The title stood out in particular... Ancient Myths and Legends of the Thieves... (More info in character profile - Journal Entry 8)

After piecing together details scattered throughout the book, Laiset discovers that the great thieves of centuries ago once had a fortress city in the far north of the Silver Kingdom. Nestled in the frozen ravines of the isolated northern islands, this bastion was once the seat of power for thieves and rogues of long past. Discovering such a place could bring such renown. Not only in terms of riches, but knowledge and status as well. If Laiset could revive such a city... a new age for the Alteran underworld will dawn with Whiterose Vale at its peak!


Whiterose Vale is a long-forgotten stronghold controlled by thieves. The city itself will have 3 sections.

Dagger district
- slums and some medium housing
- taverns/inns
- defensive towers

Shadow district
- medium and some high-class housing
- market
- taverns/inns
- [more will be added]

Bastion district
- embassies
- noble housing
- high-class housing

This city will be controlled by the Thieves Guild, but WILL NOT be used to recruit members into the guild. So no, "Hey, I join u town and u let me in ur guild?" Doesn't work like that.

Additionally, there are some prerequisites to joining:

[Preferred professions]

Of course, being a haven for the likes of those who don't exactly see eye-to-eye with the law, not everyone can just waltz into the city.

This city would prefer to have characters with the following professions:
- Rogue
- Thief
- Ranger

Professions that will be met with distrust and high suspicions:
- Guards (unless they're our own)
- Paladins
- Diplomats (same as guards)
- Any do-gooder


Believe it or not, this city will actually be organized.
The main chain of command will be as follows:

City Lord(Lady)
District Governers/MilitiaCommander
Guard Captain
City Nobles/City Guards

Note: Guards aren't necessarily nobles, but nobles aren't above the regulations of the city.

City Rules

Well, this may surprise you for a city of thieves, but they do exist.

1. No thefts within the city walls. This is meant to be a safehaven for thieves and rogues; leave your work outside of the town.

2. Of course, no griefing; pretty much a default for anywhere in the NK.

3. Respect the positions of the chain of command IC and in RP.

4. Respect ongoing RPs. Don't disrupt an RP if you're within range of it. You're certainly free to join in, unless told otherwise, but if you don't wanna hear an RP, just turn off the chat (/ch leave rp)


Since this is a WIP, there are several things I need in order for this city to flourish. First thing I need, is money. I need enough to buy the amount of plots needed to encompass the city, which is roughly 60+ plots.

Progress bar to set goal: 10k radiants


Materials are another important part of this; obviously, what else would I make this out of? :T
Well, the fact is that I need materials... and a substantial amount too. Here's a list of what I'll mainly need:

- Oak logs
- Spruce logs
- Jungle logs
- Stone bricks
- Obsidian
- Glass
- Stone half-slabs
- Redstone lamps (glowstone would work too)

Send me a forum PM or talk to me in-game (or both!) if you want to donate materials.


This will be located in the far north-east, on the western edge of the largest island.
[screenshots of location]

(I apologize for the incomplete landscape... it's a pretty large area)

Eventually, most of this post will be replaced by other things (lore, citizens, etc) as the city progresses. Of course, like most WIP, not everything is set in stone. Constructive feedback is always beneficial, as is suggestions for the city. If you'd like to join the city and help build, or claim a position on the hierarchy, PM me or catch me in-game so we can RP it out. The city will open applications for citizens once the initial region is made and construction has begun.

[all sections are subject to change]
Btw, I could really use some monetary donations. :(

Either straight deposit to me, or buying some of my things off the AH; either way would be immensely helpful.
[Updated progress bar]


I think I'm gonna go with location #2, if it's okay with Markisbeest (owner of Ulima Gurum) and Spearhorn (owner of Renatus).
Due to some circumstances, I've chosen the original location. The initial chunk is already claimed. Now all I need to do is get the 2.5k to claim adjacent chunks. Donations would be greatly appreciated, as usual. I'll update the money progress bar too.