Upcoming [Nov. 9th - 7:30 EST] So Begins the End


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"Humanity has found its strength. With it, we cry war, and march fearlessly forward. Our first act, sail south from Astrakhan, our ships filled with lumber, tools, and men with a singing lust for action. An enemy, theorized to be the curator of the plague, calls the forests of Compendium home. We'll land in a clearing east of there, and we will stick in like a thorn, and bleed that forest dry of its dejected beasts. With strength, and with hope, we can liberate the realm from the plague, so we may more safely move against our final enemies. Firstly, we must reach that clearing, and ensure that fort is built without any interference."

The meeting hosted in Linlea by Lord Dugald has given way to action. The first move against the enemy; find what waits in the heart of Compendium's forest. In order to do so, an expedition must be made over the course of several (IC) weeks to build a fort in a clearing east of the forest. The intention of this expedition is to move the first bulk of materials south, from Astrakhan (permission granted from Blorbis83 ), and have a crew with fighters and scouts to scout the forests to ensure their efforts are not being wasted. The purpose of this event is to legitimize the materials being sent down to the clearing, as well as having the scouts confirm the area is indeed occupied by plague beasts.

When: November 9th, 7:30 PM EST

Where: Starting at Astrakhan.

-Roster form-
Character name:
MC name:

- Lord Dugald
- Joseph JoeJoe
- Kam Kamaoe
- Ayda Ayda
- Florian Cap
- Gilligan Samwych
- Arianne Rossu
- Axton Lavilethorn
- Jackdaw ToastySpam
- Cymic Cymic_
- Schmidt Boofenshmirtz
- Jaden CloakedReaper
- Kethron Heie
- Mikael Mandres
- Ater Magiik
- Asero Electric
- Kopii Omikuji
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Updates will be made to the post, but those tagged please give a comment on the times you are available, and sometime soon I will propose a time, and we will work around that.


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Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my main days off as usual, Sundays I can do after 7:30, all the other days (Monday, friday, saturday) are completely blocked from 6-9:30. Then thursday is impossible as it's from 6-2am.


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Will see about attending, especially seeing Linden's Glen is within the forest as well.
(And he'd likely want to check if his artifact rose bush is still alright/might finally prove to be of aid)


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Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday(only after 3pm est) will probably be the only times I could make it. I've been stuck on night shifts all other times.


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After 5 PST weekdays. Sunday all day. Sat after 2PST, earlier if time is known ahead of time and can arrange to make it.


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Time proposed, Nov. 9th, 6:30 EST.

Roster will be opening up for this date, and we'll add/subtract/postpone if need be. Also let me know if later in the day would be better.


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Also, I should note: The vibe of the upcoming fort is to create another place to roleplay and to probably have several events plus normal roleplay there as well. Missing out on this isn't missing out on the whole thing.